Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!

Chapter 1068 - Bai Yan’s Fury (7)”

Chapter 1068 “Bai Yan’s Fury (7)”

Even if she’s a Celestial Rank cultivator, Bai Yan still requires rest like any ordinary person if they’re tired. Sure, going for several months as a practitioner wasn’t a big deal if they absorbed the natural energy in the air, but that would only alleviate the body’s hunger and fatigue for an undetermined period of time. In the end, everything in existence requires rest no matter their strength or power.

“It’s been like that for a while already?” Nervously grabbing his wife’s hand, Di Cang’s expression was filled with unease: “Are you sick? Do you want me to check your pulse for a checkup?”

Bai Yan couldn’t take it anymore and bursts out a chuckle at that frantic appearance: “Are you silly or something? Us cultivators are physically strong and would rarely get sick. Ever since I broke through to the King Rank several years ago, I have never gotten sick again.”

Just like how she doesn’t need to eat, any virus or bacteria would be incinerated as soon as they come into contact with Bai Yan’s body, hence the reason why ordinary folks would say cultivators looked like gods because of the halo glow coming out of their pores. What’s more, this lady was already at the Celestial Rank, a genuine person who have stepped into the realms of what they could call a demi god both in terms of lifespan and strength.


Out of consideration for Di Cang’s worried heart, she nevertheless sighed and began to examine her own pulse. Next second later, her face froze like she’s seen a ghost.

“What’s wrong?” Finding the increasingly tenseness in the air, the demon king gulped and asked again like he couldn’t control his own tongue. He’s trembling and downright fearful of what the final answer would be. “Please, Yan Yan, are you okay? You must tell me if you are sick.”

Inhaling deeply, Bai Yan took a moment to gather her composure after closing those eyes. Then with a trembling voice of her own: “I’m… I’m pregnant…”

Yes, during the recent days, she’s been incapable of focusing entirely like how she used to in the past. Whether it be making a breakthrough, or refining the Dan pills back at the Holy Land, everything was done with a sense of reluctance due to her mood.

Bai Yan assumed it was due to the fatigue of course, she did run around a lot recently. What she didn’t expect though was this news of herself being pregnant….

To be clear, it’s not that this woman was being careless about her own health. During the first pregnancy when she carried Bai Xiachen in her tummy, Bai Yan would always feel stuffy and with a loss of appetite. Now this time there’s none of that so of course she wouldn’t think in that direction.

“What did you just say?” Di Cang didn’t move, only standing there like a statue while his expression produced all sorts of colors like a rainbow.




Regardless of what his emotions were over this explosive news, the demon king only knew one thing, and that was he’s going to be a father again!

He couldn’t be around during his wife’s first pregnancy, but now he has a chance to make it for it!

Bai Yan suddenly pats her own forehead with an upset face: “I’m already three months into my pregnancy. If I match it up with the timing, it should be our first night together. Thank goodness I was able to withstand the lightning strikes when I made a breakthrough several days ago, otherwise this child would’ve been hurt….” If she had known about her own pregnancy then this lady would’ve made preparations ahead of time so the baby doesn’t get effected.

While the soon to be mother of a second child felt annoyed at her own carelessness, the father in this case only stood there with a goofy grin on that face. It’s quite apparent this man still hasn’t come back to his senses.

“Mother,” it’s then Bai Xiachen pokes his little head over, “am I going to have a little sister?”

Bai Yan knocks the boy’s head with her knuckle: “And how do you know it’s going to be a sister?”

“I’ve told you before already. I had a dream Mother, I dreamt about my little sister. Although I didn’t get a good look, but…. I’m certain its my sister, a lovely and sensible sister. She’s going to be the most beautiful little princess in the world.”

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