After Brushing Face At The Apocalypse’s Boss For 363 Days

Chapter 97

Chapter 97

In <Tomorrow>’s world, there was a wide area with monsters ranging from Level 60 to 100, called “Valley of Death”. Inside was crowded with hordes of zombies.

Perhaps they had scored the number one misfortune because after Xiao Jin had pressed the teleportation button, all of the people in the forbidden area was teleported to the depths of the death valley— When converted to the game’s numerical value, the zombies there were at least Level 80.

Of course, the most terrifying thing wasn’t their level, but their number.

At this moment, the flustered and confused alliance’s forces once again joined forces with Thunder Unit that had been branded as traitors. With their backs pressed against each other, they resisted the senseless zombies pouncing at them.

Everyone was so close to losing their ability to think, what they did wasn’t merely brandishing their weapons but squeezing out the last bit of their abilities in their body and rushed like they were crazy at the zombies opposite them. At first, they were still able to form effective attacks, but gradually, they had no choice but to witness each one of their teammates getting dragged to the zombie horde, gnawed and torn apart, just to obtain a moment of a breather for those who were still alive.

They seemed to have returned to the beginning of the apocalypse, it was fear followed by numbness. A short two hours seemed to be a century-long.

Suddenly, amid the chaos, someone shouted a low cry of surprise and disbelief, “Captain is here.”

Majority of them had yet to react, but members of the thunder unit all lifted their heads spontaneously—

A person appeared at the horizon, swiftly flying toward them. His gigantic wings dazzling in the sunshine. He was donning a full-body silver armor with the same silver-colored mask on his face. When he lifted his right hand, it was the extremely familiar silver pistol…

Some people in the alliance’s force recognized him and couldn’t help thinking: Zhang Zhiyin, hasn’t he been killed by the alliance leader for colluding with Dr. Y?

So to say, when you became the Savior, there would always be people who thought that you were dead or were undoubtedly going to be dead, when in actuality, you are still alive.

This scene would then became a legend to be described in extravagant language in great detail. However, the fact was that when Zhang Zhiyin was half-way through his journey, the fashion item he was wearing coincidentally disappeared because he didn’t renew them.

And the Item Store that had been running smoothly suddenly became “found” at that time.


In the official history, it recorded the praiseworthy tale of Savior Z and his lover Yin Nian saving the alliance’s elite forces in the Valley of Death, exposing the wicked deeds of Yun Chu, who was called the “Devouring Alliance Leader” by the later generations, leading everyone to defeat Dr. Y, accepting Lei Dun, Meng Kali, and Yu Huo’s surrender, eliminating other anti-human forces, and rebuilding the new world.

However, in the unofficial history, there were different versions of the tale. For example, Dr. Y and Dr. Yin of Baimang Association were twin brothers, so how did those people distinguish that it was indeed Yin Nian, instead of Y, who could have been following Zhang Zhiyin all the time? So some people analyzed the doubtful aspects in the historical records and concluded that Zhang Zhiyin and Y had always been in love with each other, that even the apocalypse could not make them forget each other, but only separate them into different standpoints. Somehow, Yin Nian had died mysteriously and Y had pretended to be his younger brother in order to accompany Zhang Zhiyin, that was why defeating Y, subduing Lei Dun, and other matters had become so coincidentally smooth…

However, since human beings might not even remember what they ate three days ago, how could they remember clearly the stories that happened many years ago that were about to become myths?


As Yin Nian had been absent from work for too many days, he was dismissed by Love Stories 123 despite the good display of his technical skills.

So Boss had innocently become an unemployed person.

Zhang Zhiyin urged him to find a job every day at home.

Yin Nian felt very wronged. “You said that you’re responsible for making money and supporting the family while I’m responsible for being beautiful.”

Zhang Zhiyin recalled that he had said something like that to his former colleagues a long time ago. He guessed that the Lord Boss had exploited his racial talent to monitor and eavesdrop on him all the time. He was annoyed, speechless, helpless, and could only half-heartedly tell him, “Human beings will get aesthetic fatigue too.”

“Oh,” was Yin Nian’s dull reply.

As a result, when Zhang Zhiyin went home that night, he opened the door and saw Ao Qima sitting on his sofa.

He was so frightened that he immediately closed the door, and all the dumplings fell to the ground.

He stood outside the door and thought about the entire process of this development after he had composed himself. Finally, he picked up the steamed dumplings and summoned up his courage to open the door again. “Yin Nian, what the hell are you doing?”

Yin Nian who was donning Ao Qima’s appearance seriously replied to him, “You say that you’re aesthetically fatigued… So I analyzed your behavior in the past three days using the data I’ve accumulated and discovered that you spent the longest time looking at this person’s appearance.”

Zhang Zhiyin’s heart almost collapsed. …His superior had asked him to make a speech for the general meeting, so he downloaded several videos of other countries’ leaders doing a speech to learn from them. So who exactly did he provoke?!

He silently swallowed back the mouthful of blood and dispiritedly said, “Change back…”

Zhang Zhiyin deeply felt that Yin Nian’s body was really annoying. Because it was made using some sort of new material exclusively created by Yin Nian, it could change into various kinds of materials, shape, and texture as he wished. When he first heard that the game company was going to deliver a doll to himself, he was so excited that he destroyed the doll and then imitated it and lay in the express box. Now he was being like this again…

Yin Nian looked at the inconsistent human in front of him and simply didn’t know what he should do with him. It was him who told him that he was aesthetically fatigued, so he changed to the human appearance he liked to stare at, but he was still not satisfied. What the internet said was indeed correct, truly a bothersome hussy.

Zhang Zhiyin sighed and walked up to hug him. “Yin Nian, you are the best-looking one. I’ll never be tired of your appearance.”

Yin Nian was immediately delighted. He obediently changed back to his original appearance and embraced him in return. “Are you telling the truth?”

Zhang Zhiyin rested his chin on his shoulder and smiled. “The truth.”


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