Adorable Twins: My Mother Is a Cool Miracle Doctor!

Chapter 37

Eldest Sister, Why Did You Harm Me?

“Xiao Wu/Xiao Qi greets our Eldest Sister.”

Gu Qin’er and Gu Si’er entered gracefully, the former showing respect and the latter offering a perfunctory greeting to Gu Qingluan.


Gu Qingluan sat behind the desk, her head bowed as she brewed tea.

Inside the room, only the gentle and pleasant sound of flowing water could be heard.

Gu Si’er couldn’t contain her curiosity any longer and asked, “Eldest Sister, what kind of tea are you brewing? It smells so good!”

As she spoke, she stood up and naturally walked towards Gu Qingluan.

Gu Qingluan was in the midst of rinsing the teacups with boiling water, and the steam wafted up, veiling her face in a hazy mist.

Gu Si ‘er couldn’t see her expression clearly. She only felt that this quiet and beautiful woman was very different from the good-for-nothing in her memories.

If this face were to be injured, could she still maintain such composure?

A mischievous expression flickered in her eyes, and as she approached Gu Qingluan, she pretended to stumble, throwing herself towards Gu Qingluan.


Gu Qin’er gasped, covering her mouth. “Be careful!”

The corners of Gu Qingluan’s mouth curled up in a mocking smile. With a flick of her wrist, she quickly feigned a dodge to the side.

The scalding water from the cup flew out, splashing directly onto Gu Si’er’s face.

“Ah! My face!” Gu Si’er screamed.

She tumbled into the spot where Gu Qingluan had been sitting, causing the table to overturn.

Items on the table clattered to the ground, and scalding water splashed onto her body.

Gu Si’er suffered a second blow, and her screams echoed through the room.

“Master, what happened?”

Qian Xi and Qian Huan rushed in upon hearing the chaotic noise, their worried eyes scanning the room for Gu Qingluan.

“I’m fine. Xiao Qi just tripped and knocked over the table. Go and fetch a doctor to check on her.”

Qian Xi glanced disapprovingly at the girl writhing on the floor before turning to seek assistance.

Gu Qingluan snapped out of her shock and hurried over to support her sister. “Qin’er, Qin’er, how are you?”

“It hurts! Sister, it hurts! Is my face ruined? Waaah…”

“Ah! Qin’er, your face…” Gu Qingluan saw her sister’s face clearly and couldn’t help but gasp in horror.

Gu Qin’er’s once smooth and fair complexion had become red, swollen, and pale from the scalding water. She sobbed and wailed, resembling a disfigured pigskin scalded by boiling water.

Her beautiful face had been cruelly marred, turning her into a grotesque figure.

Gu Qin’er felt a fiery pain on her face. Originally, she had clung to a glimmer of hope, but seeing Gu Qingluan’s reaction, she realized she had been disfigured. She burst into loud sobs and tears.

She covered her face with one hand and angrily pointed at Gu Qingluan with the other. “Eldest sister, why did you harm me?”

Gu Qingluan stood nearby and calmly retorted, “Miss Qi, please refrain from making baseless accusations. I was peacefully brewing tea in my own room. How could I have harmed you?”

“It was you who splashed hot water on my face!” Gu Si’er screamed.

Yes, it was her!

She saw it with her own eyes!

Gu Qingluan remained calm. “Why would I do such a thing to you?”

“You…” Gu Si’er was at a loss for words.

“I will tell Father and Mother and let them seek justice for me!”

Unable to argue with Gu Qingluan, she could only mention Gu Zhicheng and Wang Shi.

Since she could not win against Gu Qingluan, she could only pull out Gu Zhicheng and Madam Wang.

“Fifth Older Sister, you have to testify for me!”

Gu Qin’er calmly looked at Gu Qingluan, feeling somewhat hesitant.

Gu Si’er was swayed by Wang Shi’s words and was eager to take action without fully understanding Gu Qingluan’s background. But Gu Qin’er wasn’t that foolish.

Gu Qingluan’s return this time was quite mysterious, and Gu Qin’er hadn’t intended to act so soon.

However, this was indeed an opportunity.

Gu Qin’er pursed her lips and remained silent.

In less than the time it takes to brew a cup of tea, Wang Shi arrived with a group of people in a flurry.

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