Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!

Chapter 29

Chapter 29 “Not A Very Good First Encounter (1)”

After giving his say on this point, Old Lord Lan swiftly chugged the pill into his mouth. Almost immediately, the elder can feel a current of warmth flowing through his organs, slowly and gradually repairing his internals.

It’s been so many years since he felt this comfortable after taking to the bed, so much so that he wanted to break out into a laughing fit. However, in order to not lose face in the end, the old bone decides to forcefully push back down his excitement to keep up his portrayed image.

“I’ve taken the medicine now so don’t you think it’s time you explained why you left without saying goodbye?” His fingers running through his beard as he asked with a stern tone.

Just remembering the things from back then causes Bai Yan to turn dark in his eyes: “Getting pregnant before marriage isn’t my intention, it’s Bai Ruo’s scheme. In order to get the second prince for herself, she deliberately drugged me so she can marry into royalty.”

Tightening his old fist, even Old Madam Lan and Lan Yu can feel the old lord’s abrupt change. The room suddenly felt suffocating at the oppressive atmosphere in the air.

“Why didn’t you come back and tell me this when something so huge befell to you?” Angry and sad, Old Lord Lan shouts aloud, frustrated by the fact that he couldn’t save the girl.

“I didn’t even have a chance to say goodbye to my brother so how can I come here.” Still calm like the victim in the story wasn’t her, “back then Bai Zheng Xiang wasn’t home so Yu Rong took advantage of this opening to sell me to the old chief of the Qian House as a concubine. I only managed to escape when they took me out of the residence.”

Old Lord Lan’s breathing grew more rapid and his fist tightened hard and harder, veins clearly visible on the surface. Slowly closing his old eyes, it’s like only this act alone can alleviate the pain he’s enduring in his heart right now.

“Child, I’ve misunderstood you.” Only after a long while did the elder manage to mutter this out from his lips, his voice much softer than ever.

How much suffering did his Lan family’s offspring suffer over there? He had always assumed the Bai House wouldn’t do something so harsh as to harm their own blood, but he’s been so wrong that its sinful!

“Bai Yan…” Lan Yu’s eyes are so full of distress right now, yes, distress over his niece’s tragic experience. “Why didn’t you come to us outright? If you had come to us right after you escaped the Qian House’s grasp then I, your uncle, would’ve definitely sought justice for you!”

Making a pitiful smile, Bai Yan explained: “You may believe me but that doesn’t stand for the rest of the world. I am after all a daughter of the Bai House so the truth about Yu Rong selling me won’t stand. In the end the public’s opinion will just end up with that side and I will lose all ability to resist.”

Fortunately, I now have the strength and power to fight back. For all those who harmed me back then, I will pay them back with everything and more!

“My dearest child.” The old man pats his granddaughter on the hand and exhaled a heart aching sigh, “these things, did you tell your brother Bai Xiao?”

Bai Yan shook her head: “If brother knew I was almost sold then he will certainly rush off to find Yu Rong for revenge. Right now I have something I need to confirm first. Before then, the Bai House can continue to live.”

Old Lord Lan was obviously livid with anger by now based on that heavy heaving on the chest: “You will live here from now on! Those bastards from the Bai House don’t deserve you so if they dare show up at my doors, I will personally shove them out with the broom! I’m not so old that I can’t even protect my granddaughter!”

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