Adorable Twins: My Mother Is a Cool Miracle Doctor!

Chapter 218 - Chapter 218: Seen Everything

Chapter 218: Seen Everything

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Jing Feng was sweating behind his back, glancing back at the scene in the garden. This was bad! The Master had actually seen him bringing the young master to such a place. Would he be able to keep his life?


In a panicked state, he swallowed nervously and answered cautiously, “It seems that the young master just went to Shallow Clouds Residence with Miss Gu.”

Feng Tianlan didn’t ask any further questions, turning around and walking away.

Jing Feng hurriedly followed.

“All! 1 remember now! He’s not a father, he’s the Great Demon King! A scoundrel who bullies Mother!” Gu Xiaonan struggled in Bo He’s embrace, trying to break free.

Bo He had to exert a lot of effort to hold him back. “Xiaonan, you’re really drunk. What Great Demon King? He’s Yuanxi’s father.”

“No, he’s the Great Demon King! 1 have to stop him from bullying Mother!”

Gu Xiaonan struggled, but Bo He held onto him tightly.

Meanwhile, Feng Tianlan had already arrived at Shallow Clouds Residence. “Daddy!” Seeing him, Feng Yuanxi stood up in surprise. “Why are you here?” Feng Tianlan smelled the alcohol on Feng Yuanxi, and his face immediately darkened. “You’ve been drinking?”

Feng Yuanxi’s gaze flickered. “Just had a sip.”

“I told you that woman had ulterior motives. Letting you drink at such a young age, is she trying to ruin you?”

As Feng Tianlan thought about Gu Xiaonan’s intoxicated condition and then glanced at his son, who was not much younger, a wave of anger welled up inside him, prompting him to lift his hand.

A gust of palm wind pushed the door open forcefully.

“Father, no!” Feng Yuanxi exclaimed in shock.

Feng Tianlan had already stepped inside.

In his sight was Gu Qingluan’s bare back.

Smooth and fair, like snow jade.

Gu Qingluan hadn’t expected someone to barge in so suddenly and sternly shouted, “Get out!”

At the same time, she gestured, and a white inner garment flew onto her, quickly covering the provocative creamy skin.

On that snow-white back was an imprint of a light pink phoenix.

Feng Tianlan hadn’t anticipated that she would be changing clothes inside. He hesitated for a moment, then retreated in a fluster.


The door closed heavily.

The next moment, the door was pushed open again.

Gu Qingluan was in the midst of putting on her outer garment. Seeing the man with a ferocious aura intruding, her face immediately turned grim. “Are you blind? Can’t you see I’m changing clothes?”

Earlier, it could have been a mistake, but now it was clearly deliberate.

Thinking about how she had almost been exposed a moment ago, her ears turned red and hot uncontrollably.

“No one is allowed to enter without my permission.”

Before the words had even settled, a sweep of Feng Tianlan’s sleeve wind closed the door.

And he was inside!

Outside the door.

Feng Yuanxi and Jing Feng were utterly baffled by his actions.

Feng Yuanxi was the first to react, rushing to the door. “Father, come out!

Beautiful Sister is changing clothes. What are you doing in there? You can’t bully Beautiful Sister!”

Jing Feng’s eyes widened.


Miss Gu is changing clothes?

What about the Master?

Surely he wasn’t actually acting recklessly and mistreating Miss Gu, was he? No, no, no!

That couldn’t be!

Who was the Master?

He was the most composed and indifferent Royal Highness of the Holy Heaven Dynasty. He hadn’t had any romantic relationships for over twenty years, and there wasn’t even a woman in the palace. Which woman would dare to approach him? They’d practically turn into ghosts if they tried.

How could the Master possibly take an interest in Miss Gu and act so impatiently?

He tried to soothe the agitated Feng Yuanxi, whose pounding on the door made a resounding noise. “Young Master, don’t be hasty. The Master probably has something to discuss with Miss Gu. Let’s wait outside for a bit.”

“Father and Beautiful Sister aren’t even close. What could they have to talk about behind a closed door?”

Jing Feng was at a loss for words.

“No, this can’t be allowed. Father and Beautiful Sister can’t stay inside!” Feng Yuanxi raised his hand again and continued pounding on the door.

A barrier was set on the door, preventing him from entering. He was so anxious that he looked like an ant on a hot pan. “Father, open the door! Beautiful Sister, are you okay? Just say something if you’re alive.. I’ll find a way to rescue you!”

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