Ace of the Dragon Division

Chapter 750.2 - Hard time (Part Two)

Chapter 750: Hard time (Part Two)

Ran Jing: “Alright, I know.”

She hung up the phone after she said that.

Her car just happened to arrive at Liu Xianming’s home as well.

Liu Xianming was ready to head out when Ran Jing’s car pulled over, blocking the front door.

Liu Xianming was a little angry.

His bodyguards got out and were ready to make a move, but they all froze after seeing Ran Jing get out of the car.

Ran Jing didn’t rush to talk to Liu Xianming first, but she instead asked Li Chao, “Didn’t you come to arrest someone? Where is that person?”

Li Chao saw that the chief had arrived, and he felt a lot more confident.

Liu Xianming rolled down the window and looked at Ran Jing outside the car as he smiled and said, “Chief Ran, what do you mean?”

“Nothing. Just the yacht under your name was where illegal drugs were being manufactured, and that is very bad. I’m sure you know which crime it would fall under, so come with us for an investigation.”

“Sorry, I don’t know about this at all. My yacht has been handed over to a third-party company for most of the time to operate as a trustee agent, so I’m afraid this matter has nothing to do with me. You can go talk to my lawyer if you have anything else to say about this, he is responsible for this matter. I still have a meeting to attend, please move your car out of the way. In addition to that, you have one minute to leave my property or else I will file a complaint on police trespassing my property.”

“Regardless of whether you know about this matter or not, there’s a possibility that you’re involved. So Mr. Liu, please go with us to cooperate on this investigation. We will not wrong any good citizen, but we will also not let go of any suspect, including you Mr. Liu!”

Liu Xianming looked deeply at Ran Jing and said, “I have a meeting for the riverside project and I’m afraid that it will be difficult to proceed on this project without me overseeing it.”

“If you have been suspected of making illegal drugs for sale, then the project you’re responsible for must have something behind it as well. So, you should come with me.”

Liu Xianming froze and looked at Ran Jing for a while before he said, “Let me make a phone call.”

He rolled up the window; the luxurious business car isolated the sounds well.

He called for about five minutes before rolling down the window again as he handed the phone to Ran Jing.

“Please talk to your superior.”

Ran Jing’s phone was turned off, so her superior couldn’t call in and could only call Liu Xianming to be then transferred to Ran Jing.

After taking a deep breath, Ran Jing picked up the phone without a good feeling.

The superior on the other side sighed and said, “Little Jing, you have to calm down. I know you are anxious about this case, but have you thought about it? If you arrest him now and you don’t get anything out of it, your position in the police department would become more awkward. I’ve watched how you climbed up here to this position. Endure it for now and don’t be used as someone else’s gun.”

Ran Jing took a deep breath and said, “Okay, I got it Boss.”

She hung up the phone and handed it back to Liu Xianming.

“Feel free to interrogate those people on that yacht, because I can prove that I am innocent,” Liu Xianming said with a smile and waved his hand. “I heard that Chief Ran works very hard, but you should balance work and rest. So how about let’s find time and get together for a cup of afternoon tea one day?”

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