After Brushing Face At The Apocalypse’s Boss For 363 Days

Chapter 32

Chapter 32

All of Zhang Zhiyin’s equipment was acquired from the Item Store. At this time, it was still on him just like in the game, but it was hidden away as he had transformed into a cat. However, the clothes he was wearing now were from the base, and they were left in the transformation cabin along with his communicator and the guns distributed by the base.

Zhang Zhiyin thought that his team members should be anxious when they weren’t able to find him. First, he painstakingly made a message with his cat’s paw and sent it to the more stable Old Zhu and Ah Mu through the dropped communicator.

The message said, “I’m fine. I’ve escaped. I’m staying put. Be careful of You Kun.” Saying that he had escaped was to reassure his teammates, but he wasn’t far away from escaping at this moment.

After sending the message, he looked up at the zombie boss and made a childish grimace like how Yin Xiaoxiang would do. He swaggered as he jumped to the ground and went out.

For a cat, it was undoubtedly a long way from this room to the door of this laboratory. Zhang Zhiyin even knelt twice because his legs were too weak. Fortunately, no one saw him so he did not care about his image. He rolled around before he got up and continued walking after two grieving “auwo”s. In order not to stir unnecessary trouble, Zhang Zhiyin had been enduring himself not to transform back.

So when he finally saw the exit, he jumped up with joy!

Zhang Zhiyin tried to run up quickly with his short legs, but sadly he found that the steps were longer than his whole body. The dawn was right in front of him, and he thought that the boss would not be able to catch up with him no matter what, so Zhang Zhiyin no longer hesitated to open the Item Store for the first time—


Zhang Zhiyin: “…”

He stayed here for half a month, however, In fact, only one night had passed in reality. Who knew if the item store could be repaired in these three days? Should he just be a cat for these three days? In this end of the world without human decency, how could a weak and fluffy kitten survive?!

Zhang Zhiyin turned around angrily and kept saying “auwo”.

Just then, a shadow covered the top of his head, covered all of him.

Zhang Zhiyin was stunned. He raised his little head doubtfully and dully looked up, but he could only see black shoes and black trousers.

…It’s so tall.

The man squatted down and stretched out his hand to him. “Little thing, why are you here alone?”

The voice sounded very nice, but it was without any ripple.

He placed the kitten in the middle of his palms and held it in front of him as he tried to look down at its black, round eyes.

Zhang Zhiyin was suddenly raised so high that he felt like he was flying into the sky. He couldn’t help but “auwo”. At the same time, he pressed onto the man’s hand with his four small claws and buried his head in the hands of the person.

This was so embarrassing.

When everything was stabilized, Zhang Zhiyin peeked in embarrassment and secretly deciding that no matter who he was, he would never see him again.

Then he was stunned.

The face was so beautiful that it had no flaws, just like it was a fake face. In a sense, it was fake. It’s the face he knew and had seen thousands of times.


So, I take back what was said in the previous second. This was the only thought left in Zhang Zhiyin’s mind at that time.


Dadao and other people obediently rushed out without turning back, but they were waiting for their captain instead of Team 2. Xiao Jin then decided that it must be You Kun that did something, and they almost fought with them.

Team 2, however, ignored them. In You Kun’s opinion, only Captain Zhang Zhiyin with his Level 4 special ability was powerful. Others were all average. As long as Zhang Zhiyin was absent, the rest of the people would grow afraid and soon disperse. At this time, having a conflict with them was just making trouble for themselves.

So You Kun couldn’t help but drop a sentence with his consistent disdain: “As to where your captain is, how would I know?”

Old Zhu and Ah Kong worked together to stop Xiao Jin, who was emotionally agitated. The most important thing now was to find Captain Zhang.

However, they all thought that You Kun had problems, at least some of them knew. Li Zhun and Dadao were ready to go down again to find that person, while Ah Mu and Old Zhu were blocking You Kun and others from getting away.

At the moment of the stalemate between the two sides, Old Zhu found his communicator flickering twice.

It’s the captain’s message—

“I’m all right. I’ve escaped. I’m staying put. Be careful of You Kun.” You Kun’s name was also misspelled. It was strange as the captain was not one to misspell his words.

Ah Mu looked up at the same time, and their gazes met. They knew that the other party had received the message.

There were too many legendary things about Zhang Zhiyin. For example, when they first arrived, he led those weak in overall strength to eliminate a very powerful psychic zombie. For example, when he died and came back to life, and then he led everyone to evacuate safely at a critical moment… Nowadays, the team members all have a kind of blind belief in him. In their subconscious, their captain would be okay. Their captain would always have a way. Even if their captain died, he would come back alive.

