After Brushing Face At The Apocalypse’s Boss For 363 Days

Chapter 6 - Eat

Chapter 6: Eat

Zhang Zhiyin harped on the same string of that short page of affection items for thirteen times. In the end, he gnashed his teeth and bought the items he often bought, “Of the Mutual Love/Love You Sweet to the Heart/Let Love Melt in Your Fingertips/Let Me Melt in Your Mouth”.

For certain stuff, if the opportunity was missed, you might never have another chance to do it.

Zhang Zhiyin knew that he probably could not quit Boss Yin.

If it weren’t for the shock of the dream-like but as real as the reality world <Tomorrow>, he might’ve really made up his mind to delete the game and never see Boss Lord again. But due to a strange combination of circumstances, because of the “dream” with a real touch of reality, he logged into the game for two consecutive days and also saw Dr. Y for two consecutive days. In this case, it seemed difficult to make up his mind to say goodbye again.

Zhang Zhiyin shook his head and laughed. He directed the little person on the screen to go forward, put the sweet chocolate he had just bought on the ground, typed and sent—

“Today I am also equally loving you : )”

Naturally, Dr. Y did not respond.

Zhang Zhiyin scratched his head and stood up, preparing to take a shower. Today was still the weekend, so he did not have to go work.

It was actually a good thing that the boss would never respond back. In the good sense, it meant that the boss would never give him a card, never reject him, never would wrong him.

Always waiting there, silently accepting all his feelings.

“Yin Nian.” Zhang Zhiyin washed his face as he mulled over this name in his heart. Whether this was a system test or a bug, he subconsciously believed in his heart that this was the name of Y, the name Y told him.


Zhang Zhiyin called Dajia and Dayi after he was done tidying up his home. He wanted to thank them for taking care of himself and invite them for dinner in the evening. Dajia and Dayi were happy to attend.

Dajia: “Why did you shift the dining table to the bedroom when you can eat in the living room?”

Zhang Zhiyin rented a small suite with only one bedroom, one living room, one kitchen, and one bathroom. The bedroom also functioned as a study room, and the living room was both a dining room and a living room.

Zhang Zhiyin was very agreeable, and he immediately moved the small table suitable for four people to the living room: “It’s fine, it’s fine to eat here too.”

Dajia: “…But why did you bring out your laptop?”

“Let Boss have dinner with us.” Zhang Zhiyin said naturally.

Dajia and Dayi simultaneously shot a look at the laptop screen, only to see the familiar <Tomorrow>’s game interface — “The Abandoned Laboratory”.

“If we have dinner, how bad would be it to leave Boss alone in the bedroom.” Zhang Zhiyin added, looking at his two friends.

Dayi looked at Dajia and thought over, “Zhiyin, you see, Boss won’t even be able to eat, he can only look at us eat. Isn’t that more pitiful? You’d better invite Boss Lord back.”

Zhang Zhiyin thought that this was true, so he stood up and took his laptop back to his bedroom desk, and manipulated the game character to buy some “dishes” items with the effect of supplementing physical strength and blood to Dr. Y before leaving.

Dajia and Dayi looked at each other, somewhat distressed, and they both saw the same opinion from each other’s eyes: Zhiyin’s addiction to love nurturing game was getting more serious…

However, they knew that Zhang Zhiyin was very disciplined, and wouldn’t let this impact his work, so although they felt that some of his behavior at home when playing online games was not normal, neither was it good to excessively dissuade their friend.

After dinner, Zhang Zhiyin sent Dajia and Dayi to leave and washed as usual, while preparing for his next day’s work. His life was regular. If it wasn’t for work, his bedtime would never go past 10 p.m.

“Good night.” Zhang Zhiyin tapped on the keyboard and said goodbye to Dr. Y in the game.

Suddenly, he had a sudden whim and added, “Very strangely, I’m currently in a world that is very similar to your world, I don’t know if you’re here or not. It will be good if you come and see me if you are.”

Then he logged out of the game, shut down the computer and went to bed.


When he opened his eyes again, he saw the dusty “Festival Special Sales” billboard hanging from the ceiling of Lihua Shopping Mall.

Zhang Zhiyin sat up. The first thing he did was to look at the balance of his account in the Item Store.

Only to see that it did not disappoint him and lived up to his expectations, displaying “User 120******1472, Balance: 1013.27 yuan”.

Zhang Zhiyin involuntarily revealed a big foolish smile—sure enough, only Yuan was the hard currency!


  • Harped on the same string: Repeat again and again
  • Card: A slang for rejecting a confession
  • Hard Currency: Currency that is not likely to depreciate to fluctuate greatly in value
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