Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!

Chapter 1745 - “Unforeseen Event (4)”

Chapter 1745 “Unforeseen Event (4)”

Di Cang felt equally as anxious there so he needed no urging to go help. However, right as he released his wife’s hold to move forward, the sky above Di Ling Yan suddenly got torn into an open portal, it’s content an endless blackness ready to devour all that gets in its way.

“Breaking through the void, an outer domain?” First Elder got stunned by what he saw, his eyes full of amazement: “Why can the little princess open up a portal into the outer domains? Who is causing this?”

And as if to confirm the old elder’s exclamation, the pipsqueak’s body promptly got covered in globe of red and shot into the mouth that was the void.

“Ling Yan!” Bai Yan’s complexion lost all color then, her hands clenching into a tight ball as she reactively punched at the red barrier.

Everyone who managed to arrive before this thought the demon queen would surely be repelled again like the last, but miraculously, her hand directly went through the light and penetrated into the core area where the portal hovered from above….

“Yan Yan!” Di Cang finally lost his composure and exclaimed. He didn’t want his wife to be devoured by the dark portal as well so he grabbed hold of her legs and pulled as hard as he could before she got sucked into it.

“Di Cang, you must let me go.” Bai Yan looked back after realizing what’s stopping her from entering, “No matter where Ling Yan ends up I will accompany her, I’m our daughter’s mother! There’re too many powerful foes stalking the Demon Realm recently so you must stay and protect everyone here.…”

In other words, the man must stay while she goes ahead to god knows where.

“No, the outer domains are too dangerous!”

“It’s precisely because of the danger that I must go! Don’t you see? Ling Yan is my flesh and blood, that’s why I am able to pass through the barrier and you cannot.”

If one ate a sour lemon then Di Cang’s expression definitely showed that right now. He understood what his wife was pushing for and he couldn’t find a reason to block it.

“Di Cang, you have to believe in me, I and Ling Yan will wait for you and our kids in the outer domain. Once you are finished here, come find us. Our family will be reunited one day.” Bai Yan forms a smile to reassure her husband: “I will live, and I will protect our daughter. If you have even an ounce of trust in me then let go, we will be fine…”

As hurt as he was inside at being so useless at this crucial moment, Di Cang’s troubled heart settled down regardless after meeting the woman’s own gaze. This calm manifested into his hands slowly loosening to allow her to go inside.

“You promised. Yan Yan, me and our children will come find you, we will!”

He knew that their daughter was her life, so, he mustn’t stop her.

“Thank you…” After leaving those two words behind, the demon queen makes a determined face and cast one final glance at her two boys and one remaining daughter. “Xiachen, you are in charge of Jin Tian and Dragony when I’m not around anymore. You take care of them when your father’s not around, okay?”

Already crying by this point, the steambun heavily nodded his head: “Mother, I will protect Jin Tian and Dragony for you, don’t worry. Me and Father will come find you one day, so you and Ling Yan must stay safe until then!”

I am a man, I mustn’t cry, I need to stop crying….

Compared with Bai Xiachen’s failed stubborn attempt at keeping himself composed, the little glutton had fallen into a waterfall of a crying spree: “Mother, where are you going with Ling Yan? I want to go too, I don’t want to leave your side, wooohoooo….”

Why is it always me who is left behind? The last time around, mother left with Big Brother, and this time she’s leaving with Ling Yan, I am always the one that is abandoned and left behind….

Bai Yan’s heart ached with pain after hearing that plea. However, for the sake of her daughter, she must go, she has no choice.

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