Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!

Chapter 1695 - Qiu Moon’s Aim (1)”

Chapter 1695 “Qiu Moon’s Aim (1)”

Standing inside one of the nicer rooms of the Snow Clan’s estate, Di Cang quietly waited until he sensed the familiar breathing of the love of his life.

“How is Bai Xiao?” He asks after feeling the physical contact from behind.

“I gave him the medicine I refined so his body should recover without issue. Di Cang, I’ve been trying to give my brother space to grow since he asked for it, but I never thought he would suffer such indignation and danger while out of my view.”

Even now, Bai Yan still had trouble keeping her heart calm because if she had come anymore later, the precious young boy would’ve died. Such a blunder tells her how much of a failure she has been in being an older sister.

“I know what you are thinking, but I quite like that side of his. Bai Xiao doesn’t want to rely on your power to live, that’s why he left to become stronger, that I respect.” Di Cang slowly turns around to caress her hair so she doesn’t feel so bad.

“Di Cang,” Bai Yan stares up to meet her husband’s gaze, her lips forming into a smile after feeling better, “there’s another thing I want to bring up – our Demon Realm might need to hold a wedding banquet soon.”

“Hmm?” The man raises a brow, “Yan Yan, how did you know State Teacher and Xiao Wan are getting married?”

A shocked look filled the demon queen’s face, “Xiao Wan is getting married? She’s finally able to get a husband?”

If her exclamation were to be heard by the very girl herself, Di Xiao Wan would surely be hurt inside. Who would like to be thought of as someone that couldn’t get married? No one that!

“That’s right, I received a message from the Demon Realm not long ago that the two are finally tying the knot. Aren’t you referring to Xiao Wan?”

Shaking her head: “I am not talking about Xiao Wan, I was referring to my brother Xiao Xiao. You are his brother-in-law, you naturally have to handle his wedding arrangements since you’re his elder.”

In this world, Bai Xiao was her closest kin, it’s only natural that she and Di Cang oversee the young lad’s marriage arrangements and such.

“Bai Xiao is getting a wife? Whose girl is it?” The demon king squints his eyes in at the possibilities, “Why didn’t I get wind of him liking anyone?”

“It’s Chu Yi Yi.”

Chu Yi Yi?

In regards to the Holy Land’s young princess, the demon king didn’t have too much of an impression. All he knows about the girl was she’s Chu Yi Feng’s little sister and that she attempted to pair his wife with the guy….

She’s gotten together with Bai Xiao?

“How far are they along? Should I begin preparations for the wedding reception? Don’t worry Yan Yan, as his brother-in-law, I will make sure Bai Xiao’s wedding be a sight to behold!”

“They haven’t made much progress yet, but I believe that a girl as good as Chu Yi Yi will get along with my brother once given the chance. By then I’m sure things will go smoothly on their own…”

Bai Yan’s lip was smiling on its own. In regards to her friends, Chu Yi Yi could be considered one of the few close friends she had from the human world. If she does become family, it would be wonderful.

“Although I am jealous of Chu Yi Feng for being able to accompany you for so many years, but his sister didn’t leave any bad impressions with me. Since you like her so much then she must have qualities that are very good to attract your attention. If Bai Xiao accepts her then I too will be happy for this union.”

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