Adorable Twins: My Mother Is a Cool Miracle Doctor!

Chapter 11

Truly Despicable Individuals Are Indeed Invincible

Gu Jinyue could no longer stay rational after hearing Gu Xiaonan address her as an old granny. She screamed and her profound power surged out of her body, attacking Gu Xiaonan directly.

“Young Master, be careful!”


Gu Jinyue held nothing back with this attack. If it landed, it would be disastrous!

A cold gleam flashed in Gu Qingluan’s eyes.

As expected, a leopard cannot change its spots. After not seeing each other for several years, Gu Jinyue still attacked with such viciousness!

A powerful aura instantly closed in on Gu Jinyue.

Gu Jinyue felt a sharp pain in her chest, and the world spun around her.

With a splash, icy seawater surged from all directions. Fear gripped her heart, and Gu Jinyue opened her mouth to cry for help, but seawater flooded in, nearly choking her to death.

Gu Jinrong turned pale with fright. “Sister!”

He rushed to the side of the boat to save her but hesitated when he saw the dark sea.

Turning around, he pleaded anxiously, “Miss, please spare my sister’s life. She was just too angry to think straight. She didn’t really want to hurt your disciple.”

Gu Xiaonan clung tightly to Gu Qingluan. His little face was still filled with fear. “Master, I’m so lucky you’re here. Otherwise, that crazy woman would have killed me.”

When Gu Jinyue, who had just emerged from the sea, heard the words ‘crazy woman’, she was filled with rage, and her eyes rolled back. She couldn’t help but open her mouth to curse.

But before the words could escape her lips, a wave crashed over her, filling her mouth with water.

Gu Jinyue was once again choked by water. “Woo! Help!”

Gu Jinrong’s expression changed slightly. He glanced at Gu Qingluan, who had an unfathomable expression. Gritting his teeth, he jumped into the sea to rescue Gu Jinyue, who had been washed away.

Aware of the dangers of the sea, he quickly carried Gu Jinyue back to the pirate ship.

The siblings were drenched from head to toe.

The pirates found the situation amusing.

Zhao Ba grinned and added fuel to the fire, “Heroine, Young Hero, this person is truly wicked and narrow-minded. She must be filled with jealousy and resentment towards you now. Seize the opportunity while she’s weakened and takes her life!”

He hadn’t forgotten that the two siblings had just interfered when the heroine planned to let the pirates go.

Zhao Ba held deep grudges.

Gu Jinrong glared at Zhao Ba angrily.

Then, he turned around and apologized to Gu Qingluan and Gu Xiaonan again. His attitude was very sincere.

Gu Qingluan lightly patted Gu Xiaonan’s head and taunted, “Huh, you claim to be grateful, but you’re actually repaying kindness with ingratitude. Truly despicable individuals are indeed invincible.”

For all these years, Gu Jinrong had always been showered with praises. When had he ever been scolded like this? His face turned green and red, but he didn’t dare to get angry.

The Eastern Sea stretched endlessly. If this woman forced them off the ship, their only option would be to swim back in the sea! But how could he swim back? It would only result in their death! His future was promising; he couldn’t die here! Absolutely not!

Suddenly, Gu Jinrong stepped forward, raised his arm, and struck Gu Jinyue’s face hard.

“Ah! Brother, you actually hit me?”

After enduring such a harrowing experience in the sea, she couldn’t believe that her beloved brother would raise his hand against her.

“Yue’er, you still don’t realize your mistake! This lady is our savior. How could you harm her disciple? Apologize immediately!”

“That kid insulted me first! Besides, I’m the one who’s injured! Why should I apologize?!”

Gu Jinyue’s face flushed with anger. Not only had she nearly drowned moments ago, but now her brother had chosen to side with this woman over her.

Seeing her stubbornness persist, Gu Jinrong’s anger surged. He raised his hand and struck her once more, his frustration evident. “Foolish girl! If you have a death wish, don’t involve your brother!”

The force of the slap caused Gu Jinyue’s face to swell like a pig’s, and she fell unconscious.

Gu Jinrong turned away, his eyes filled with a mixture of anger and shame. “My younger sister has been spoiled by our elders, and her behavior has become indecent. I have already reprimanded her. I sincerely hope that Miss and your disciple can find it in their hearts to forgive and remain calm.”

Gu Qingluan raised her eyebrows and smiled, her words carrying a meaningful tone. “You have the talent to accomplish things.”

What Gu Qingluan truly meant was that Gu Jinrong had such efficiency in betraying his own comrades.

Gu Jinrong pursed his lips and offered another sincere apology.

“If you truly wish to apologize, then let’s see how genuine your remorse is. Do you think two slaps will suffice to resolve this matter?”

Gu Jinrong’s smile froze. Was she not going to let it go easily? When had he ever humbled himself in an apology like this before?

He glanced at the people surrounding him. His anger dissipated as he realized he was outnumbered and couldn’t afford to provoke further.

“Young Lady, what would you suggest appeasing your anger?” he asked, his eyes wide with surprise.

“If she can’t control herself, then sew her mouth shut and disable her hand,” Gu Qingluan replied calmly, her smile unwavering.

“Young Lady, that’s going too far!” Gu Jinrong exclaimed, his eyes widening even more.

He had been blind to think of her as a celestial being. He never expected her to be so ruthless.

“I can be more ruthless than you think.” Gu Qingluan looked up, her calm smile remaining. “Mr. Song, throw them overboard!”

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