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Chapter 603 - Chapter 603: Sleeping in the Study on the Wedding Night

Chapter 603: Sleeping in the Study on the Wedding Night

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Jing Feng turned around and saw his master’s expression, cold and emotionless, not a flicker in his eyes.

Tsk, he had been overthinking it.

Master had always been distant, even the Royal Consort herself dared not cross the line with him. Anyone who provoked him would face dire consequences. How could he have doubted that Master would show any mercy?

It was all because of their time in Tianjing City recently. He witnessed how Master interacted with Madam and their sons. He almost forgotten what kind of person his master truly was.

“Master, what should we do next?”


How to handle First Lady Yu should be Master’s decision; they couldn’t take matters into their own hands.

Feng Tianlan thought about his wife and child, who left him in anger, and his heart was filled with resentment. “Sins committed against fate may be forgiven, but self-inflicted sins are unpardonable. For the sake of Consort Yu, her death sentence is commuted, but she cannot escape the punishment for her actions. You will personally escort her back to the capital and inform Consort Yu that she should arrange her marriage as soon as possible. When I return to the capital, I don’t want to hear that she is still waiting to be married.”

Yu Huarong was highly favored by both the Yu and Wang families, and Consort Yu cherished her deeply.

When Feng Tianlan fell into the Cloud Plains Continent during his rebirth, he became a baby and happened to land in the palace where Consort Yu resided. At the time, Consort Yu had just lost her own child and raised Feng Tianlan as her own.

Regardless of Consort Yu’s motivations, she had saved his life.

So, this time, for Consort Yu’s sake, Feng Tianlan spared Yu Huarong’s life.

But he could only spare her life; she had to take responsibility for her actions.

Since Yu Huarong harbored unrealistic fantasies, he decided to crush those fantasies. Once she was married, she wouldn’t have any more unrealistic hopes.

Jing Feng couldn’t believe that his master was still not giving up on this, insisting that First Lady Yu must marry.

Even though this time, the arrangement would be made by Consort Yu herself, it was clear that First Lady Yu had feelings for His Highness, which was equally painful!

As expected, after Feng Tianlan finished speaking, Yu Huarong’s figure froze in place.

She turned around, her eyes filled with tears as she looked at him. “Are you really so heartless? Do 1 have to die for you to let me go? Why won’t you believe me?”

Seeing her in such a pitiful state, Jing Feng felt a twinge of pity. “Master, could it be a misunderstanding…”

Before he could finish his sentence, he received a deathly glare from Feng Tianlan.

Jing Feng immediately fell silent.

He was wrong!

Feng Tianlan withdrew his gaze indifferently, his voice seeming to drift out of an icy valley, carrying the chill of frost and snow, utterly ruthless. “Leave this matter to Jingyu to handle. You’ll go back and receive your punishment.”

Jing Feng was startled by his words but didn’t dare to question further. He dropped to one knee and replied in a trembling voice, “Understood, 1 obey!” Jingyu, who was nearby, stepped forward and saluted with his fists, saying, “Understood, 1’11 obey!”

Then, he approached Yu Huarong and politely bowed. “Miss Yu, please forgive my impoliteness.”

Afterward, he extended his hand towards her.

“Get lost!”

Yu Huarong scolded angrily and waved her hand to push his away in agitation.

Jingyu swiftly avoided her attack and, with his other hand, appeared lightning-fast in front of her, pressing a spot just below her shoulder. Yu Huarong’s body immediately stiffened.

“My apologies, First Lady Yu.”

Jingyu gave her a faint smile, then roughly hoisted her onto his shoulder. He nodded to Feng Tianlan and quickly departed.

Feng Tianlan didn’t linger either; he rushed down the mountain and headed back to the city.

He hoped his actions would satisfy Qingluan.

Today was his wedding day, and he didn’t want to spend the night in his study with candlelight and books..

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