Absolute Resonance

Chapter 14: A Furious Cai Wei

Chapter 14: A Furious Cai Wei

Cai Wei’s furious reaction scared the crap out of Li Luo, making him jump backwards in fright. Cautiously, he examined that round face, completely flushed red with anger. Naturally, he felt a little embarrassed as he quickly replied, “Why would you say such a thing, Elder Sister Cai Wei? Your exceptional abilities speak for themselves. Why would I want to get you fired?”

Cai Wei continued to leer at Li Luo. It was a few good moments before she began to cool down. “My sincerest apologies, Young Lord. I spoke out of turn, so please forgive me.” She then paused for a moment. 

“However… Young Lord, do you truly need another hundred portions of spirit liquids and purifying lights? This is no small matter. Furthermore, the Young Lord should also know that even though spirit liquids and purifying lights can temper one’s resonance, they should not be used wantonly, or they will cause one’s resonant palace to be sealed.” Cai Wei knew of Li Luo’s predicament of a blank palace and its sensitive nature, hence she did not wish to directly speak about it, to prevent her from hurting his feelings.

She continued to ponder over the situation, then her gaze suddenly turned sharp. “Could it be that someone is secretly extorting the Young Lord? Are they trying to take advantage of your status to obtain copious amounts of spirit liquids and purifying lights?” Although every servant within the old manor had been carefully screened, there would inevitably be some who would develop some unfavorable intentions, considering how long his parents had been gone for. Spirit liquids and purifying lights were also precious goods that were often traded, hence this idea that Li Luo was being blackmailed didn’t seem too outlandish…

If this was the case, Cai Wei would definitely ensure hellfire fell upon that brave soul who dared to even try.

Li Luo shook his head and seriously said, “Elder Sister Cai Wei, there’s no need to imagine things. It’s just a fact that I require them for my own usage.” 

Cai Wei’s willowy eyebrows were raised curiously. “I’d like to apologize for overstepping my bounds… but may I kindly know what the Young Lord is doing with these spirit liquids and purifying lights? I’m not trying to interrogate you Milord, but I am concerned that in your zeal to get stronger, you might have embarked on an incorrect path. If something did happen to you, I wouldn’t be able to face Sister Qing’e.” She knew that Li Luo’s blank palace had brought him undue stress and that youths were prone to bull-headed decisions. Her only worry was that Li Luo had been tricked into some sort of snake-oil scam to break through his shackles.

Li Luo paused and deliberated for a moment before giving his reply. “I suppose there’s no harm in letting Elder Sister Cai Wei know. My parents had left behind a secret art which allowed me to manifest a resonance of my own. Thus, the reason why I require the spirit liquids and purifying lights should be self-explanatory.” This was a fact that would eventually come to light. People would definitely be curious as to what had happened. His parents leaving behind a secret method would truly be a great form of cover for the true reasons behind it.

He would continue to need to purchase copious amounts of these tempering materials in the future, and these requests would have to run through Cai Wei anyways. It made more sense to quell her concerns immediately.

Cai Wei was shocked. “The two House Lords left behind a secret art?”

This seemed unbelievable, so she remained partially unconvinced. However, as her eyes examined Li Luo, she noticed that he seemed absolutely calm. This didn’t seem like a lie.

Finally convinced, she nodded in agreement.

“Since this is the case, I will immediately proceed to carry out the Young Lord’s instruction.” Cai Wei softly sighed. These hundred portions of spirit liquids and purifying lights would likely cost hundreds of thousands of skygold. Half of House Luolan’s reserves in the Tianshu Province would be exhausted. This would definitely throw a wrench in her plans to contain the three families’ covetous actions. 

However, she knew what her priorities were. Being able to strengthen Li Luo’s resonances would also be worth sacrificing all of the businesses within the Tianshu Province.

Li Luo glanced at Cai Wei’s radiant and round face furrowed with a frown. Slightly embarrassed, he queried, “Have I caused Elder Sister Cai Wei some trouble due to my requests being too expensive?” She raised her head to look at him. His sheepish face seemed a little youthful and inexperienced, but he truly had inherited his parents’ good looks. Lightly laughing at his expression, her mood lightened up. “This issue is truly slightly thorny, but it’s not a huge problem. Young Lord, you can rest assured that I will settle everything.” Li Luo sighed with relief in his heart. A hundred portions of these spirit liquids and purifying lights had already caused Cai Wei to be hard-pressed for a solution. He couldn’t imagine what would happen in the future if that was the case. This was barely a drop in the bucket… 

“Is House Luolan’s headquarters unable to mobilize its capital?” Li Luo asked.

