Adorable Twins: My Mother Is a Cool Miracle Doctor!

Chapter 25

The Beautiful Sister Smells Wonderful

Yuan Xi felt a strange unease as he saw them gazing at the beautiful sister. He frowned, displeased.

“Little one, come here!” It was none other than Gu Qingluan who appeared, rushing over upon hearing the commotion.


Seeing the little boy standing there in a daze, she let out a light chuckle and beckoned him with a crooked finger.

The beautiful sister called for him!

Yuan Xi’s eyes lit up, and he took small steps towards her.

The woman hastily grabbed hold of him. “Darling, you can’t go over there. She’s a monster in disguise, she’ll devour people!”

She then turned and glared at Gu Qingluan. “You wicked monster, don’t even think about luring away my precious boy! Damn bastard, quickly capture her before she causes harm!”

The man sitting in the carriage responded, lunging towards Gu Qingluan. “Hehe, my beautiful lady, I’m coming for you!”

Although he wasn’t particularly handsome, there was an aura emanating from him that was not to be underestimated.

Yuan Xi was too far away to save anyone, so he anxiously warned, “Be careful, beautiful sister!”

Gu Qingluan blinked at him and reassured him. “Little boy, don’t worry, I’m not that weak.”

Confronting the man who approached with a threatening aura, Gu Qingluan didn’t retreat. Instead, she stepped forward and used her palm to repel him.

The woman was shocked by Gu Qingluan’s strength, and panic spread across her face. Realizing that she had the boy in her grasp, she tightened her grip around his neck. “Don’t come any closer, or I’ll break his neck!”

A glint of coldness flickered in Gu Qingluan’s eyes as she vanished on the spot.

In the next moment, a beautiful hand grabbed the woman’s fingers and exerted force.


The woman cried out mournfully.

Gu Qingluan lifted her leg and kicked.

The woman flew up and crashed into the man who had just gotten up. The two of them fell to the ground together.

“Little boy, does it hurt?” Gu Qingluan squatted down and her gaze fell on his tender neck.

Yuan Xi quietly put down his hand and his eyes flashed. “It doesn’t hurt.”

Gu Qingluan thought that Yuan Xi was trying to be brave. His neck was bruised, so how could it not hurt?

For some reason, this child gave her a strong sense of familiarity. As she saw the bruises on his neck, her heart couldn’t help but ache, as if she had been struck herself.

She promptly took out a box of Snow Nurturing Cream, a cream that could alleviate bruising and promote blood circulation, and gently applied it to the bruises on his neck.

Yuan Xi caught a whiff of a refreshing fragrance and couldn’t help but speak, “Beautiful sister smells so good!”

Gu Qingluan smiled and shook the box of Snow Nurturing Cream in her hand. “Do you like this scent? You can have the rest of it.”

After applying it, she closed the lid and handed it to the other party.

The little boy saw that she had misunderstood him and did not explain. He lowered his head and looked at her hand.

“Don’t you want it?” Gu Qingluan waved her hand.” Then…”


Yuan Xi was afraid that she would take it back, so he took it eagerly. “Thank you, beautiful sister.”

Although the little guy was about the same age as Xiaonan, being called ‘sister’ didn’t make Gu Qingluan blush at all. “You’re welcome. Let’s consider it a gift for our meeting.”

Yuan Xi touched his clothes and said dejectedly, “I don’t have anything to give to sister.”

“No need. A child is only responsible for receiving gifts,” Gu Qingluan winked at him.

Yuan Xi’s heart raced, feeling an inexplicable excitement. He had never experienced this kind of feeling before. Sweet words automatically came out of his mouth, “Sister’s eyes are so beautiful, they shine like stars.”

Gu Qingluan was amused by his words. “You have a sweet mouth, and your eyes are beautiful too.”

Receiving praise, Yuan Xi’s fair little face blushed lightly. His long eyelashes fluttered like two fans, revealing a hint of shyness.

Ah, he’s truly adorable!

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