Ace of the Dragon Division

Chapter 1264

Chapter 1264: Successfully intercepted

Caesar felt that someone was using the influence of squido to attack his boss.

Then this person must be very familiar with the boss and must be afraid of the boss’s strength. Otherwise, he would not make such a big lie and use such a huge trap to deal with the boss!

This was because no normal person would not have the thought of collapsing and giving up when facing such an opponent. There were very few people with such strong mental fortitude, so this person was definitely not a simple person.

On the other side.

In the secret office that Tilu was in.

His left and right arms felt a sense of unfamiliarity as they looked at the deranged Tilu.

“Are you really going to bomb and drop those nuclear bombs?”

Tilu suddenly turned to the two.””What have I been doing all my life for this race? No one can understand what I’ve sacrificed in my life to restore my country. I will not allow all my efforts to go to waste. ”

The confidant hesitated.”But that was in the past. Now, many people have lost this sense of belonging. There are other beautiful things in life.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Tilu looked at him with a murderous gaze.

The confidant stopped talking.

“Do you think there’s still a way to salvage the situation?” Tilu asked faintly. If we can’t kill this person, our people will be the ones to lose. We’ve already burned our people to the ground, and if we don’t succeed, I’ll become a sinner. ”

The two of them did not speak.

Tilu rubbed her brows and said,”Fire.”

His two confidants looked at him in disbelief.

Tilu glared at the two of them and said,”do you want me to repeat myself?” Fire!”

“That will completely destroy us!”

“Are you disobeying my orders?” Tilu slammed the table. Don’t forget who gave you everything you have today! Fire! I’ll take all the charges! It has nothing to do with our nation!”

His two confidants were scared by his eyes. They took out their phones and entered the launch password for the I nation’s underground nuclear reserve base.

Only a few people knew the password. After they activated it, a large part of the desert in Israel suddenly caved in. Then, a fire shot up into the sky.

They flew in different directions.

After the successful launch, Tilu, who was in the office, smiled at the 26 heads of state who were on a video call.”Use the satellite to see if there’s anything extra in the sky above your country. Do you know why I told you to shut down the missile interception equipment? In fact, it’s also for our missiles to smoothly enter your country’s airspace. I wish you all good luck. ” After saying that, Tilu closed the video call and walked to her two left and right arms. He put his arms around each of them and walked out of the office.”I have a secret I want to tell you two.”

While the two confidants were surprised, Tilu exerted a little strength and directly broke their necks.

Then, he walked out of the office, locked the door from the inside, closed it, and broke the doorknob and lock before he walked into the elevator.

When the elevator arrived at the underground parking lot and opened, Tilu’s appearance had changed drastically. She now looked like a middle-aged man.

He got into a car and punched the steering wheel hard.

In the end, Russia retreated. With their nuclear technology, they could totally bomb that damn bastard!

“Let the world become more chaotic. You want to rule the world and change it, but I won’t let you have your way.” The middle-aged man said with a sinister smile and drove away.

He turned on the television and waited for the latest news.

Let’s see if the world can be thrown into chaos by nuclear explosions!

He was indeed not Tilu.

In this world, those who had seen him and knew him were all dead.


Ministry of National Defense.

It was a sign of danger.

“Your Majesty, this is bad. A missile is flying toward us and has entered the country. It has a stealth function and has dodged the interception. We can’t intercept it. We’ll escort you to the city’s air-raid shelter!”

The king’s face was pale when he stood up.

“What is its target?”


The king’s pupils dilated, and he subconsciously tried to escape from the palace.

It really came!

That madman really dared to do this!

Not only Spain, but many of the 36 countries in the European Union also received the missile signal. Some of the less developed countries were also notified by the United States.

At this time, these European countries cried for help from China and the United States to seek long-range attacks to minimize casualties.

However, whether it was America, China, or Russia, they had the confidence but were powerless.

Even at the speed of light, the distance between the two shores and three lands could no longer catch up to the missiles that were launched.

White House.

The current Vice President reported,”retaliation from Israel. At least 36 nuclear missiles were launched at Europe and other countries at the same time. They asked us to use our bases all over the world to intercept those missiles halfway so that the missiles would not enter the country to avoid casualties.”

The president shook his head.”That’s impossible. That would expose the long-range transmitters we’ve planted all over the world!” This is very disadvantageous to our military strategy. We can’t agree to this. ”

After the United States rejected the requests of the other countries, the governments of those countries were forced to prepare for refuge.

Every country’s capital city was allowing more people to take refuge in the city’s Foundation air-raid shelters in an orderly manner. With the excuse of a drill, in order to not cause panic around the world, these governments had also been worried to death. An inevitable catastrophe had arrived.

The culprit who had pretended to be Tilu stopped the car by the beach and started the countdown.

It was less than two minutes away from the first explosion in the nearest country Spain.

He looked at his watch, took a puff of his cigar, and made an explosion sound at the beach.


Then, this person started laughing like a madman.

Then, he waited.

When the international news was refreshed, the second, third, and fourth nuclear explosions took over the International headlines one after another.

After a full ten minutes, he finished smoking the two cigars.

There was no news about the explosion on the web page of the mobile phone. The headline was still the news of the terrorist attack in the Monaco church.

The man frowned.

He took out another cigar and finished it.

Another 10 minutes passed!

The headlines were still not updated.

He was surprised.

Impatiently, he refreshed the news page again. This time, he finally refreshed the page with a lot of video links.

The theme was “European Union countries suspected of retaliation, ICBM launched!”

He quickly opened it and was extremely excited.

The video was a news report from a country.

Spain channel host: ” 30 minutes ago, a suspected ICBM entered our country’s borders and flew towards our capital, Madrid. The entire country was in a panic. At the time of crisis, the mutants ‘Union successfully removed the explosion of the nuclear bomb. At present, the nuclear bomb has been successfully frozen and has not exploded. The streets are filled with cheers. The influence and appeal of the mutants’ Union have been greatly increased.”

“what?”The middle-aged man was dumbfounded.

He exited the video and continued to look at news in other European countries.

All of them were hinting that the alien Union had taken action to block the news of the nuclear director.

“Impossible! That was impossible! These countries don’t have any technology to stop a nuclear explosion, impossible!” The middle-aged man angrily threw the phone into the sea!

On the other side, Hawking’s team was high-fiving in the office to celebrate, and those teams even had tears on their faces.

It was a success!

After a few years of research and development, and after the island’s failure and destruction, they had finally successfully stopped the nuclear explosion!

” 36! Tell the alien Criminal Police at the front line to bring back the frozen nuclear bomb in one piece. ”

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