Chapter 2: Affinity - Zero

Chapter 2: Affinity – Zero

Grey nervously stood up from where he was seated and slowly walked towards the platform. When he got there, he couldn’t help but look at everyone staring at him intently.

“Huuu” Grey breathed heavily trying to calm himself down.

“Step forward and place your hand on the stone” the Elder in charge looked at Grey with a smile and told him to place his hand on what was used to do the test.

Grey carefully observed the stone. It was quite an amazing thing as it was what was used to check the elements people are compatible with and also it checks their talents. Grey calmed his mind and stepped forward, he looked at the stone before gently walking closer to it and placing his hand on it. The stone felt cold when he placed his hand on it.

Immediately he placed his hand on the stone, he felt something moving out of the stone and passing through his hand into his body. Grey was slightly surprised by the feeling and instinctively wanted to take his hand off the stone.

“Don’t move, it will be over soon” It was like the Elder could read his thoughts and quickly whispered to him before he could take his hand off the stone.

Grey stilled himself and let the strange energy run freely in his body. The energy moved from his hand, before making a circle around every single part of his body. After circling 3 times, he felt the energy leaving his body the same way it came.

When the energy left his body, he finally loosened up. The Elder looked at Grey for some time before walking closer towards the stone. He stared at it profoundly before taking a look at Grey again.

“Place your hand on it one more time,” He said to Grey

Grey was surprised by what the Elder was doing. All the kids who had taken the test before him only did it once and the Elder would announce the result, how come his case was different.

He couldn’t refuse the order, so he placed his hand on it again. The audience was quite surprised on seeing Grey placing his hands on the stone again.

“What is going on, why is that kid doing it again”

“Is there a problem with the stone”

Some of the parents who brought their kids there started having doubts on witnessing Grey placing his hand on the stone and taking the test again.

Martha just watched on without any emotions, like she knew this would happen already. Although deep down she felt sad, there was nothing she can do about it. He told her to make sure she took Grey to the test, and she couldn’t refuse him, so she did.

The process repeated itself, the Elder got close to the stone again to look at it and was stunned again. He looked at the stone, then at Grey again before sighing.

Sympathy could currently be seen in his eyes when he looked at Grey. Grey was taken aback by the way the Elder was looking at him, he suddenly had a bad premonition.

“Senior, what is the result?” Grey asked with a slightly shaky voice.

“Grey, affinity, zero” The Elder announced the result loudly


It was like a bolt of lightning struck Grey, he stood there dumbfounded and just stared at the Elder.

“What, zero affinity”

“How can he not have any affinity”

“This….this, how is this possible”

“I’ve only heard of people who don’t have any affinities with any elements but haven’t seen anyone before”

“So, there truly are people with no affinities”

“What a pitiful kid, how can he live without having any affinities”

“Scoff, he made us wait for nothing. I even thought he was something special as the Senior told him to take the test again, who knew he didn’t even have an affinity”.

Shocked voices could be heard from the audience and there was also some with scorn. Some people are just prone to kicking a man when he is down.

“Sigh, hopefully he doesn’t break down,” Martha said with a sad voice

Grey stood still amidst all the noise without any reactions. One word was reverberating in his head currently, ‘How?’.

The representatives looked at the boy on the platform and felt sad for him. But since he was someone without any elemental affinity, he was not of much use to them. They looked at the Elder in charge of the test and signaled him to continue with the test. They were eager for the test to end as they were waiting for the decision Jonas will make.

“Get on with the test Elder, we don’t have all day” the representative of the Starlight Academy urged the Elder to go ahead with the test.

Since Grey didn’t have any affinity, he was no different from a cripple.

“Young boy, don’t feel down. You might be a late bloomer, as some people don’t awaken their elements on time” the representative of the Lunar Academy tried to console Grey. Although it was rarely seen, there have been times it had happened. But usually, it rarely happens.

Grey looked at the representatives, he couldn’t reply to any of them as he couldn’t even process what was going on. He walked down from the platform like a lifeless zombie. He just walked straight and even forgot to head back to his seat.

“This kid” Martha worriedly went after him. She knew Grey was very cheerful and this will definitely affect him, but she knew he will be able to walk out of the darkness with time.

“Next…” The Elder continued with the test and everyone’s enthusiasm was instantly reignited. Since the tragedy didn’t happen to any of them, they couldn’t really wallow in sorrow.

Jonas looked at Grey’s fading shadow without any emotion. He didn’t feel anything towards him as even if he had any talent it didn’t matter much to him who had purple talent. As a child, he has always set his sights very high, and now things have already started to click as he envisioned.

The test went on normally and soon ended. After the test was completed, Jonas went over to the representatives to tell them his decision. He joined the Starlight Academy as it was publicly regarded as the leaders of the Academy union. In public opinion, the Starlight Academy was known as the strongest, and Jonas wanted the best for himself.

A lot of events took place in the test today, first, a purple talent appeared, and then, a person with no elemental affinity also appeared. The news of what happened in the test quickly spread around the city. When the people staying in the city heard of Jonas, they were awed by the fact that he had a purple talent.

But Jonas wasn’t the only one who became famous after the test, Grey’s name also became widespread since he was someone without any elemental affinity.

It was later announced that Jonas joined the Starlight Academy and immediately left with the representative of the Academy.

*Knock, Knock*

“Grey, can I come in?” Martha knocked on the door that led to Grey’s room. She waited for some time and didn’t get any response. She opened the door and walked in, she saw Grey lying on his bed, staring at the ceiling.

“Grey” Martha called out softly

“Why, why did this happen to me,” Grey asked with a croaked voice.

Martha felt pained on seeing her son like this. This wasn’t anything she would wish anyone to go through, in a world where Elementalists reign supreme, having no affinity is the same as being a cripple.

“I don’t know dear, but you have to be strong. You remember what your dad said to you before leaving right?” Martha said while caressing Grey’s cheek.

“Yes, he said I should never give up on myself. Even when the world does, he said I should always stand tall and stay strong” Grey replied but without much firmness in his voice.

“I know my son is the greatest, ” Martha looked at Grey lovingly

Grey knew his mother was trying to cheer him up but still, whenever he thought of how he was going to live without any elements, he felt sadder.

“Grey, remember this. What makes you different, makes you special. You are unique from the rest of the world, I’m not saying this just to cheer you up, I’m saying this because I know the child I gave birth to was not meant to live an ordinary life. You will reign above all, only you shall be at the top, and no one shall be your equal” Martha looked at her son in his eyes and said with all seriousness.

‘What makes you different, makes you special’ That statement kept repeating itself in Grey’s head, and he started seeing the light in the darkness which he had fallen into. Although a little, it was something that will help him leave his current state.

Martha was happy when she noticed he had some reactions to her words.

She went over to her room and dropped on the bed crying, she was only being strong in front of her son as she wanted him to pull himself together soon.

“I know you said it was for his future, but why must you make him through this,” She said angrily while looking out the window. No mother wanted to see her child downcast, she felt bad on seeing his reaction when the result was announced.


Somewhere far away

“Sigh, he must have already reached 12 by now. Time sure does fly fast, I wonder how he would react after finding out. I hope Martha can talk him out of his bad mood. Not only that, but I also miss them” A voice said filled with longing.

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