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Chapter 47 - Chapter 47: Assassination

Chapter 47: Assassination

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That night, feeling tired from reading, Gu Qingluan extinguished the light and went to sleep.


Several sneaky figures quietly infiltrated Shallow Cloud Residence. As Gu Qingluan lay on the bed, she suddenly opened her eyes, alert and vigilan

Someone had triggered the barrier she had set in the courtyard!

Swiftly, she got up, concealing a pillow beneath the covers to create the illusion of a sleeping person. With a nimble leap, she landed on the room’s rafters.

A bamboo pipe was inserted into the room, and white smoke billowed in.

After a moment, the door was pried open.

Silently, like ghosts, the black-clad intruders slipped into the room. One of them headed straight for the bed, raising a long sword and thrusting it into the blanket.

As soon as the sword pierced through, the black-clad intruder sensed something was wrong.

And at that moment, a gust of wind swept in.

The black-clad intruder was startled and drew the sword to strike behind.

A hand grabbed his neck and twisted it effortlessly.

The eyes of the black-clad intruder bulged, his head tilting to the side.

The other black-clad individuals were also alarmed and instinctively raised their swords to attack the person who killed their comrade.

Gu Qingluan grabbed the sword of the dead intruder and swiftly plunged into the midst of the enemies.

Gathering her profound power, she infused it into the sword. In the dark night, the sword gleamed like lightning, swiftly moving through the air.

The assassins were horrified and had the intention to retreat.

Unfortunately, their lives would all end here tonight.

After a moment, all seven individuals had perished, not a single one left alive.

“Master, what happened here?”

Hearing the commotion, Su Lie hurriedly arrived.

A trace of profound power formed at her fingertips, flicking towards the candlestick.


The candlelight illuminated the room, revealing everything clearly to Su Lie.

Seeing the seven black-clad corpses strewn on the ground, Su Lie’s brows furrowed. “l arrived late, and I apologize for the disturbance, Master.’

The mere assassins wouldn’t be enough to frighten their master.

However, the fact that they had disturbed their master’s rest was a failure on Su Lie’s part.

“These individuals are all experts at the Heavenly Stage, skilled at concealing their presence. It’s normal that you didn’t notice,” Gu Qingluan said calmly. Although she didn’t blame him, Su Lie still felt remorseful.

“I will investigate and find out who hired these assassins, to give you an explanation, Master.”

“No need. I already know who it is.”

“Is it someone from the Gu family?” Su Lie asked.

Gu Qingluan nodded. It wasn’t difficult to guess.

She had anticipated that the Gu family would make a move, but they acted even faster than she had expected.

However , did they really think hiring a few Heavenly Stage assassins could solve the problem with her?

That was too naive!

Su Lie exclaimed angrily, “I’ll go and settle the score with them!”

“No need to rush.” Gu Qingluan smiled, a hint of mischief in her expression under the dim, yellow light.

She then went to rest in the adjacent guest room, while Su Lie called someone to clean up the room.

Rongde Hall.

Neither Gu Zhicheng nor Wang Shi had been able to sleep.

They were anxiously waiting in the study, hoping for any news from the hired assassins, but the silence was deafening. There was no sign of any progress, and Shallow Cloud Residence remained eerily quiet.

As time passed, their initial anticipation slowly turned into growing unease and apprehension.

They both knew deep down that the mission had likely failed.

Wang Shi attempted to comfort Gu Zhicheng, trying to find reassurance in their anonymity. ‘The assassins are unaware of our true identities. Even if they have failed, Gu Qingluan has no way of tracing it back to us.”

Although her words held some logic, Gu Zhicheng couldn’t suppress his frustration. “They have jeopardized their own reputation while attempting to tarnish ours! Go back to your quarters!”

Wang Shi couldn’t hide her restlessness. “I can’t sleep. Tomorrow is already the third day. If Gu Qingluan is still alive, do we really have to retreat in shame?’ Her frustration and unwillingness were palpable.

Being suppressed by that worthless girl for fifteen years, it was unbearable to see her now in a position of power, abusing her authority. It infuriated Wang Shi to no end.

“Retreat? She must be delusional!” Gu Zhicheng’s anger reverberated as he pounded his hand on the table.

Witnessing his intense reaction, Wang Shi hesitated but couldn’t contain her curiosity. “Old Master, where are you going?”

“To seek outside assistance!’

In the Chengyuan Kingdom, Heavenly Stage experts were highly regarded as top-tier fighters.

However, within the Heavenly Stage, there were nine levels of power, each representing a significant leap in strength. Gu Zhicheng was at the fourth level, but the fact that he couldn’t overcome Gu Qingluan meant that her abilities surpassed the fourth level.

Initially, Gu Zhicheng had wanted to avoid exposing their family’s disgrace, but now he had reached a breaking point and could no longer consider the consequences..

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