Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!

Chapter 32

Chapter 32 “The Delusionary Woman Who Attempts to Become the Sovereign Princess (1)”

Cold in his eyes, Di Cang gave one glimpse at the guard under him before turning away for his residence.


Royal Cang Manor.

In the courtyard, a girl currently sits on a stone stool, her fingers gently playing with her hair like a bored maiden on a fine summer day.

“Princess, please have some tea.” A maidservant carefully walks over with a tray containing a tea set and some snacks.

Casting a glance at the porcelain teacup before her, the girl’s complexion instantly changed: “So this is the type of material your Cang Manor uses to serve me, the princess of the kingdom? I clearly saw that jade cup inside the study room, why did you not take it out to serve me? Am I not worthy even though I’m the princess?!”


Slamming hard on the stone table, the girl’s face flushed with anger as she shouted at the innocent maid, sending the poor servant down to her knees in fear.

“To answer Princess, that jade cup is reserved exclusively for His Highness the Sovereign Prince. The master has a thing for neatness and doesn’t like his stuff to be touched by others.”

“You have a lot of guts!” The girl suddenly gets up and slapped the maid in the face.

On the ground as a result of the attack, the maid’s delicate cheek quickly swelled into a purplish bruise as she made a pitiful face like someone suffering from injustice.

“I am the future Sovereign Princess of this Cang Manor! That title can only belong to me! How dare you imply he will not like me?”

Over the years she had been apprenticing outside of the kingdom, leaving her unaware of Di Cang’s existence until a few days ago when she returned. Even if the man’s cruel reputation was well established inside the kingdom, she still firmly fell in love with the man at first sight. To her, so long as she’s the princess of the kingdom, the Sovereign Prince will have to give her some face.

At this point the maid didn’t have the courage to say another word. In fact, her body was trembling so hard that she wanted to squirm into a hole on the ground for escape.

“The future Sovereign Princess?”

Just as the sixth princess here thought the maidservant was trembling in fear at her, that’s when the cold and indifferent voice caught her attention from behind: “Why did I the Sovereign Prince himself didn’t know you are the Sovereign Princess?”

Piercing in his words, the man’s voice causes the princess to go stiff in her body. Nevertheless, she steels her nerve and timidly turns around to face that voice: “Your Highness, I’ve waited so long for you here. Why did you not come back sooner?” She intentionally changes her voice into that of a whimpering one like those only found between lovers.

“But…” The sixth princess then pauses to give the maidservant a fierce glare still kneeling there, “the servants here are too presumptuous! They knew I am the princess and only brought out this second-rate cup for me to use!”

Di Cang’s view then slowly fell upon the teacup on the stone table. Picking it up, his fingers tightened and crumbles the cup in his grasp.

In spite of the content being hot boiling water, it seems to make no difference to the man as if the heat couldn’t affect him whatsoever. “You are not worthy to drink the tea from my place!”

The princess widened her eyes in dismay to the point even her lips were trembling from anger at the audacity of the man.

He actually dares to humiliate me like that?

Tossing the broken shards away, his palm then gently pressed against the table. In the next second, the entire stone snapped and collapsed into rubble.

“Clean this place up and mop the areas she touched with salt water. Be sure to do that ten times over to sanitize the manor.”  Di Cang’s voice was like a clap of thunder, sending the princess’s heart shaking with disbelief and shock.

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