Chapter 18: Wait!, Can She Read Minds?

Chapter 18: Wait!, Can She Read Minds?

The entire arena stayed quiet for a long time. The representatives forgot to even remind the Elder to continue the test. The representative from the Starlight Academy was obviously stunned, not expecting Grey to pick the Lunar Academy instead.

He already had the thought of sucking up to Grey while they were still here. He clearly remembered how he acted towards Jonas, he felt he didn’t do enough. That was why Jonas didn’t bother with him all this while, he planned to make it up with Grey.

If he could have a good relationship with someone like Grey, it would make life easier for him. The best Elders were sent to better and bigger cities, but he was sent here, this little place called Red City.

But what he can’t deny was the fact that he had witnessed things the other Elders haven’t. To be able to first witness Grey failing to awaken his element, to seeing him awakening dual elements. It was an unforgettable experience.

The Elder from the Lunar Academy was struck with joy when he heard Grey’s reply and burst into laughter. The other representatives looked at him with envy. They knew he would surely be rewarded by the Academy for bringing such a talent back. Even if this would be the only achievement he had in the sect, it was something worth being proud about.

What annoyed the representatives from the other Academies was the fact that Grey didn’t even think and just chose them outright. He should have at least gave them all a chance before deciding which he wanted to join.

Although most of the talents head to the Starlight Academy, at least there had been some who picked them.

Jonas looked at everything going on with a complicated look. He remembered how much of a stir he caused when he took his test. But comparing it to Grey’s, it wasn’t worth talking about.

When he chose to join the Starlight Academy, the other representatives only felt sad about losing such a talent. But the reactions they are currently showing towards losing Grey was clearly more than just being sad.

He looked at Grey’s smiling face and suddenly felt irritated, ‘Humph, what is there to be proud about. I’m already ahead of you in Planes, there is no way for you to catch up even if you’re a Dual Elementalist’.

Jonas has always liked being the center of attention, he enjoyed the looks everyone gave him. But with the emergence of Grey, everything changed. All the kids who used to look at him with worshiping eyes, were now staring at Grey like he was more than a God.

“Humph, why are you holding up the test. We don’t have all day” Jonas immediately snorted and coldly said towards the Elder in charge of the test.

The Elder immediately regained his calm and quickly called out the next name on the list. The kid whose name was called, stood still, it was like he totally forgot his name. The crowd still hadn’t gotten over what happened, so he couldn’t be blamed.

The Elder shouted the name for the second time before the kid hurried over for his test. The entire arena didn’t have any enthusiasm towards the rest of the test, they knew they had already seen the highlight of the test.

The test ended with the crowd still stunned. The boy who failed to awaken his element 4 years ago was actually a Dual Elementalist. It was shocking, no one expected something like this to happen.

Everyone who had previously mocked him started feeling scared, they felt like they were standing on fire. ‘What if he wants to get revenge on me’ This was what they were all thinking.

Some even went over to Grey’s house to congratulate him.

When Martha saw them, she frowned immediately. She didn’t like any of them because they insulted Grey when he hadn’t awoken his element. If not for the fact that they were all scared of her, they might have done more than just insulting him.

Grey didn’t even bother with any of them. Currently, the representative from the Lunar Academy came over to talk to him.

“It’s surprising you were able to awaken your element after not being able to awaken it while you were 12 years old. This truly is a rare sight” The representative said with a sigh.

“It was all thanks to Seniors word that I was able to hang on and not lose faith” Grey said calmly. When he saw him, he suddenly remembered what he said. Truth be told, he didn’t even remember how he got out of the arena, talk less of what he was told. But he had to put up a good demeanor in front of the representative.

‘Like I remembered what you said’ Grey thought. That truly was the worst day of his life.

“I only said it to encourage you. Truth be told, I have never seen anyone who was able to awaken his element after failing once. I’ve only read about it in books” The representative said with a smile.

“Oh by the way, my name’s Chris. You can call me Elder Brother Chris” Chris told Grey his name.

“I think I’ll stick with Senior” Grey said with a smile. Although Grey was troublesome, he was respectful. His mother taught him this, so no matter if he will one day grow stronger than them or stand at his peak, his elders will always remain his elders. But there have been a few times he was disrespectful towards some older people, not everyone deserves the respect an elder should be given.

Martha almost got to the point where she wanted to chase all their visitors away. Luckily they left on their own. If Grey were to be present, he would have clearly seen the fear in the eyes of the leaving visitors.

When Grey saw her coming inside, “Mom are they all gone?” He asked.

“Yes, they said they had things to do, hence they left early” Martha replied.

Grey looked at her for some time, he clearly didn’t believe it. ‘She must have scared them away’ Grey thought.

Martha suddenly looked at Grey sharply. Grey felt a chill run down his spine, from the look, it was like Martha knew what he was thinking.

‘Why is she giving me that look, did she know what I was thinking?. No!, impossible’ Grey felt genuinely scared.

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