Ace of the Dragon Division

Chapter 1272

Chapter 1272: Side Story, this is the world I want you to see!

Xu Xiaoming and Xu Lei were escorted into the ye family’s house. The house was actually on the date of renovation, but old master ye had always refused to do so. He wanted to preserve its original atmosphere.

Outside, some of the influential people in Yanjing had come. They heard that the descendant of the Xu family was here to visit, so they all came to see the glory. With this relationship, the ye family could at least not decline for another hundred years!

As for the other four, they had more or less declined.

And because of Zhou Zhen’s relationship with Lan Ting, he had already steadily carried the Zhou family’s chess piece and developed steadily. What kind of person was Lan Ting? She was the only family member recognized by the Emperor, and that was enough!

And old master Zhou’s long-range strategy had paid off today. The other three guilds were filled with regret.

In the easternmost room of the courtyard house, on the wooden bed, there was an old man who was so old that it was difficult to tell how old he was.

In the past few years, the four old men who were younger than him had all left one by one. He was the only one who was reluctant to be stubborn and refused to close his eyes.

When Xu Xiaoming and Xu Lei stepped in, Minister ye said to the old man on the bed,””Dad, look who’s here.”

Xu Xiaoming looked very much like Xu Cheng, and many people would see Xu Cheng’s young and tender face on his face.

But this old man was not muddle-headed. When he saw Xu Xiaoming, he was indeed very excited. But then he shook his head weakly,””It’s not him. It’s not that stinky brat,”

Xu Xiaoming smiled.”Grandfather, you’re wise. My name is Xu Xiaoming. The little brat you’re talking about is my father.”

The old man was shocked, and then rejoiced,””Who did you say you are? That kid’s son?”

Xu Lei smiled.”There’s still me. I’m his daughter.”

“Aiyo, come here quickly. Come to maternal grandfather. Quick, let maternal grandfather take a look.” At that moment, elder ye’s spirit exploded with an unprecedented light. He wanted to stand up with one hand, but he still needed aunt LAN and the others to help him up. He couldn’t even straighten his spine.

Xu Xiaoming and Xu Lei were sitting beside old master ye. The latter couldn’t help but curse,””Where’s that little brat? Why didn’t you come to see me?”

“Dad said he’ll come to see you, don’t worry.” Xu Lei rubbed old master ye’s withered hand.

Old master ye cried out for no reason, which shocked everyone.

“Old man, why are you crying? Don’t be so emotional, your bones are broken and you can’t move anymore. ”

“I won’t die. I will wait for that brat to come. This old master has many things to say to him. None of you are qualified to talk to me, only him. In this life, only he can make this old master satisfied. No one can replace him. I will wait for him to come.”

“Okay, then wait for father to come, grandfather. Don’t get too excited.” Xu Xiaoming patted Grandpa ye’s chest.

“Come, I want to take a photo with my two grandsons.” At this time, Grandpa ye didn’t forget to ask Xu Xiaoming and Xu Lei to take a photo with him.

Ye Xiu nodded his head: “then why don’t we all take a family photo?”

At this moment, a deep voice rang out,””If I’m not in the family portrait, is that even a family portrait?”

Everyone was shocked.

Xu Xiaoming and Xu Lei must have recognized Xu Cheng’s voice, and they were both overjoyed.

“Dad, it’s dad.” Xu Lei blurted out in joy.

This time, everyone in the big courtyard was stunned. One by one, they excitedly searched for traces of that person. It had been more than twenty years. Ever since the world’s structure changed, he had not appeared for more than twenty years.

Everyone wondered if he was dead. Otherwise, how could he bear to give up the power that was so easily within reach of the world?

The reason Xiao Chou was so great wasn’t because he had turned the world upside down. Rather, it was because he had given the world back to others after he had obtained it.

Just as everyone was frantically looking for Xu Cheng’s shadow, in the sky, it was as if particles were slowly gathering, and he appeared suspended in the sky.

It had been more than 20 years, and Xu Cheng looked more mature and reserved than before. His eyes were filled with the vicissitudes of life, and his eyes revealed that he had no desires and was indifferent.

He was dressed in plain farmer’s clothes. He had not shaved his beard, and his hair was still as messy as ever. But he gave people a very clean feeling.

This purity came from his lack of desire and fearlessness.

This was an ethereal realm.

As he slowly descended, everyone around him subconsciously took a few steps back. From the entrance of the courtyard to the east wing, a wide road was formed.

After the first person bowed slightly, the people behind him, regardless of gender or age, all bowed to show respect.

Step by step, Xu Cheng walked into the yard. Looking around, he still had the same look as before, and he sighed.””It’s still the same scenery, the flowers and trees, but the people are no longer human. ”

At the door, ye Xiu rushed out. Besides him, Lin Dong and Luo Yi also rushed out. The three of them all looked at him, their eyes slightly red.

Time flew by, and they were all middle-aged.

But the Brotherhood of the past was still there, and time was like yesterday.

“Big Brother Cheng …” Especially Luo Yi, he choked on his tears and didn’t know what to say.

“If we meet again, it’ll be a happy occasion, so why are you crying? Is this still Luo Yi?” Xu Cheng chuckled.

“Although my body is old, my blood is not cold!” Luo Yi said word by word.

Lin Dong immediately knelt down with a thud, and in front of everyone, he kowtowed heavily.””Your disciple didn’t even have the time to kowtow to you before you left. This is the grace of rebirth that I owe you for the rest of my life! Master, thank you, from a rebellious teenager to the current God of War Lin Dong, all of this was because I met you!”

Xu Cheng picked him up and smiled.”I’m also proud and happy to have you as my disciple. All these years, you didn’t let me down, and you didn’t bring shame to the name of my disciple. You are worthy of the God of War.”

Lin Dong actually cried. Everyone’s praise and titles were not as useful as his master ‘s’ sure ‘.

Ye Xiu also looked at Xu Cheng with red eyes and didn’t say a word. He just felt like beating him up.

“I forgot to get married and have children. How about we drink together later?” Xu Cheng said to ye Xiu.

Ye Xiu rolled his eyes at him: “do I look like I’m the type of person to make a fuss?”

“But you look like you’re going to beat me up,” Xu Cheng laughed and then strode into the East wing as he loudly shouted,””Lordmaster, I’m here. Are you satisfied with this world? This is the Qingming along the river painting that I want to show you!”

Almost everyone in Yan Jin had seen the emperor’s wild and carefree appearance and what he had said. For some reason, they were all infatuated with his back.

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