After Being Framed by Her Family, She was Pampered by a CEO from a Rich Family

Chapter 302 - Chapter 302: I’m More Steady Than Her

Chapter 302: I’m More Steady Than Her

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The press conference was held at the Liang Corporation’s headquarters.

The Liang Corporation was very suitable as it had a large conference hall. It was usually only used when holding public meetings.

Jing Yao thought that it would be held at Shen Yu’s management company.

“Did you ask them to hold a press conference at the Liang Corporation?” Jing Yao asked Liang Xun.

Liang Xun’s attention was not on the screen. At this moment, he was playing with Jing Yao’s fair fingers. He looked up when he heard that. “Yes, that dogsh*t management company of his doesn’t have any f*cking ability. They’re timid every time something happens. Their public relations skills are not as good as Gu Yu’s.”

Jing Yao smiled at Liang Xun and understood why he said that.

Liang Xun was a protective person. He had always been the one protecting Shen Yu in the entertainment industry. He was really angry that Shen Yu got into a car accident this time.

“Actually, it’s not bad. Compared to other companies, Shen Yu has absolute autonomy in choosing a job. This is something many big-name celebrities don’t have,” Jing Yao said fairly.

Liang Xun frowned, his expression still unhappy. “Fortunately, you didn’t sign with their company.”

Jing Yao patted the back of his hand and went to watch the live-stream seriously.

With the Liang Corporation’s security system, they did not have to worry about encountering any more demented fans.

Jing Yao was in the entertainment industry herself and knew very well how crazy those fans were. The previous car chase was quite scary. Some people would even splash sulfuric acid and chili water on them. One could imagine how hostile those fans, who fantasized about being with Shen Yu every day, were to Zhu Ling.

The news of holding a press conference had been posted on Weibo in advance. Many people who could not go to the event location had been waiting in the live-stream in advance.

Fortunately, the live-stream platform this time was a large platform. The system was strong, and the staff of the platform were already prepared. Otherwise, this live-stream would definitely be squeezed offline.

“Shen Yu is really popular.” Jing Yao sighed when she saw the fans rushing to go online.

Liang Xun stroked her head. “You’ll only be more popular than him in the future.”

Jing Yao smiled. “No, I just want to film some dramas that 1 like and earn some money. It’s not good to be too popular. I don’t have any freedom at all. Besides…”

Jing Yao glanced at Liang Xun and whispered, “If 1 really become popular, you’ll definitely be so angry that you won’t be able to eat well every day.”

Liang Xun raised his eyebrows.

Jing Yao thought that he didn’t believe her and explained, “When the time comes, my fans might scold you under your Weibo, camp at the entrance of your company, and even photoshop your photos.”

“…” Liang Xun.

Liang Xun thought for a moment. That was really possible, but there was nothing to be afraid of. The Liang Corporation’s lawyers were not freeloaders.

Liang Xun rubbed Jing Yao’s shoulder and said seriously, “Don’t think about this. Just focus on glowing. I’ll handle the rest.”

Jing Yao pursed her lips and leaned back into Liang Xun’s arms without saying anything.

She felt that she had used all her good luck in the past 20 years to exchange for Liang Xun.

The live-stream had already begun while the two of them were talking.

Shen Yu’s company hired two emcees. They were both quite famous in the industry and were very adaptable.

Before the opening, the emcees briefly explained the purpose of this press conference, then introduced Shen Yu and Zhu Ling.

The two of them sat together. Shen Yu’s injuries were not fully healed yet, but he looked quite energetic.

Zhu Ling was forced to style herself today. At this moment, she was sitting beside Shen Yu expressionlessly, but she looked very calm and did not feel nervous at all.

In fact, Zhu Ling was indeed not nervous.

All along, Zhu Ling would only shrink back nervously when facing relationship problems, such as the first time Shen Yu confessed to her.

At that time, she really wanted to escape.

The bullet screen scrolled crazily, occupying half the screen.

It was so fast that Jing Yao couldn’t see the details. “Lingling is so steady. It’s her first time in public, but she’s not nervous at all.”

Liang Xun glanced at the screen casually, then retracted his gaze without much interest. He looked at Jing Yao and asked, “You seem to admire Zhu Ling very much?”

Jing Yao closed her eyes. She really admired Liang Xun.

“Liang Xun, why are you jealous of both men and women?”

A trace of embarrassment flashed across Liang Xun’s eyes at first, then he said seriously and confidently, “You do admire Zhu Ling very much. She’s just sitting there expressionlessly. I’m even more steady than her in front of the camera.”

Jing Yao was speechless.

Wasn’t he childish?

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