Adorable Twins: My Mother Is a Cool Miracle Doctor!

Chapter 33

Father, You’re So Unreasonable!

Seeing his son’s distressed and puzzled expression, Feng Tianlan felt a pang of heartache.

But how could he bear to tell little Yuan the truth–


Little Yuan had been abandoned by his own birth mother!

Back then, when Yuanxi was born prematurely, covered in blood, he was left in the depths of a dense forest, surrounded by wild beasts.

If it weren’t for him happening to pass by that area, his son might have been devoured by those beasts.

Such a heartless woman deserved nothing but divine retribution!

At present, it was still unclear whether Gu Qingluan was that cruel woman. How could he allow Yuanxi to get close to her?

Feng Tianlan lowered his eyes and looked at Yuanxi. His murderous aura overflowed. “There’s no reason.” If you sneak out to see that woman, I’ll settle the score with her!”

“Father, you’re being so unreasonable!” Feng Yuanxi said anxiously.

“I’m doing this for your own good.”

“I don’t want this!” Feng Yuanxi exclaimed angrily.

Feng Tianlan was angered by his stubborn rebuttal. He snorted coldly. “Jingfeng, watch him. Don’t let him slip out again!”

With that, he flicked his sleeves and left.

“You may trap me for a while, but you can’t trap me forever!” Feng Yuanxi stomped his feet and shouted.

Jingfeng sighed, “Young master, you know that the master dislikes women. Stop mentioning your Beautiful Sister, or you might bring harm to her. Stay in your room to cultivate for these two days. Once the master cools down, I will plead for your release.”

With that, he closed the door and left.

Feng Yuanxi pursed his lips.

It’s clearly the bias of his father. Beautiful Sister was so nice, why didn’t his father like her?

Hmph, if he was not allowed to speak, he’d say it secretly. Not only would he say it, but he’d also go and find Beautiful Sister!


Outside the room, Feng Tianlan heard the footsteps behind him and spoke in a deep voice, “Send Jingyu to investigate Gu Qingluan.”

“Yes, Your Highness!”

Jingfeng thought he was worried that Gu Qingluan might harm the young prince.

“Focus on the investigation. I want to know as soon as possible if she is the woman who abandoned Yuanxi.”

His Highness actually suspects that she is the birth mother of the young prince?

Jingfeng lowered his eyelids slightly, concealing the shock in his eyes. “Yes! I will immediately contact Jingyu.”

Over the years, Jingyu has been mainly responsible for finding the whereabouts of Yuanxi’s mother, but they still haven’t found any leads.

Feng Tianlan’s mind was filled with the vivid and flamboyant face of Gu Qingluan.

This woman was completely different from the rumored Miss Gu. Had she been disguising herself so well to deceive the world, or had she undergone a tremendous change in character?

Standing in the courtyard, lost in thought for a moment, he decided to personally probe that woman again.


Gu Qingluan had felt like she had been cursed for eight lifetimes to have encountered such an infuriating man!

Yuanxi’s mother had been amazing!

She should have dumped that ugly monster + temperamental maniac!

Rubbing her slightly sore neck, she headed towards Jun Mansion.

Under the moonlight, a tall figure stood outside the back gate.

Gu Qingluan’s eyes narrowed slightly as she approached and saw Liu Meng’s handsome face.

She raised an eyebrow. “Why are you here?”

“As a servant, how could I not come to pay my respects when the master is here?” Liu Meng bowed to her.

Gu Qingluan waved her hand. “You don’t need to use these formalities with me. Just speak directly. Until the matter is resolved, don’t come wandering in front of me.”

“Yes, miss.” Liu Meng took out a stack of silver notes from his sleeve, “This is the medical fee given by Gu Jinrong and his sister, a total of one hundred thousand taels.”

Gu Qingluan casually glanced at it and couldn’t help but chuckle, “Gold? You’re really bold!”

“The medicine from Harmony Isle is priceless. One hundred thousand taels of gold are considered cheap for them.” Liu Meng said calmly.

Indeed, the medicine from Harmony Isle was extremely rare and valuable.

Gu Jinyue’s face could be easily treated, but Gu Jinrong’s hand was considered crippled. Even if they sought treatment from someone else and his hand recovered, there would still be lingering effects.

Moreover, the selection competition that took place every three years was approaching, and Gu Jinrong would definitely participate.

Only the medicine provided by Gu Qingluan could have helped them recover quickly.

When calculated, Liu Meng hadn’t actually charged them a hefty sum.

Then he heard Liu Meng say, “So, this was just the down payment.”

“Down payment?” Gu Qingluan raised her gaze, genuinely impressed by Liu Meng this time.

Liu Meng’s lips curved, revealing a hint of wicked amusement. “Yes, the down payment is fifty percent, so the total price is two hundred thousand taels of gold. I am currently staying here, waiting for the Gu family to raise the remaining one hundred thousand taels of gold.”

For the sake of one hundred thousand taels of gold, it was fine to spend a few more days with them.

Gu Qingluan smiled and gave a thumbs-up. “Well done! I suppose they will have to sell off the private treasury of the Gu family’s second branch for these two hundred thousand taels of gold?”

The Gu family was wealthy and powerful, especially after seizing the Jun family’s immense wealth. Two hundred thousand taels of gold were insignificant.

But those belonged to the main branch.

The second branch relied on the main branch.

Under her instigation, a rift had developed between the main branch and the second branch of the Gu family. It seemed that the second branch would be too ashamed to ask the main branch for money.

Perhaps the second branch’s pride stemmed from their belief that they had made a valuable connection with the esteemed person from Harmony Isle, and they no longer needed to rely on others. They preferred to find a way to raise the money on their own.

After their conversation, Liu Meng intended to take his leave.

However, Gu Qingluan called him back.

“Is there anything else the young lady wishes to instruct?” Liu Meng’s words barely left his lips when he noticed her approaching him. A delicate and elegant fragrance, unique to women, wafted towards him.

Liu Meng’s heart skipped a beat, and his handsome face instantly flushed red. “Mis… Miss, what is this…”

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