Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!

Chapter 15

Chapter 15 “I’m the Big Miss of the Bai House”

“Sweetie, do you believe those people from the Bai House are qualified to see you?” In this bustling street, Bai Yan stood there unmoving, her gaze pouring down at her son’s tender little face.

“Aside from Uncle, there are no others eligible to meet me.” Pricking his brow, Bai Xiachen makes a face unbefitting his young age.

“Then isn’t that fine then? Mother will find a chance to bring your uncle to you. Before then, don’t let those from the Bai House find you.”

No matter how uncharacteristically mature Bai Xiachen was, everyone over the years have kept the boy under careful protection with enormous amount of love, never have he experienced any injustice. Therefore, Bai Yan didn’t want her son to defile his young little ears with those filthy words from those people.

“Then we will pinky swear on it, Mother must bring Uncle to find me and not trick me just because I’m young.” Sticking out his pinky in anticipation, he immediately causes Bai Yan to go dark in the face.

Young age? Trick him just because he’s a five-year-old? There’s no delusion in this mother’s mind that her son can never be tricked, only her son doing the tricking.

“Okay, we will pinky swear.” No matter what her heart thought, Bai Yan can only do as the boy wished to get things her way, “Now you should believe me right?”

Showing an innocent smile: “Mother, where is the house you prepared for me? I’m saying this now, unless the environment is as good as our island back in the Holy Land, I won’t live there.”

Making an ambiguous mumble to get by, Bai Yan explains: “While we are outside, its best you not expect too much. If you demand too highly then I will be forced to send you back immediately.”

Even the palace of the kingdom cannot compare to the Holy Land, let alone some random mansion. And now he still wants an environment exactly the same as their cabin on the island? Is her son still asleep, or daydreaming?

“Mommy, I know I’m wrong then, please don’t send me back. If a big beauty like you is not on the island then I will go crazy facing only those old faces. But mother, you must remember to come back and cook for me, otherwise I will starve to death.”

Cuddling in the boy’s arm, Little Rice raises his head and makes a low roar as if pandering to Bai Xiachen’s pleading claim.

Due to being instructed by Bai Yan that he can’t speak human tongue while in front of the public, the white tiger can only use this primitive method to express his meaning.

“I have already found you a cook.” She pats the boy’s head, “and, you are not to be picky in your food.”

Making an indignant face, Bai Xiachen lowers his head and mumbled, how can those food from the cooks compare to mother’s food?

As unwilling as he was, the young boy knew better than to raise an objection, otherwise he will really be sent back alone!

Inside the Liu Huo Kingdom, the residence of the Bai House would of course be located in the most prosperous East Street of the city since they are after all one of the four big noble houses.

As it so happens to be, the house Bai Yan found for her son wasn’t all that far from the Bai residence. But in comparison, it’s quieter and the atmosphere had more of a noble air to the outside.

“Mother, although this house is inferior to the island inside the Holy Land, but it’s way better then the Bai House’s place.”

Due to passing by the Bai residence on their way here, Bai Yan had taken the opportunity to point out the mansion belonging to that family, hence the reason why the boy was so happy now that he knew his home was much better.

Humph! That’s what they get for bullying mother!

“Sweetie, this is here not the Holy Land so you mustn’t take advantage of my absence and run off to make trouble. Do you understand my meaning?” Bai Yan sternly asks this, making sure to emphasize her point by patting the boy on the shoulder.

Bai Xiachen blinked at the request: “But what if someone bullies me?”

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