After Brushing Face At The Apocalypse’s Boss For 363 Days

Chapter 29 - Hope

Chapter 29: Hope

They passed two medium-sized bases, but the forces all politely refused to accept them and hoped that they would go to the larger bases.

Indeed, time was approaching the formal establishment of the Cloud Sky Alliance. The leaders and the backbones of the major bases were basically at Level 6, and the lowest among them was at Level 5. Level 4 ability users could only be considered as the middle level, while Level 2 and Level 3 were not even worth mentioning at all. Among their group of people, only three-tenths of them were ability users and the highest level was only at Level 4, and basically all of them held injuries. The rest were all ordinary people, and they did not have sufficient materials. They would absolutely lower the average level of the base who would receive them. Those bases were naturally unwilling to accept them.

On the tenth day, they finally arrived at a relatively large base, called Hope Base. Looking at the scale alone, it could not be compared with the giants such as Yuntian Base, Base No. 1 and Renaissance Base, but it was indeed a first-class base.

But they were rejected again.

A person in charge came out. He was apparently not surprised by this kind of thing, and said casually, “The ability users can go in. Ordinary people each need to pay ten primary nuclei or three Level 1 nuclei.

Old Zhu frowned at the words and looked at the leader. They have seventy ordinary people but they did not have that many nuclei. More importantly, their nutrition medicine and drinking water were almost used up, and they did not know when they would find the next base.

The leader had been recovering for several days. Before the end of the world, he was just an ordinary man who rarely left Yulin City. Facing this sort of situation, he was also at a loss.

At this time, Zhang Zhiyin went out and asked the person in charge, “Do you collect food?”

Before that, he just caught up with a shop in the exchange house that was having a clearance sale and was selling their flour at a 50% discount rate. He bought a group of 99 bags for 5 yuan. He also bought a storage space bag for 5 yuan to store the flour.

The biggest difference in value between the world of <Tomorrow> and the game was there different sorts of space items. For example, storage space. In the game, each player would have a backpack to put their items, whether it was a storage ring, storage bracelets, or storage bags, they were all actually a gimmick. The only use of buying it was to expand the player’s backpack, so the price wouldn’t be too high either.

But in the real world of <Tomorrow>, there would be a small number of space ability users with their own storage space and even fewer advanced space ability users that could make ** space items. These space items were very useful in daily life and on the battlefield. As a result, space items had very high value, and now almost only the high-level major bases had their own storage space items.

The person in charge was stunned when he heard the words and glanced at Zhang Zhiyin’s five cars again. He wondered, “How much food can you take out?”

The flour in the game was a small bag of five kilograms, but the 99 bags added up to nearly 500 kilograms.

Zhang Zhiyin took out a special storage bag for flour and put it in his hand: “Not much, 500 kilograms.”

Instead of paying attention to his words, the person in charge stared at the small bag in his hand like an eagle in an instant. For the first time, he looked up at Zhang Zhiyin and asked softly, “Space bag?”

“En.” Zhang Zhiyin nodded. “The space bag and the grains are all the things he left me. There’s nothing else.” He knew the principle of ‘an innocent man gets into trouble because of his wealth’. Although to him, both the space bag and the grain inside were not very valuable, it would be better to hand it over as he might get targeted by others and incite trouble. It was better to declare his share in advance.

The person in charge nodded, ignoring Zhang Zhiyin’s “he”: “The food, adding this space bag together, give it all to us and off of you can go in.” By the time he said this, his tone was much better.

Zhang Zhiyin: “Yes.”

Then there was a cry of “Captain” — whatever the value of the space bag and the food itself, they were what he left for the captain!

Zhang Zhiyin waved his hand to the back calmly and expressionlessly. All of them were silent at once, but they still looked at Zhang Zhiyin with helpless, painful, and wronged eyes. Zhang Zhiyin himself had turned around again, once again missing the deeper meaning behind the eyes of the public.

