Ace of the Dragon Division

Chapter 13 - All Detained

Chapter 13: All Detained

The blonde high-schooler got out of his brother’s grasp, turned around, and looked at Xu Cheng. “You can go back first, I want to see how he gets beat up.”

Young Master Lin and his friends also didn’t plan to leave anymore, as they curiously watched how it was going to go down with Xu Cheng and the other group of guys.

Xu Cheng was still grabbing onto the collar of the rich kid that spat at him while that guy’s friends were shouting, “Let him go!”

Xu Cheng tightened his grip.

“I f*cking told you to let go, are you deaf?!” The others grew angry, so they came closer and continued to shout at Xu Cheng, “Playing with us? You are still not qualified! Go back to your f*cking office and take care of those domestic abuse and stolen chicken cases.”

“Xu Cheng, let him go. Let’s leave,” Zhang Ruian spoke.

The rich heir that was grabbed had a playful smile on his face. “You even laid your hands on me, you think you can still walk away from this?”

Zhang Ruian, “Young Master Yun, this is his first day of work, and he doesn’t know the rules.”

Xu Cheng sneered, “I don’t need to know what the rules are, if you guys are going to fight then go back home. Gathering a crowd to engage in an affray is against the law, and I’m going to take care of it!”

Young Master Yun wiped the blood off the corner of his mouth and said to Zhang Ruian, “If you don’t want to get involved, I can give you the chance to leave right now. But this guy, don’t even think about bringing him with you today. I will deliver him back to your office when I’m no longer angry. No worries, just like before, he won’t lose a limb.”

Zhang Ruian and the other colleagues’ faces all went through a slight change, and they pleaded for leniency, “Young Master Yun, give this novice a chance. Everyone’s life isn’t easy.”

Young Master Yun pointed at Xu Cheng’s grip on his collar and replied nonchalantly, “Look at this, he’s the first one that dared to act like this in front of me. You tell me, how do I give him a chance? Oh how about this, he can kneel down right now and kowtow, and I will think about it.”

“Uh….” Zhang Ruian and the others were troubled. After all, they all weren’t too close to Xu Cheng yet to try to convince him, and what Yun proposed was definitely way over the line.

Xu Cheng tightened his grip a bit more and warned, “I am now talking to you again seriously as a police officer. Those that want to cause more of a scene can come with me, and the rest can go. Otherwise, don’t blame me for laying my hands on you.”

“Oh ho, you still want to lay hands on me? Or are you going to shoot the gun again?” the others said in disdain. “Let go of Young Master Yun.”

“You guys are going to interfere with a police officer doing his job, right?” Xu Cheng’s eyes snapped into focus as he looked around at the people surrounding him.

“So what if we are?” someone said with raised eyebrows.

“Okay.” Xu Cheng said in a deep voice, “Then everyone involved tonight can come with me! Zhang, call the station to get them to send over a van to transport these guys.”

Zhang Ruian gave Xu Cheng a serious look. “Stop messing around, you are still not done yet? Quickly let it go and stop provoking them.”

Xu Cheng took out the gun and threw it at Zhang Ruian. “Hold this for me.”

Then, he pushed away Young Master Yun and let out a shout at the surrounding people, “Come on! You bunch of spoiled brats that can only play with dirt if your parents aren’t behind your back, aren’t you all pretty domineering? Come on, I will detain whoever still wants to fight.”

Xu Cheng’s words completely ignited the rage inside these second-generation rich kids’ hearts. These people had always hated being accused of living off of family money and power, so when they heard Xu Cheng’s mockery, they became incredibly agitated.

Immediately, all eleven of them charged up to fight.

Xu Cheng landed a front kick right on the first guy’s chest, sending him flying onto the ground and landing on his a-s. He also conserved some strength, avoiding the use of his fist to prevent injuring these people beyond recovery. He just directly slapped a few others that charged up in the face and stepped over them as they fell to the ground.

Whoever dared to raise their leg, he would knife-hand strike the guy’s knee cap, who would then immediately fall to the ground and cry as they hugged their leg. Whoever dared to wave a fist towards him, Xu Cheng would catch it with his palm, twist it to force them to face the other way, and then shove his foot up their a-s to put them in a dog-eating-sh_t position on the ground.

Within a minute, Xu Cheng was able to cleanly take care of 11 of those young masters.

He then dragged Young Master Yun like a sack of potatoes and handcuffed him to his motorcycle. Some people who were groaning in pain on the ground attempted to climb up and stop him, but who knew Xu Cheng would casually kick them away.

Such actions completely shocked Zhang Ruiyan and the others, the teen with yellow hair, and Young Master Lin and his men.

After getting the half-dead Young Master Yun onto his motorcycle, Xu Cheng turned around and shouted to everyone else at the scene, “I’m Xu Cheng, you are welcome to find me at the office if you have any questions or concerns!”

Then, seeing the motorcycle speed off into the distance, everyone was left dumbfounded at the spot, finding everything before their eyes hard to believe.

“Big Brother, you gotta help this guy. He’s pretty interesting.” The blond teenager looked at Xu Cheng’s back image in admiration, his eyes full of the rebellious type of worship.

“Help a fart. This little officer now completely offended that group of rich heirs. I bet he will be fired within three days. Actually, maybe even before tomorrow,” Young Master Lin said.

The blond teenager laughed, “That would be awesome, then I can go be his student and learn a few things from him. Those moves he just pulled were just too cool, it was like in the Jackie Chan Movies.”

His brother then scolded, “Once he’s fired, you think Young Master Yun’s group wouldn’t make any moves after he loses his police background? You won’t be able to save him. Quit messing around and go back to focus on your studies. Oh, and dye your hair black again.”

The two argued while the others watched as those on the ground tried to slowly climb back up. However, not for long, another jaw-dropping scene happened before Young Master Lin and everyone else’s eyes.

They just saw a police van drive over. Xu Cheng got off from the passenger seat, directly walked over and began handcuffing and dragging those young masters that were fighting and causing trouble earlier, shoving them all into the van. This move again left everyone bewildered.

Some of them tried to resist or even threatened Xu Cheng with his entire family, but after a few slaps on the face they immediately shut up and got into the van like good boys.

Those that were acting so arrogant and trying to fight Xu Cheng just now were all detained, leaving those on Young Master Lin’s side looking at each other with disbelief.

Zhang Ruiyan and the other officers’ eyes were about to pop out from what they just witnessed.

The blond teen that looked down on Xu Cheng before was now officially a fan.

After giving themselves a moment to take in what just happened, they only squeezed out two words from their mouth to comment on Xu Cheng’s decisive actions and courage, “Holy ****.”

This works too? He just drove a van over and took everyone?! Even the director at the public security bureau wouldn’t have done such a thing.

Inside the van, someone in cuffs kicked on the door to vent their anger, but Xu Cheng just kept on driving as he said, “You will have to pay for any damage caused.”

“Do you believe that you are done for after tonight?” someone threatened.

Xu Cheng responded nonchalantly, “Quit the crap, you guys insulted and assaulted a police officer. Not even your lawyers can save you this time. Tomorrow, get your lawyers to come in and do what they have to do. Everything will follow proper procedure, and you guys will be detained for at least 15 days, so learn to behave yourselves.”

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