Adorable Twins: My Mother Is a Cool Miracle Doctor!

Chapter 14

This Woman Is Not to Be Trifled With

To give up a hand in exchange for a life.

A true gentleman seeks revenge, even if it takes a decade.


As long as he remained alive, he would surely exact it a hundredfold!


He closed his eyes and forcefully snapped his own right hand.

The bones in his wrist snapped abruptly, contorting his hand into a grotesque shape.

Taking a deep breath, his trembling lips asked, “Big sister, is it enough?”

“Song Sheng, escort them off the ship.”

Gu Jinrong seethed with anger, “You’re breaking your promise!”

Song Sheng stepped forward and effortlessly subdued his attempts to resist. He lifted him up and walked him to the edge of the ship, throwing him overboard like a sack of sand.


Gu Jinrong fell into a small boat that was docked beside the pirate ship. His injured hand was pressed down, and he couldn’t help but scream.

Immediately after, Gu Jinyue was also thrown down.

The boat almost sunk into the sea.

Gu Jinrong disregarded the pain and quickly took control of the boat.

“Whether you can escape this sea region will depend on your luck. I eagerly anticipate our next encounter.”

A mocking voice resounded from above.

Gu Jinrong glanced up and saw the woman in white standing calmly behind the railing.

He clenched his teeth and used his uninjured hand to steady the oar.

They would meet again!

When that time came, he would have his revenge!


Gu Qingluan turned around and noticed the peculiar expressions on the pirates’ faces as if they were petrified with fear by her presence.

“Have you seen enough?” she asked, raising an eyebrow.

Zhao Ba couldn’t help but be curious. “Aren’t you afraid of retaliation from these siblings? They don’t seem like forgiving individuals.”

As she watched the siblings getting farther away, Gu Qingluan’s eyes gleamed with a cold determination.


She had waited for five years. Even if they didn’t seek her out, she would seek them out.

Gu Jinrong and Gu Jinyue were nothing more than insignificant pests. Crushing them like this would be too merciful.

It was much more entertaining to settle scores gradually!

She shifted her beautiful gaze and instructed Song Sheng and Bo He to untie the pirates.

After gaining his freedom, Zhao Ba crossed his fingers and squeezed them. “Heroine, aren’t you afraid that we’ll go back on our words?”

“You can try.” Gu Qingluan glanced at him with a faint smile.

She wasn’t afraid that these pirates would disobey her.

The ghost pirates had been in the Eastern Sea for many years. Before Gu Qingluan settled down on Harmony Isle, the ghost pirates were already tyrants here.

Most pirates were extremely vicious, but the ghost pirates were different. It was indeed as they said, they only cared about money and not life.

Gu Jinrong and Gu Jinyue were held hostage by them mostly because these two people had nothing good to say and angered the ghost pirates.

“No need! There’s no need to try!” Zhao Ba shivered.

This lady was so cruel. He was not stupid enough to offend her.

“Cut the crap and get to work.”

“Heroine, do you have a task for us? Please tell us! We’re all ears!”

Having witnessed Gu Qingluan’s methods, these pirates became increasingly obedient. Even the pirate leader showed no signs of resistance.

“Shi Yunhu, I need you to do something for me,” Gu Qingluan said, looking at the pirate chief.

The pirate chief was stunned. He thought about how he had just signed the account book. It was not strange that the other party knew his name.

“Lady Gu, do you have any instructions for me?”

After Gu Qingluan finished her plan, Zhao Ba gave her a thumbs up. “So, Lady Gu still has a trick up her sleeve. No one can beat you when it comes to cruelty!”

Seeing the chief calling her Lady Gu, Zhao Ba followed suit.

Gu Qingluan glanced over.

Zhao Ba was so frightened that his neck shrank back.


How could he forget that this woman was not to be trifled with?

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