After Brushing Face At The Apocalypse’s Boss For 363 Days

Chapter 26 - The False Third Drop of Blood

Chapter 26: The False Third Drop of Blood

Yin Nian looked at everything in front of him in silence. To be exact, he looked at the man and unconsciously touched his lips.

He did not like Zhang Zhiyin being controlled by anything else.

So last night he simply took him under his control.

A distinct image of that person gently closing his eyes emerged in his mind. He gasped as he grabbed his clothes, calling out “Yin Nian.”.

He probably could ponder on this for a long time.

He closed his eyes and, like always, Dr. Y disappeared silently from the land again. His face was cold and his eyes were dark. Nobody knew what he was thinking.

Zhang Zhiyin’s prestige in Yulin Base upgraded again after leading the team to clear up the entire senior burial grounds. For more than a month after that, He had been patrolling and guarding with his team members. He came to know each of them better and better, and his relationship with them had become more and more harmonious.

Halfway through, he went back to reality. Zhang Zhiyin gave Yin Nian chocolate and told him what happened in the “real world of <Tomorrow>—

“We eradicated a very powerful psychic zombie. That zombie knew how to interfere with our minds.”

“… Then I dreamed of you. You kissed me several times… this time, I didn’t force you!”

“It’s just a dream, and you don’t have to care too much. I know you’re definitely not that kind of person. It’s me being YY…” That was to say, how could a person like Boss Yin, with high-cold abstinence written all over his face, make such a reluctant act of kissing and holding in the first place?

“There’s another illusion. You were frightened by a snake, you hid behind me and even asked me to protect you!”

Zhang Zhiyin laughed and his fingers typed like they were flying: “I thought about it afterward, and I think it was beautiful. I think it’s good for you to be a little obedient boy. Zhiyin GeGe will protect you.” A grinning expression was added at the end.

After sending it out, he felt that it was inappropriate. The message in the game had no withdrawal function. He could only add with a bitter face, “Don’t be angry, I just said it casually. Everyone knows you must be better than me… En? Yin Nian GeGe?”

At last, he was so happy that Zhang Zhiyin entered the dream with a smile and once again forgot what he had in his backpack.

A crisis could also be hidden in a calm and orderly life. At the same time, the base’s ability to detecting nearby zombies was also improving, and the speed of recent improvements was increasing. Not only that, but the density of zombies near the base was also increasing.

Lao Zhu and Dadao were worried about it. They originally came from the same small base, which was smaller than Yulin Base. They relied on the power of the base to regularly clean up the surrounding zombies, but all of a sudden the zombie invasions became more severe, and they were led by several high-level zombies to gather around their base and launch a siege. In a hurry, fewer than five of them eventually escaped, and the original base became a dead city.

Zhang Zhiyin did not know the background of the story of <Tomorrow> very deeply. He only knew that from the plot of the current timeline in the game, human forces should start to unite with each other. Therefore, he also supported the overall migration of the base to seek the protection of major forces while the situation could still be controlled.

At this age, their strength was still too weak.

The leader eventually agreed to move, but everyone knew that it was not a small project, they had to prepare well and start early.

A few days later, Zhang Zhiyin took Xiao Jin and a fire ability user to patrol the west of the base.

Yulin Base personnel patrolled twice a day, each time with 12 people in three directions.

Xiao Jin suddenly said, “Captain, I think something is amiss. Go further.”

Almost two kilometers further on, even Zhang Zhiyin felt something wrong.

He turned around and said, “You two go back and report the matter. I’ll look ahead by myself.”

“Captain!” Xiao Jin and the ability user looked at him with unease.

“Rest assured,” Zhang Zhiyin laughed, “I can at least guarantee myself to run back safely.”

Xiao Jin and Zhang Zhiyin both knew that Zhang Zhiyin’s strength was higher than theirs and that he had rich experience of living alone. When something happened, they would become a burden, so they agreed and left Zhang Zhiyin to go on his own.

