Absolute Resonance

Chapter 35: Draw!

Chapter 35: Draw!

Instead of the expected cheers, the crowd had gone silent.

Everyone looked at the scene before them in complete stupefaction before turning towards the hourglass. 

The battle had been too intense and no one had paid any attention to the round timer. The battle was over before they had realized it…

They suddenly understood that although Song Yunfeng was planning to deplete Li Luo’s strength, Li Luo was similarly also playing for time! They had completely overlooked this fact.

Now that the hourglass had completely emptied, the battle would be over as a draw, based on the rules. 

This was to say that Li Luo and Song Yunfeng had actually fought to a standstill.

This was completely unexpected!

No matter how one looked at it, this sort of result should not have occurred. Song Yunfeng was superior to Li Luo and had a huge advantage in both resonance and resonant power. Thus, this was supposed to be a walk in the park for Song Yunfeng, akin to him crushing dried roots underfoot.

Regardless of how much Li Luo could struggle, there was no way to compete against a seventh-grade resonance coupled with Eighth Seal Stage resonant power. He had no advantage whatsoever.

Unfortunately, the result begged to differ.

A scene of complete domination had been juxtaposed into a draw…

Their gazes naturally drifted towards the individual who had overdrafted his resonant power, the sickly-pale Li Luo. Gradually, admiration emerged within their eyes.

The only exception was Bei Kun. He looked as though he was constipated, and his complexion was truly a sight to behold. 

Difa Qing, who was standing at the side, sullenly stared towards the stage. Her gaze seemed lifeless and her heart was in turmoil. Only after a period of time did she take a deep breath, deeply gazing at Li Luo.

Although Li Luo looked pale and weak, it was as though she could see a radiant brightness emanating from him.

It reminded her of a particular legend who had been immortalized in Southwind Academy’s monument of honor. 

However, she quickly snapped out of that strange dream. Li Luo might have created a miracle, but he could barely hold a candle to Jiang Qing’e. 

On the battle stage, Song Yunfeng was sluggishly taking in the scene in front of him. All of a sudden, he lashed out at the administrator. “I was clearly about to beat him! He had no more resonant power left! I would have won! Just give me another second. Just one second!!!” 

The administrator frowned at the irate and completely ballistic Song Yunfeng. This fellow used to be a gentleman who spoke kindly to everyone around him, but now that he didn’t get what he wanted, his true colors were shown.

“The rules are THE RULES. If there has been no victor declared once the hourglass is out of time, the result is a draw,” the administrator stated flatly.

“Bullshit!” Song Yunfeng growled ferociously. 

How could he accept a draw as a result? His face would be dragged through the mud if word got out!

The administrator did not bother with him. He proceeded to announce, “This battle is now over. It is a DRAW!”

“Brother Luo is AWESOME!” The moment the administrator announced the result, the Second School erupted into violent cheers and celebration loud enough to topple a mountain… Everyone in the Second School was exceptionally excited as Li Luo’s excellent performance had brought much face and respect to their Second School.

The completely bandaged Yu Lang even managed to barely open his mouth to croak out some comments. “Is this weirdo truly rising to the top again? Even Song Yunfeng suffered…”  Amidst the ear-piercing howls of jubilation, Lu Qing’er quietly stared at Li Luo’s silhouette. It felt as though she had been transported into the past, staring at that still immature but exceptionally talented genius who had taken the first step into learning resonance arts before any of them. Even then, he would casually give out pointers to help everyone out.

The Li Luo from back then was extraordinarily outstanding. 

Lu Qing’er even saw him as something of an idol back then, setting him as her target.

However, once his blank palace manifested, all of his wonder completely shattered.

“I just knew that he would definitely get back on his feet. Back then he was truly dazzling. However, he is still too weak. I want to see you climb to the top. Then I will defeat you fair and square!” Lu Qing’er’s hair gently swayed with the wind whilst her bright pupils burned with anticipation of their future battle. She gave Li Luo another glance before turning to leave.

Who would have expected the demure and sweet beauty Lu Qing’er to possess such a strong intent to compete and battle!

On the battle stage, Li Luo stared at the extremely gloomy Song Yunfeng and sighed. “Sheesh. I gave you a chance, but you didn’t want to take it. You truly ARE useless, my friend.” 

Hearing that jibe, Song Yunfeng became even more incensed. He scowled at Li Luo.

“Now that you’ve missed this opportunity, I don’t think you will ever have another chance to do so!” Li Luo completely disregarded Song Yunfeng’s venomous glare as he walked forward and even lightly patted him on the shoulder. With a smile on his face, he continued his tirade. “I haven’t forgotten your attempt to smear my parents’ names. We will settle this properly in the future.”

