After Brushing Face At The Apocalypse’s Boss For 363 Days

Chapter 19 - The King of Cats

Chapter 19: The King of Cats

The snow leopard cat’s habitat was not far from Zhang Zhiyin’s chosen resting place before he went offline. Thus, as soon as he went back to the game’s real-world, he packed up his things and put Yin Xiaoxiang in his pocket before heading straight towards it.

The snow leopard cat was set to be a meek and shy animal. It was a massive monster. But they were extreme pack monsters, attacking one would lead to a group of them attacking back.

Zhang Zhiyin was stunned when he reached the nest of the snow leopard cat.

As a passive monster, not even one in a pack of more than 20 leopard cats took the initiative to pay attention to him. They all rolled around and played with each other. Sometimes one or two little snow leopard cats looked at him curiously. They were all snow-white, with shining blue light on their ears. They were bigger than ordinary domestic cats and looked very beautiful.

Unlike in the game, Zhang Zhiyin could not make himself to harm them when he really faced these small animals that held no hostility towards him.

Probably because they looked so much like his family’s own silly Xiaoxiang.

He stood for nearly two minutes, thinking of the forum posts, thinking of the rings in the mall, thinking of Y. In the end, he sighed and turned to go.

He took five steps before he felt a pull on his left leg.

He looked down only to see Yin Xiaoxiang hanging onto his trousers with its two small claws and biting them. Its whole body was hung up in the air by these three points. It was supposed to be an act of holding his trousers pants to keep him from walking, but because it was too small and too light, Zhang Zhiyin felt little feeling of it hanging on him.

“…” Zhang Zhiyin looked at his silly cat. He stepped back five steps and went back to where he was. He squatted down and lifted Yin Xiaoxiang.

“What is going on?”

Yin Xiaoxiang turned in his hand and face the crowd of snow leopard cats.

Zhang Zhiyin suddenly felt a slight spiritual fluctuation coming from his cat.

Before he had time to wonder, he saw the snow leopard cat, which had been playing, suddenly all quieted down. They crouched on all fours in his direction and looking up at him… the Yin Xiaoxiang in his hand.

Yin Xiaoxiang licked Zhang Zhiyin’s palm and raised its silly face to make a complacent “Ao” to Zhang Zhiyin.

Perhaps it’s a dual ability? Zhang Zhiyin poked at it and thought to himself. But its psychic powers should not be strong. Although it did belong to the same race as the snow leopard cat, it was probably superior to the snow leopard cat in terms of bloodlines, therefore it could easily suppress them.

<Tomorrow>’s game-planning team was probably reading too much on a fantasy novel. Only when you read more, could you implant the idea of bloodline suppression in the monster system. Before, Zhang Zhiyin attacked a mutant ape while doing a mission and he accidentally hit a high-level psychic golden ape. As a result, the monkey directed more than 20 ordinary grey apes at him and sent him back to the resurrection point directly.

Being surrounded by a group of monkeys had always been a pain in Zhang Zhiyin’s heart. He didn’t expect the same settings to help him today.

Looking at a group of cats sitting like students in class listening, Zhang Zhiyin was plotting.

He only wanted to make some money, not take some lives.

Zhang Zhiyin took out a sharp knife and walked forward quickly. He began to cut the nails of the nearest snow leopard cat.

The snow leopard cat uttered a cry of terror as if this was more terrible than having its life taken away. But it remained dazed and did not hide anywhere.

Zhang Zhiyin suddenly reacted, these nails were the weapon of the snow leopard cats, without its nails, they were not much different from killing them.

Then a snow leopard cat with a shiny coat and a size bigger than the common snow leopard cat moved suddenly. It let out a cat’s cry and slowly came to Zhang Zhiyin, but it still did not pose an attack.

It swept Zhang Zhiyin with its tail, then turned around, pointed its buttocks at him, and began to move forward. It took two steps before it looked back at him again.

Zhang Zhiyin understood what it wanted and kept up with it.

The big cat led Zhang Zhiyin to the dry place of their nest. There were only two hills there. One was a big pile of snow leopard cats’ hair. It also emitted a faint fluorescent light, which was very beautiful. The other pile was the nails that fell naturally from snow leopard cats.

The big cat looked at Zhang Zhiyin and cried “meow meow” twice, showing a smart expression of “Take it, don’t mention it. Thank you for coming to collect garbage”.


Zhang Zhiyin would not be able to make so many Bai Huo Pill by himself. So he left a part of the nails, and then the rest of them were put into his shop as raw materials in a group of 99. Fifty boxes were placed in a row, but he predicted that only 1/10 of his goods would be sold.

Fortunately, ‘s trading house could be accessed by the whole game, it was not limited to a single server, therefore, his number would not seem too terrible.

As a result, as soon as he put the goods on the shelf, he was bombarded with a lot of information. Some asked if they could be able to buy more goods and get discounted, some asked how many goods he had, and some asked how many discounts could he gave. One of the most simple messages came from the head of a large congress—

“10 yuan per piece, I will buy how much you have, sell or not?”

Zhang Zhiyin’s first thought was that getting the ring was possible now.

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