He also felt that the lie he had made up was very good. Whatever could not be explained, he could let “that person” come to take the blame.


A group of people entered the base smoothly. Ordinary people were assigned to work after receiving medical examinations. After identifying their levels, the ability user was assigned to various teams to undertake the tasks of guarding and patrolling.

The appraisal results show that the leader had already hurt his ability root in the last battle. Not only had he just broke through Level 5 only to fall back to Level 4, but there was no hope of upgrading his level. That was to say, all his life he could only be at Level 4. At present, there was no problem, but Zhang Zhiyin knew that with the development of the plot, everyone’s abilities would have generally risen to more than Level 5. It’s always a * level confrontation. Even in the current game scenario, Yunchu, the successor of Cloud Sky Alliance, was just about to reach Level 10, and was likely to become the first ability user to break through Level 10 — Y had already breakthrough Level 10, but he was not a normal human being. In the latter period, leaders would have to do ordinary and trivial work just like any normal people. They could no longer stand on the front lines and protect everyone like before.

But the leader himself was quite philosophical.

The next day he came here to chat with Zhang Zhiyin, the no longer young man squinted at the sky. His voice was very low: “I think we are still adapting to this world day by day and getting better day by day. Now I want to live a good life and watch the world become stable and beautiful again for them.”

At this time, Zhang Zhiyin’s level of ability had reached Level 4, which was also considered a good level in Hope Base. Therefore, he, Dadao, Ah Mu, Xiao Jin, Ah Kong, Li Zhun, and Old Zhu were directly put into a seven-member team and was assigned to Squadron 4. Zhang Zhiyin was the captain of his team.

Squadron 4 originally had two teams, one team was lead by the leader of Squadron 4 himself, most of them were the older people in Hope Base; the other team was also made out of the ability users who had recently sought shelter at Hope Base. The leader of the team was a Level 4 psychic ability user, called You Kun, and most of his team members were at Level 3 or 4. Their overall strength one step higher than Zhang Zhinyin’s team and even in the entire Hope Base, they could be considered a very good team.

“Captain, I always feel that You Kun is not a good person. He seems to have an inexplicable hostility towards us.” Xiao Jin was particularly sensitive to You Kun, the captain of Team 2. Just now the leader of Squadron 4 had a meeting with the whole team to introduce each other and arrange their recent tasks. Xiao Jin kept complaining after they came out.

“But he’s in a team with us now.” Zhang Zhiyin said, thinking of Li Shuifeng again, and added, “But it’s always right to be careful.”

The next day, the two teams were assigned to patrol together and clear the zombies around the base. The team immediately proved that Xiao Jin was not too sensitive and suspicious.

When attacking the zombies, they seemed very lazy. On the way, the members of the team were laughing at each other. The speed of marching and killing the zombies were only half of Zhang Zhiyin’s team. But when the two teams returned to hand in the task and take the nucleus, they were lazily holding their arms, leaning against one side of the wall, saying, “We should get 70% of the share, after all… obviously, we are much better than them. They were just dragging us down when they went out with us.” Then they shrugged their shoulders, as if giving Zhang Zhiyin 30% of the nucleus was their grace.

Dadao exploded at that time and wanted to jump out and argue with them, but Zhang Zhiyin held him down.

“I disagree.” He said and his face was still expressionless. Zhang Zhiyin found that ever since he began to imitate Yin Nian, he learned the skill of hiding his happiness and anger.

It’s not the first time that the person responsible for recording and distributing the crystal nucleus of the mission met this situation. He frowned and waved impatiently: “Go to your squad leader and get his signature before finding me for the nucleus!”

You Kun put his mouth aside and stood up indifferently. He swaggered away. His team members followed him with a flippant attitude. The last bald-headed fire ability user turned around deliberately and blew a whistle to Zhang Zhiyin with contempt in his eyes.

Even the mature Old Zhu’s face was black.

Zhang Zhiyin paused and followed.

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