Gritting his teeth, Song Yunfeng gave a cold chuckle. “Well, then, I’ll be waiting.”

Li Luo nodded and, without uttering any more extraneous words, proceeded to leave the battle stage. The students of the Second School were already waiting for him, hoisting him above their heads and cheering as they departed as a group.

With that group leaving, the atmosphere of the field died down. The remaining audience members curiously looked at Song Yunfeng before gradually dispersing.

Li Luo was simply supposed to forfeit today. Instead, he had been provoked by Song Yunfeng into a fight, and instead of an overwhelming victory for Song Yunfeng, he had been taken for a ride by Li Luo, turning him into the butt of a joke.

One could imagine how this news would spread throughout Southwind Academy and what sort of legends it would give rise to. Song Yunfeng had officially become a stepping stone of someone else’s story!

On the raised platform, the old dean and the teachers were silently in deep thought. This result had also exceeded their expectations.

After a period of time, the old dean finally sighed. “Li Luo never sought to win. His intention was always to play for time and obtain a draw. No one expected him to actually succeed.” 

Xu Shanyue, on the other hand, had smiled until his cheeks were sore, letting his expression do the talking instead. Li Luo had won him a lot of face and respect. Despite Song Yunfeng being one of the most elite students of the First School, almost on par with Lu Qing’er, he had actually been taken for a fool and dragged into a draw.

Would anyone dare to say that the Second School possessed insufficient talent now?

No one truly felt that this was a draw. This was because the difference in strength between Li Luo and Song Yunfengwas just too vast. One was at the Sixth Seal Stage and had a fifth-grade resonance. Song Yunfeng? Eighth Seal Stage cultivation and a seventh-grade Crimson Eagle resonance. This was incomprehensible. Even if a teacher was placed in this scenario, they would have no idea how they could possibly turn the tables. Li Luo, on the other hand, had done so! This was truly something deserving of praise.

Not everyone was like Jiang Qing’e, with a ninth-grade resonance. When there was a will, there was a way!

Lin Feng’s expression was also as dark as night. Faced with Xu Shanyue’s laughter, he couldn’t hold it in any longer. “Li Luo’s performance today was impeccable. However, the preliminary examinations have a time limit. What about the College Final Examinations? He will require true ability then and will be aunble to rely on such underhanded means. There’s no meaning in this.”  Xu Shanyue coldly snorted. “Li Luo might make further improvements by then.”

“Even if he improves again, he’d at most be at the Seventh Seal Stage,” Lin Feng cooly retorted.

The old dean waved his hand, indicating for the two to stop bickering. He stared in the direction where Li Luo had gone before giving the duo a good look. His face immediately became stern. “Li Luo’s performance is his problem. I want to remind you that during the College Final Examinations, our Southwind Academy needs to maintain our position as the number one academy of the Tianshu Province. If any mistake arises—hmph!” Upon hearing the old dean snorting coldly, the teachers all shivered within their hearts. 

Lin Feng paid particular attention to those words as he knew that they were meant for him. The First School had the best students and also monopolized the lion’s share of resources. The College Final Examinations was a litmus test for whether they truly deserved all this.

Lin Feng also knew that the previous First School teacher had ruined Southwind Academy’s prestigious name of the number one academy during the last College Final Examinations. He had been directly booted out of the academy by an incensed old dean.

Thus, if the academy did not perform well, he would not be spared either.

The thought of that caused Lin Feng to feel shivers down his spine. He hurriedly assured, “Please relax, Dean. Our First School’s might is evident for all to see. We will maintain the academy’s honor and reputation.”

“Good.” Only then did the old dean’s expression soften a little. Without speaking further, he turned and left.

His departure allowed everyone else to heave a sigh of relief. An angry dean was truly frightening…

“Eastpool Academy seems to be extraordinarily aggressive this year. I hear that they have the full backing of the Governor’s Mansion and that they’ve been rising through the ranks recently, almost catching up to Southwind Academy. The top student is the son of the governor, and I believe he goes by the name of Shi Huang? It’s said that he possesses heavenly talent and is no weaker than Lu Qing’er. Thus, this year’s College Final Examinations will not be so simple.” Some of the teachers discussed worriedly. 

Lin Feng gave that teacher a glare and indifferently replied, “Eastpool Academy’s foundation cannot compare with ours. If they want to wrest our title away, they have to get the agreement of the First School.” Following which, he walked off. 

The rest looked at each other in dismay. Some weren’t happy with Lin Feng’s arrogance, but they were helpless in this situation. Grumbling to themselves, they walked away as well. 

“Well then, we’ll leave you to handle it. If something goes wrong, then let’s see who gets the last laugh.”

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