Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!

Chapter 1633 - Keeper Zun’s Decision (4)”

Chapter 1633 “Keeper Zun’s Decision (4)”

The little glutton nodded heavily and without complaint as he toddled from behind. The boy couldn’t walk as fast as his older brother so he had to pace himself hard in order to keep up. Even so, Jin Tian’s not unhappy; after all, he’s a man of the family, right? A man must protect the females of the group, and he’s going to be king some day!


On the other end of Celestial Realm.

Inside a cave, several old elders are sitting around a campfire, their mood damp and dreary due to the heavy air hovering above their heads.

“I’m sure all of you have already heard of what’s happening out there. Bai Yan wants to force us out, otherwise she won’t let those remaining in the Celestial Palace free. Have we really come to the end of the road?” Keeper Yellow cocks a self-mocking smirk, his eyes full of sorrow.

Those of them who were once high at the top has now been reduced to rats scurrying around in the caves. How could he not be sad?

“If not… how about we seek Yun Ruo Xi…”

The one suggesting that never got to finish his words though because Keeper Ling who’s the grumpiest of the bunch promptly cut him off with a punch against the cave wall: “Shut up! Did you forget she’s the one that placed us in this state? I will never forgive her, never forgive what she did to us and everyone else!”

The higher the hope, the stronger the disappointment. He gave far too much love to the old witch and sacrificed far too much to protect that deceitful woman. And for what? Nothing but betrayal and deception in the end. How could this grumpy Keeper ever forgive such an existence?

“The half month deadline is soon upon us. We’ve worked so hard for what? It’s for the Celestial Realm. Even if the ending is death, I must meet with Bai Yan again.” Keeper Zun who’s the kindest of the bunch stood up, his fist a tight clench as he inhaled deeply to ready himself.

“Keeper Zun, do you believe she will really forgive us after all we’ve done to her?” Keeper Yellow smiled helplessly.

Before they would dare bargain with the Demon Realm because they had the supposed master of the amulet on their side. The group believed Bai Yan and Di Cang would agree to their terms for the sake of the Demon Realm’s safety. But right now…. Without that bargaining chip, what qualification do they have left to barter?

“It doesn’t matter, I’m going to try anyways. I and Keeper Ling will handle this matter in person. The rest of you wait here.” Keeper Zun’s eye grew firm and strong after saying that.

Keeper Yellow appeared taken aback by the proclamation. Hurrying to speak: “You’re serious about this? I still believe we should retain our strength for the impending battle.”

“No, we can’t wait until that day comes, the risk is far too high. If I and Keeper Ling’s life can be used to persuade Bai Yan in saving this world then our death would be more than worth it.” Then under the watchful eye of others, he strode out of the cave like a brave soldier meeting his maker.

Keeper Ling didn’t cower away either. Without looking back, this grumpy elder who’s known to have an attitude followed suit.

“What do you all think? Will Keeper Ling and Keeper Zun be able to change Bai Yan’s mind and drop her hatred?” The one who suggested to turn to Yun Ruo Xi before spoke again.

Keeper Yellow the de facto leader remaining sank in his eyes at the idea: “They have both made the decision to die if they must in their venture, there’s no telling what will happen. I do know Keeper Ling must be there if there’s any chance for this plan to work. It was he who killed Bai Yan, and it was he who killed the unborn baby in her belly. If Keeper Ling dies then maybe the hatred could be lifted…. As to why Keeper Zun also went, I’m sure you know the temperament of Keeper Ling. Someone must be there to help douse the flame somehow during the talk.”

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