Absolute Resonance

Chapter 19: Li Luo's Resonance

Chapter 19: Li Luo’s Resonance

The wooden stage was surrounded by a sea of people.

The atmosphere had suddenly died down into absolute silence. Everyone was shocked, eyes wide and mouths agape at Liu Yang, who had been sent flying.

This ending had exceeded all expectations.

The Sixth Seal Liu Yang had been swatted away like a fly by Li Luo?

How could this be possible?! 

The silence only lasted for a few breaths before the entire crowd exploded once again to newfound excitement!

“What happened?”

“How did Liu Yang get beaten in a single blow?”

“This doesn’t seem right. Liu Yang is a Sixth Seal Stage cultivator. Even if he couldn’t physically react in time, his resonant power should have protected him. How could Li Luo have broken through that?”

“This Liu Yang couldn’t have fixed the match, could he?”

“Don’t you think this is too exaggerated and fake-looking if he wanted to trick us?”

In the First School’s direction, Difa Qing’s little, red mouth was also hanging wide open. A single question floated up to the top of her head before she frowned and spoke out. “What is that fool Liu Yang doing? Isn’t this too weak a showing?” Song Yunfeng was also deep in thought as he replied coolly, “He must have underestimated his opponent. Thus, he did not even have the time to circulate his resonant power.” 

“How stupid of him.” Difa Qing shook her head.

“Well, I’m afraid Li Luo won’t be so lucky next time.” 

Lu Qing’er continued to stare at the tall and slender figure wielding the metal staff on the stage. She seemed to be in a trance as she could vaguely remember a time within the First School where this man’s heroic momentum had swept across her, making fun of her subpar resonance arts, yet slowly guiding and teaching her.

“Next time…” Lu Qing’er murmured, “I’m afraid he will continue to win. In fact, he might very well sweep all of the competitors by himself.”

Once she spoke, numerous experts of the First School were left blankly staring at each other, wondering what sort of spell she had fallen under. In fact, some felt extremely indignant and jealous of Li Luo due to those words.

“It’s impossible no matter how you see it. Why are you overestimating him? Are you interested in him?” Someone from the group piped up. 

When Song Yunfeng heard those words, he thundered out, “Who dares spread these false words?” His gaze swept across the group and everyone shrunk back, none daring to challenge him.

Following which, he turned to look at the completely nonchalant Lu Qing’er, indifferently saying, “Qing’er, he can’t do it.”


“Li Luo! That was beautiful!” Whilst the First School was still in shock, Zhao Kuo was the very first one to scream enthusiastically. Even the Second School seemed to have cheered up a little as they celebrated. 

Whether or not it was Liu Yang underestimating Li Luo, none of it mattered. The Second School had won the first round.

The surrounding uproar had caused Liu Yang’s expression to turn white. He painfully scrambled to sit himself up before mouthing a few conciliatory words. “It was my mistake and I didn’t dodge his move.” But no one paid him any attention. 

“Idiot.” Hearing the Second School’s cheers, Bei Kun’s expression became ugly to behold. He furiously scowled at the pale and crumpled heap known as Liu Yang on the floor before ordering the person beside him to act. “It’s your turn, Lu Tai. Be careful and don’t mess around, we can’t lose.”

The one known as Lu Tai was a little scrawny, but he gave off a sense of shrewdness. He did not speak much but carefully scrutinized Li Luo before grabbing a sword and entering the stage. 

Meanwhile, above the stage, Xu Shanyue was all smiles as he spoke words of praise. “Li Luo’s resonance arts have been practiced to the point of perfection. It’s a pity that he has that issue with his resonant palace. Otherwise, if his resonant power had reached the Fifth Seal Stage, he would easily be able to dispatch the majority of Sixth Seal opponents.” 

Lin Feng’s expression was still calm as he replied, “Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to be of much use.

“Let the second round begin!”

It was clear that despite his indifferent expression, Liu Yang’s massive defeat had displeased him. Thus, he could not be bothered to bicker with Xu Shanyue, so he directly started the next round.

Once the command was made, Lu Tai immediately summoned his resonant power, and a fiery, red resonant power surged from him. A thin flame coated him, radiating sweltering heat. 

This was Lu Tai’s fifth-grade fire resonance.

After learning from Liu Yang’s mistake, Lu Tai would not underestimate his opponent again.