Cai Wei lightly nodded before she regretfully said, “Young Lord, you should be aware of House Luolan’s current situation. Adding to the fire was Pei Hao swallowing up three pavilions, which resulted in a third of our profits lost. This has only made matters worse.” From her words, Li Luo easily read between the lines and knew that the headquarters was unable to assist.

Nodding his head, he had no words to say regarding this, so he shifted the topic to more pleasant things. After things were smoothed out, the two parties left.  

Cai Wei stared at his leaving shadow, slightly lost in thought. This Young Lord didn’t have a bad personality, he treated others warmly and without arrogance. Coupled with his good looks and talent, it was only a matter of time before he would resemble his dad, one who managed to captivate the hearts of numerous noble ladies throughout the entire Xia Kingdom. 

From a certain point of view, he truly was a good match for Jiang Qing’e.

The only flaw was his blank palace because ultimately in this world, everything relied on the basis of strength, whether it be wealth or influence. 

House Luolan was no exception. When Li Taixuan and Tan Tailan were around, they were one of the five Great Houses, especially radiant in the eyes of all. A titan that no one would dare to offend.

The moment they disappeared, the radiance gradually dimmed, to the point that even the elements were able to shake them!

Jiang Qing’e, on the other hand, had immeasurable talent and a limitless future. She was even poised to break the Xia Kingdom’s record for the youngest Duke Stage cultivator. Until now, Li Luo’s marriage arrangement was actually just a burden that held her back.

For perspective, Cai Wei and Jiang Qing’e were actually bosom buddies who had met in the past, when Jiang Qing’e did not possess the icy personality she was known for today. Hence, she was also concerned for Li Luo as a friend. Especially since it was possible that Li Luo would have crumbled from the pressure of being tied to someone so extraordinary whilst being shunned as a cripple. 

Yet after she heard Li Luo’s words about the House Lords’ secret art, she felt a little relieved. Perhaps this could very well satisfy the deficiency in his blank palace, allowing their gap to narrow at least a little.

Still, the distance would remain large nevertheless.

As Jiang Qing’e’s friend and one who often followed her as they traversed the situations of Xia City, she was distinctly aware of where Jiang Qing’e stood in terms of talent and ability. She was the absolute cream of the crop, one that even geniuses had to admire.

Compared to that, the City of Southwind was merely just a drop in the ocean.

Thinking of the upcoming challenges as a result, Cai Wei forcefully suppressed that roiling feeling in her heart and focused on the task ahead. Signalling for managers to come, she dispatched individuals to accomplish the task assigned to her by Li Luo.

Under her supervision, the task was accomplished within half a day. Li Luo sighed in amazement at her ability to get things done as he stared at the two crates before him. Grabbing both of them, he immediately rushed back to his room.

Over the remaining few days of leave, Li Luo spent all of his time cultivating and tempering his resonance.

He had previously risen from the Third Seal to the Fourth Seal in two days. This was because he had already accumulated the foundation to do so in the past and hence took little time. Moving from the Fourth Seal to the Fifth Seal thus required more time and was a little slower.

“Slower” here was only in reference to the speed of the previous advancement.

When there was one day left of his leave, Li Luo’s resonant power finally made a leap and he fully entered the Fifth Seal Stage.

In addition to his resonant power rising, his fourth-grade waterlight resonance also finally finished absorbing the last of the spirit liquids and purifying lights, advancing a grade to the fifth-grade.

And as such, his leave came to an end.

Dawn arrived and he slowly strode out of the old manor. Due to his increased resonant power, even his hair seemed to have gained a new luster, looking slightly silverish. Li Luo had a gleaming smile on his face as he faced the rising sun.  

This week had truly been life-changing for him, for he had left behind his previous bodily shackles and completely metamorphosed. The youth with the blank palace had now transformed into someone completely new.

As he stood in the gateway, he stared at the direction in which Jiang Qing’e had gone a week ago and exhaled deeply.

“Astral Sage College… you will accept me!”

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