Adorable Twins: My Mother Is a Cool Miracle Doctor!

Chapter 40

Pregnant with an Illegitimate Child

Wang Shi, who was labeled as “stingy,” felt her facial muscles twitch.

She felt like she would be driven to madness if she stayed in Shallow Cloud Residence for even a short while longer.


Wasn’t it just eighty-eight thousand and eight hundred taels?

It was nothing more than what she had snatched from Gu Qingluan!

She could give it to Gu Qingluan now, and in the future, she could still snatch it back!

“Granny Zhao, go and fetch silver notes equivalent to eighty-eight thousand and eight hundred taels of gold for her!” Wang Shi commanded.

Wang Shi gave a deep look to Gu Qingluan. “Remember your words. I don’t want to hear even the slightest rumor about this matter spreading outside!”

Once she left, the servants followed suit and departed.

Gu Si ‘er looked at Gu Qingluan and Wang Shi, engaged in a sharp confrontation, in a dazed manner, swallowing hard.

Eighty-eight thousand and eight hundred taels of gold, just given away like that?

Gu Qin’er admired her greatly. “Elder Sister, you’re so capable. I should learn more from you in the future.”

“You’re not bad yourself,” Gu Qingluan replied with a meaningful glance.

Gu Qin’er’s smile froze slightly, unsure of the meaning behind her words.

Today, she witnessed Gu Qingluan’s capabilities.

Even Wang Shi couldn’t get the upper hand against her.

It was indeed wise not to rashly support Xiao Qi’s false accusation against her.

She said softly, “Eldest Sister, Seventh Younger Sister is injured. I will send her back and won’t disturb you.”

Seeing Gu Qingluan nod, she assisted Gu Si ‘er in leaving. The doctor also followed the situation and left.

“The Gu family is indeed not easy to handle,” Qian Huan sighed.

“So what?” Qian Xi chuckled. “Whoever encounters our master will be crushed upon challenging her. Our master effortlessly obtained 88,000 gold taels. Master, you’re truly amazing!”

She gave Gu Qingluan a thumbs up, her face filled with admiration.

“It’s all thanks to Qian Xi’s cooperation this time. You’re quite brilliant,” Gu Qingluan remarked.

Upon receiving Gu Qingluan’s praise, Qian Xi was overjoyed. It was a greater reward than anything else.

Qian Huan, however, expressed some concern, “Master, First Madam has suffered such a significant loss. She definitely won’t let it go easily.”

“What’s there to fear? We’ll face the enemy head-on and overcome any challenges. Qian Huan, you worry too much! Master, don’t you agree?”

Gu Qingluan smiled calmly, “Wang Shi has never tolerated my presence. Even if I don’t provoke her, she won’t let me off. In that case, why don’t I enjoy it?”

Qian Xi nodded vigorously.

Just like Su Lie, she blindly admired Gu Qingluan.

Whatever the master said was right!

“You all tidy up here. I have some business to attend to outside the residence,” Gu Qingluan said, leaving Shallow Cloud Residence with those parting words.


Gu Si ‘er returned to the Spring Garden and threw a tantrum, blaming Gu Qin’ er for not helping her.

Gu Qin’er carefully analyzed the situation with her, and it took a lot of effort to calm Gu Si’er down. But as soon as Gu Si’er entered the house and saw her own dreadful face, she screamed in fright and caused a big scene.

Gu Qin’er had no choice but to take her to find Gu Jin Yue. Gu Jin Yue’s face had been disfigured before, but Mr. Liu had treated it, and there were no visible scars.

Only then did Gu Si ‘er calm down.

The Second Courtyard was not far away.

In fact, Gu Jin Yue had an average relationship with these two illegitimate daughters. Gu Jin Yue looked down on illegitimate children.

However, when she found out that Gu Si ‘er’s face had been ruined by Gu Qingluan, she immediately asked the servants to let them in.

After two hours, the two of them returned. Gu Si ‘er went back to the Spring Breeze Courtyard first, while Gu Qin’er quietly went to the Fleeting Year House and relayed the information she had heard from Gu Jin Yue to Wang Shi.

“At that time, there was a boy of about five years old on the island who called Eldest Sister his master. He was very clever and smart. Unfortunately, Eldest Sister didn’t bring him back for us to see.”

A glimmer of light flashed in Wang Shi’s eyes, “What did that boy look like?”

Five years ago, when Gu Qingluan became pregnant with an illegitimate child, could it be that boy?

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