With those two people no longer blocking them, Team 2 immediately left. Old Zhu didn’t bother and took the opportunity to call Dadao and convey the meaning of Zhang Zhiyin’s message. After some deliberation, they decided to follow the captain’s instructions and stay put. They returned to the base worrying about where their captain was at.

And they probably didn’t know that not long after they left, a man appeared at the entrance to the underground laboratory and walked down quietly. Five minutes later, the man carried out a cat.


Yin Nian put Zhang Zhiyin inside his windbreaker pocket close to his left chest, closest to his heart. One of his hands reached in reassuringly to hold him across his pocket.

Zhang Zhiyin only felt that his breathing was full of Yin Nian’s scent. Then slowly, shyly, and obediently, he hid inside Yin Nian’s pocket.

He felt that he was not ready to face the world.

Yin Nian took him back to the base directly by moving along the space. Then he pulled the kitten out and placed it on his bed. He patted him and said, “Be obedient and stay here. I’ll get you something to eat.”

Zhang Zhiyin looked around curiously and timidly. At this time, for Captain Zhang, he had long since thrown out the base, his team, and Yin Xiaoxiang to the back of his mind.

Like this, following Y, might be the only chance in his life to be caught and brought back to his base.

Who would have thought that Dr. Y, who was originally set as “cold and heartless” and “numb and cold-blooded”, would be so kind to a cat…

Zhang Zhiyin took the opportunity to tread on the bed of the boss. When he reached the location of the pillow, he suddenly found that a small mirror on the table could be reflected from this angle.

He observed carefully of what he was like now ⁠— a white ball, a beautiful kitten, standing there obediently. Overall, Zhang Zhiyin looked the same as Yin Xiaoxiang, but he was bigger than Yin Xiaoxiang by a size. Yin Xiaoxiang was only as big as his palm, and he was as big as a mini iPad himself. His eyes were black like his original eye color. The tuft of hair on his forehead was also a different color, similar to ice blue, but it was not quite the same as Yin Xiaoxiang’s.

Zhang Zhiyin tried to see the color of his hair on his head and moved slowly to the bedside, only to find that he could not see it clearly. He grabbed his paws by the bed and began to stretch forward.

As a result, the overexertion had caused him to roll to the ground uncontrollably.

Zhang Zhiyin covered his eyes with his claws in this crisis.

This was too miserable. It was so miserable to be small. Even falling out of bed had become a major disaster. How did Yin Xiaoxiang survive this kind of life?

No, Yin Xiaoxiang was very naughty. The windowsills that were over one meter high, it still dared to jump down. It’s not as useless as he was!

In the end, Zhang Zhiyin did not fall to the ground.

Yin Nian who had just come in quickly reached out his right hand and cautiously embraced him. He also put the plate of food in his left hand on the ground to free his hand and smooth his hair.

Zhang Zhiyin was stunned, staring at the person who caught him with big round eyes. He looked like a lost child who had found an adult. He didn’t care about his image at all. He wrinkled his cat’s face and whimpered grievingly at Yin Nian. All he uttered was small “auwo”.

Why would he want his image? No one knew what he was right now. It’s a little bit better to take advantage of this special treatment. Zhang Zhiyin thought and silently took the opportunity to cave into Yin Nian.

Listening to his soft voice full of dependance, Yin Nian suddenly lowered his head and kissed the soft flesh on the back of his neck.

Zhang Zhiyin suddenly froze.

But then he heard Yin Nian whispered: “Mimi2, it’s all right, didn’t I tell you not to be naughty.”

Zhang Zhiyin had stiffened again.

“…” Who’s going to tell him what a ‘Mimi’ was?! Only a girl under seven would give her cat this name, right? Who told Boss to name the cat “Mimi”?

See how powerful and competent the name he gave his cat—”Dr. Y and Zhang Zhiyin’s son”!

Why did boss, who clearly looked powerful and high-leveled, name a cat ‘Mimi’?

Yin Nian looked at the sad cat face and frowned almost invisibly. After thinking about it, he touched Zhang Zhiyin’s ear and comforted him by saying, “Mimi is good.”

It took a while to think of what Zhang Zhiyin was trying to do just now. He thought about it in his mind, stood up, took the mirror and put it in front of Zhang Zhiyin. “Do you want this?”

Zhang Zhiyin shook his tail in embarrassment. He glanced at Yin Nian quickly and quietly and began to shine his forehead as he wished. There were two small clusters of hair, one ice-blue cluster, and one gray cluster, probably representing his own two abilities.

Yin Nian quietly touched his hair behind him and whispered, “Mimi looks the best.”

Zhang Zhiyin called out softly and unconsciously.

One person and one cat were reflected in a small mirror, looking particularly harmonious.

Does Boss Yin knows its his Zhiyin?

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