Adorable Twins: My Mother Is a Cool Miracle Doctor!

Chapter 9

We Don’t Coerce

“Didn’t you mention exchanging the treasures on the ship for our freedom?” one of the pirates questioned.

“Did I really say that?” Gu Xiaonan looked puzzled.


“Young hero, you’re not playing tricks on us, are you?” another pirate anxiously asked. “You just told your master that we could use the money on the ship to buy our lives.”

Gu Xiaonan tapped his head. “Ridiculous! Those treasures were obtained through wrongful means and should be returned to the rightful owners. How did they become a means to buy your lives?”

The pirates were left speechless. It was at that moment they realized they had fallen into a trap set by the other party.

The pirate chief seethed with anger. Zhao Ba quickly intervened, saying, “Chief, don’t be angry. Let’s find a solution. The young hero’s words do hold some truth.”

“Hmph!” The pirate chief huffed in response.

Zhao Ba smiled gently and suggested, “Young hero, we are currently penniless. Why don’t you have our Chief write a letter requesting ransom, and our comrades can send the payment?”

Gu Xiaonan waved her small hand dismissively. “There’s no need for such trouble. Since you don’t have money, you can work to repay your debts.”

“Dream on!” the pirate chief roared defiantly.

“Mr. Song, this man here is unwilling to comply. Please toss him off the boat. We won’t force him,” Gu Xiaonan’s eyes shifted toward the boatman.

“Alright, young master,” the boatman complied.

The pirate leader was left speechless. What an ingenious way to avoid forcing others to work for him.

This region of the sea was treacherous and perpetually shrouded in fog. It was infested with numerous sea creatures that would devour any unfortunate souls who dared to venture into the waters. Even if they were not bound, the chances of survival were slim if they were to jump into the sea.

“Young hero, we agree! Please instruct the boatman to release the chief!” Zhao Ba shouted.

“Can you vouch for his intentions?” Gu Xiaonan inquired.

“Yes! Yes!” Zhao Ba vigorously nodded, signaling to the pirate leader.

The pirate chief was forcefully pressed against the railing, while the turbulent seawater surged below, resembling a menacing beast with its gaping, bloodied maw. At that moment, the pirate chief experienced the gripping fear of impending death, his face turning pale.

After battling with his inner turmoil, the pirate chief clenched his teeth and made a difficult decision. “I will work for you!”

“Young hero, look, the chief has agreed!” Zhao Ba exclaimed happily.

“Don’t release them!”

Suddenly, two individuals emerged from the cabin. It was the man and woman who had previously been bound to the mast. Having regained consciousness after being affected by Gu Xiaonan’s singing, they were saved by the boatman and hidden in the cabin.

Upon overhearing the conversation, they couldn’t bear to remain silent any longer. Witnessing Gu Qingluan and the others about to release these ruthless pirates, they felt compelled to intervene.

The man who took the lead was handsome, dressed in clean garments that exuded elegance.

He approached Gu Qingluan, cupping his hands and bowing respectfully. “I am Gu Jinrong of the Gu family from the Kingdom of Chengyuan. This is my younger sister, Gu Jinyue. We are deeply grateful to you for saving our lives. If it weren’t for your intervention, my sister and I would have perished at the hands of the pirates. Those who have committed such heinous acts should not be shown any mercy.”

The names Gu Jinrong and Gu Jinyue struck a chord with Gu Qingluan. She raised an eyebrow in recognition. “The Gu family?”

Gu Jinrong’s expression turned serious, but he smiled. “Yes, we are from the Tianjing branch of the Gu family. My father holds the second position within the family hierarchy.”

No wonder their names sounded familiar. They were from the second branch of the Gu family, an old acquaintance of hers. Gu Qingluan’s lips curved into a playful smile as she looked up and observed the two of them. Previously, they had been tossed around by the pirates, their hair disheveled and their clothes in tatters. Due to the distance and her vague memories of their appearances from several years ago, she hadn’t recognized them until now.

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