Zhang Zhiyin’s precision abilities were already close to level three. So he stopped after walking a thousand meters on his own — a large number of zombies were gathering toward the base, and intuitively he could tell that the zombies leading them were high-leveled.

He immediately opened the item store. At this time, there was no one around, so we might as well use some useful items, such as the flying flag. He had bought two or three in the Valley before, and then he ran out on the way to Yulin Base. He forgot to buy them again, it’ll be very convenient to have them now.

As soon as he opened the store, he saw a line of red letters “found”.

What was this situation?!

He had been playing <Tomorrow> for more than a year, and he had never seen such a situation where the game did not want money! Other parts of the game might lag and have bugs, but the item stores had always been the strongest. Unexpectedly, one day… Qinglang company did not like money anymore.

Zhang Zhiyin closed the item store in hatred and began to sprint back. He was still a distance away from the zombies. Zombies were generally slow to move, so running was so issue

As soon as he ran 500 meters away, he felt a burst of sleepiness and fell to the ground, he closed his eyes.

The last thought before he lost consciousness was that, fortunately, in order to avoid dying in vain because of this situation, he bought an automatic protective energy shield from the item store, which could automatically protect the owner when it judged that the owner was incapacitated to fight. That shield… hopefully had enough energy?

At the same time, Xiao Jin, who first responded to the report from the base, also got the latest news – the precision ability users responsible for investigating in the observation platform also found anomalies in all directions.

“The captain is still outside.” Xiao Jin cried anxiously.

“Rest assured, Zhiyin so fierce, he would definitely realize that something was wrong and rush back. Let’s wait a while more.” The chief and Lao Zhu soothed, but they also had a worried face.

However, the seven-member Zhang Zhiyin search and rescue team who arrived at the scene 20 minutes later could only watch with open eyes. Five hundred meters away, Zhang Zhiyin, who was lying silently on the ground, was struck to ashes by seven or eight thunderbolts from two high-leveled thunder zombies nearby.

There wasn’t even a corpse left.

All of them were in Zhang Zhiyin’s team. They were red-eyed when they witness this scene but they were more shocked then they were sad. They really didn’t understand; in their eyes the very strong captain, how could he… die so easily.


Dr. Y’s base.

Lei Dun stretched out his hand and caught the sudden appearance of Meng Kali’s pendulum, which was about to float away.

“What’s wrong?” Meng Kali asked him with a row.

“What has happened recently? The doctor seems to be in a good mood. Two days ago, Yu Huo, the fool, got into trouble again. For the third time this month, the doctor didn’t punish him.” Lei Dun asked.

“I don’t know. Boss’s mind has always been elusive.” Meng Kali continued to gesture. “I can’t see what he’s doing in the base. When will you steal the cat again? I’m missing it.”

“That time I did that under the doctor’s command.” Lei Dun raised his eyebrows and said, “If you catch the kitten without permission, you’ll get scolded.”

The doctor would probably wonder how he could steal his son from his mother or something. Probably.

Lei Dun’s irresponsibly imagined. Of course, you couldn’t tell what he was thinking about from his serious face. From this point of view, as a subordinate of Dr. Y, he was quite suitable.

Suddenly, Meng Kali looked stern and made a messy gesture to Lei Dun.

“What did you say?” Lei Dun frowned. “You said the doctor brought someone back?”

He patted Meng Kali, “What’s so strange about this, you, me, Yu Huo, aren’t we all brought back by the doctor? Maybe the doctor thought Yu Huo is too foolish and wishes to cultivate a new person.”

Meng Kali thought about how he should explain that this person was different. Because he did not come in by himself, nor was he dragged back by the doctor with the space rope like he was dragging a dead pig. He was embraced in his arms and very carefully brought back.


YY: Fantasizing, sexual thoughts

What does this title means? Shrug, maybe cause MC died for third time, or did he? Uh

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