His fire resonant power continued to rise in intensity as he wielded his longsword. Without a moment of hesitation, he swiftly dashed forward, his sword wreathed with a wave of flickering crimson-red energy, like a blade made out of flame.

Shua! Shua!

Countless red sword shadows slashed directly towards Li Luo.

“No matter what sort of aberrant you are, Li Luo, my Sixth Seal resonant power will absolutely suppress you! Your defeat is certain!” Lu Tai gloated loudly. 

Li Luo’s application of resonance arts was spectacular, and this was not a secret. However, even the most amazing of resonance arts was no different from a house of cards if it was not controlled by a strong resonant power. It looked impressive but would fall apart with a gentle touch. 

The sweltering sword winds arced over whilst Li Luo continued to tightly wield his weapon, immediately retreating nimbly, attempting to dodge as many of the blows as possible.

“Do you think you can dodge them all?” Lu Tai gave a cold smile as he flicked his wrist. The crimson light around him surged in intensity and then numerous flaming sword shadows materialized and began falling upon Li Luo’s vicinity. It was like a firestorm descending, a splendid combination of beauty and danger.

This was a middle-grade resonance art known as Firestorm Sword, also Lu Tai’s most proficient resonance art.

As numerous flaming sword lights shot towards Li Luo, he began to rotate his weapon in front of him, much like a windmill, forming a sort of absolutely impregnable defensive barrier against the attacks.  

“Without resonant power, how do you think you can stop me?!” Lu Tai exclaimed when he saw Li Luo’s move.

Peng! Peng!

Numerous flaming sword lights had been completely deflected by the windmill barrier, but the heat could not be dissipated completely. The metal staff in Li Luo’s hands gradually got hotter and hotter, but at this point, blue light seemed to have emerged from within the staff!

Weng, weng!

Vapor wafted upwards and obstructed Lu Tai’s field of vision


But at this very moment, the steam blocking his view was torn apart. All one could see was a flash and an azure light-coated metal staff piercing outwards, much like a lightning bolt, directly flying towards Lu Tai’s forehead.

The sudden attack caught Lu Tai off guard. Had his prized resonance art been blocked by Li Luo?

That was impossible!

His heart was filled with disbelief and shock, but his hands were not slow to react. Massive amounts of red resonant power blazed from his longsword as he summoned all of his might to directly collide against that explosive metal staff.


The sound of metal clashing reverberated around the stage.

What was most shocking was that under such a collision, Lu Tai’s crimson-red resonant power seemed to have been massively suppressed, almost completely winking out in an instant.


The sword had been subject to an immense change of temperature from hot to cold, causing it to shatter, its shards flying in every direction. The azure light-coated rod paused right as it touched Lu Tai’s forehead.

Feeling a piercing pain where he was struck, Lu Tai’s face turned pale.

This entire clash had lasted as long as a piece of flint setting off a spark. By the time the audience had noticed, Li Luo’s staff was already positioned right on Lu Tai’s forehead.

Li Luo had won again? 

The last round was a surprise for the audience, and some might have even called it a fluke. This victory, on the other hand, was a clear demonstration of his might. 

Lu Tai had not underestimated the opponent and had brought out the full measure of his Sixth Seal strength. Yet the fact was that he had been beaten by Li Luo. 

What was happening!?

Under the unbelieving gazes of the audience, the water vapor and smoke emitting from the staff eventually ceased. Li Luo’s silhouette could be seen clearly in everyone’s eyes


The final hiss of the water evaporating off the staff could be heard amidst the absolute calm amongst the audience, just before everyone started applauding and shrieking. 

On the side of the First School, Difa Qing and Lu Qing’er’s gazes were fixated on the scene. Song Yunfeng, on the other hand, was so frustrated that he slammed his palm against the wooden branches, directly causing a few cracks.

Meanwhile, above the stage, Xu Shanyue and Lin Feng had a trace of astonishment on both their faces.

Even the old dean was squinting as he tried to take in the truth of what had happened.

What they had seen was that Li Luo’s body was faintly emitting blue resonant power, each pulse creating numerous waves, much like the sea. 

They could tell at a glance that this was water resonance power.

The thing was that everyone knew that Li Luo possessed a blank palace. It was extremely difficult for him to cultivate resonant power.

But what they clearly saw was water resonance power! Where did this come from? 

Did that mean that the current Li Luo was not a blank palace, but instead possessed a water resonance? 

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