Adorable Twins: My Mother Is a Cool Miracle Doctor!

Chapter 19

Returning to Its Rightful Owner

“Mr. Liu! Mr. Liu, don’t go!” Gu Zhicheng called out, unable to stop them, only able to watch as Liu Meng followed Gu Jinrong and left.

Gu Jinyue smugly sneered at them and quickly caught up.


Gu Zhicheng felt inwardly frustrated and swore he would seek vengeance.

As Liu Meng left, those who had originally come to the banquet for him looked at each other, torn between leaving and being curious about what would happen next.

Would this girl, who was once expelled from the Gu family, truly make a comeback?

Smashing the plaque doesn’t seem like a gesture of reconciliation with the Gu family!

Among the crowd stood a tall and handsome man, tilting his head. “Mr. Liu is heading to the second branch of the Gu family. Should we take a detour and follow?”

The man beside him was half a head taller than him. His face looked ordinary, but his eyes were as deep as the night.

He stood beside the handsome man, but he could not be ignored.

At this moment, he stared at Gu Qingluan thoughtfully.

Perhaps only he in the crowd noticed the subtle interaction between Gu Qingluan and Liu Meng.

Upon hearing the handsome man’s inquiry, he shook his head. “No need to rush.”

His voice was deep and magnetic, just like his eyes.

A trace of surprise flickered in the eyes of the handsome man.

He thought that this person didn’t seem like someone who would stick around to watch the commotion, unlike the others.

On the other side, Gu Zhicheng composed himself and spoke with a gentle smile to Gu Qingluan, “Qingluan, now that they’ve left, let’s go inside and talk, shall we?”

“Sure, let me watch them put the plaque back in place.”


Gu Zhicheng turned his head to observe the plaque being carried by several individuals.

In the center of the plaque, the words “Jun Mansion” were boldly inscribed. Each stroke was sharp and precise, resembling a sword, emanating an elegant aura. It masterfully merged two contrasting styles, exuding an enchanting quality that seemed to draw one’s soul in upon closer examination.

“Such exquisite characters!”

“These characters hold profound mysteries! Just now, it felt as if countless swords were flying towards me. It scared me!”

“I saw it as wind, a gentle breeze that suddenly transformed into a destructive storm capable of shattering everything.”

Gu Zhicheng also immersed himself in the discussion, but soon snapped back to reality, noticing the words on the plaque. His face turned so dark it could drip ink.

“Gu Qingluan, what do you mean by this?”

This is the Gu family’s residence. How could we hang the words “Jun Mansion” on it?

This is the residence of the Jun Family,” Gu Qingluan said, her smile widening as she observed Gu Zhicheng’s pale face. The onlookers, unaware of the situation, immediately began discussing it amongst themselves.

Some of the older individuals recalled past events and shook their heads, indicating to those around them that they knew what was happening. Twenty years ago, the Gu family did not reside in this house. It was originally the main residence of the wealthiest family in Tianjing, the Jun family.

During that time, the Gu family held only the title of Marquis. On the surface, they appeared prestigious, but in reality, they struggled financially. They were truly impoverished aristocrats. However, after the marriage between the Gu family and the only daughter of the Jun family, their fortunes gradually turned around, leading to their rise in power.

The Jun family had a small number of members, and not long after, they all perished, leaving none behind.

All the possessions of the Jun family were inherited by the sole daughter of the family, Jun Lingqing, who was also Gu Qingluan’s mother.

Jun Lingqing passed away while giving birth to Gu Qingluan, and her inheritance was meant to be passed down to Gu Qingluan. However, since Gu Qingluan was still young at that time, the assets naturally ended up in the hands of the Gu family.

The previous residence of the Gu family paled in comparison to the grandeur of the Jun family’s estate. Before long, they relocated here and have been residing here for the past twenty years.

Hence, it is not inaccurate to refer to this place as Jun Mansion.

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