Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!

Chapter 1793 - Heavenly’s In Trouble (2)”

Chapter 1793 “Heavenly’s In Trouble (2)”

Ji Song dropped her sight after hearing the plea.

To tell the truth, she’s also reluctant to give up her grandfather. After all…. this person was her only family member remaining.

But Bai Yan’s her life-saver who got accused for misdeeds by her very own grandfather. This was the least she could to compensate such a misgiving.

Not to mention…

“Grandfather, as condition for Mrs. Di saving me, I have given myself to her and promised to stay by Ling Yan’s side from now on.”

Ji Sky choked, and the others froze in astonishment. Their eyes are now gathered on Song and Bai Yan’s face.

“Mrs. Di, the purpose of you saving my granddaughter before…. It’s so she would follow Miss Ling Yan and not for you to get close to the monarch?”

Earlier, Gu Ya clearly came to them claiming that this woman was risking Song’s health in order to win them over with a debt, that way she could use this connection to approach the monarch.

He didn’t believe it fully of course, but he also didn’t dismiss it as nothing.

And now his own granddaughter was saying Bai Yan only saved her in order to have her follow Miss Ling Yan?

Then what about Gu Ya’s claim, where did that come from?

“Mrs. Di already has a husband and daughter, why would she approach the monarch?” Song’s expression grew a little angry, “Who in the world said such slandering words about Mrs. Di?”

Apparently everyone here had dismissed this point until it’s brought up again by the child.

Even though they knew that Bai Yan had a daughter, but because they never met her husband that they believed he’s either dead or no longer around after abandoning the pair. Therefore, they didn’t suspect the outlandish claim earlier from the despicable liar.

Gu Ya naturally saw those eyes locking onto herself then and lost all color from the face. Clenching that fist, she didn’t utter a single word for she knew it’s pointless and would only dig a bigger hole for herself.

“Let’s go.” Bai Yan knew what they were doing after seeing the focus shifting away. Even so, she doesn’t care at this point and only wanted to leave this bunch behind for their very presence annoyed her.

Bai Ning only suffered a slight injury so it’s not a big deal to leave even without applying some sort of medicine. However, the demon queen’s never been one to forget a slight against herself.

Speaking without turning around or stopping: “You harmed my mother tonight, the reason I’m not repaying you for that today is because Heavenly took in my daughter while I wasn’t around. In return, there will not be any connection between this place and my daughter again.”

No connection between this place and my daughter again…

The woman’s announcement was like a hammer, smashing into everyone’s heart.

Who doesn’t know that the pipsqueak was the precious treasure of the monarch during this period? But now, because of their folly in offending this woman, that bond has been shattered? That’s their heads on the line!

Just when all were frantic and unsure of what to do, an old figure quickly ran over from the front with panic showing across his movement.

“It’s not good, we have a major problem!”

“Fifth Elder?” Elder Butterfly only took a glance to recognize this person. For unknown reasons, her heart felt incredibly uneasy and urgently asked: “Didn’t you follow the monarch when he left, why did you return alone? Where’s the monarch?”

Pain apparent in those eyes, Fifth Elder spoke with panting breath: “His Monarchness had an accident in the ancient ruins, and now…. We don’t know if he’s alive or dead! The others are still searching for him there, but I returned to bring news because I’m the fastest.”

Bai Ning who originally went towards the exit suddenly stopped as a result of that sentence. Her hand unknowingly clasped against her own chest like she’s about to suffocate due to the panic.

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