Absolute Resonance

Chapter 1030: A Single Strike Reaps

Chapter 1030: A Single Strike Reaps

Qin Yi intently observed Li Luo. Although the Other Li Lingjing was at the Lesser Heavenly Resonance Tier, it possessed strange abilities that multiplied the difficulty of dealing with it, so it was much more difficult to kill when compared to enemies of a similar level. If Li Luo wasn't able to kill it with a lightning-fast strike, it may very well transform back into mist, making it incredibly daunting to deal with.

Li Luo appeared before the Other while Qin Yi watched nervously.

At this point, the Other also realized the dangerous situation it was in. It directly smashed the water replica to pieces with a single strike, then the face on the back of its head began to howl, murmuring some ambiguous words.

The effect of its enchanting voice was to throw off one's focus and addle the mind.

However, a fiendish howl similarly echoed out from Li Luo's scarlet bracelet, breaking through the chant of doom.

The Other immediately began to retreat, and the pale visage on the back of her head opened its mouth. In the depths of the shadowy mouth were a pair of pasty, white hands that were forming a seal.


White flame spewed out a moment later, and numerous faces with pained expressions could be seen within it. The faces began to devour each other at breakneck speed and very quickly merged into a pale, nine-fingered bone palm that burned with ghastly flame, directly facing off against the brunt of Li Luo's attack.

Li Luo could sense the immense corruption contained within the palm. A normal Lesser Heavenly Resonance Tier cultivator would not dare to collide with it head-on.

However, his gaze showed no hint of retreat, only turning more focused and icy.

"Unclean creature, I won't let you abuse Cousin Lingjing's image any longer."

He snorted lightly as he hacked downwards. With a thought, the Myriad Resonances Dragon Fang Sword Formation in his body activated and the Water and Wood Dragon Fang Swords hummed. Two tyrannical sword energies surged forth and bolstered his strike.

As the blade descended, it cleanly struck the nine-fingered bone palm.

The moment of collision was not an exaggerated scene full of explosions. Instead, the blade cleanly carved through the object like a hot knife through butter.

Li Luo's figure ethereally flashed forward, appearing behind the Other as the killing intent within his eyes gradually faded.

The blade was slowly sheathed away. The bone palm suddenly broke apart, and a thin, bloody line appeared on the Other's neck. Two dominating sword energies were wreaking havoc within its body, and in the short span of a few breaths, the Other's body violently exploded with a bang, turning into countless squirming blood worms which melted into blood energy before completely dissipating.

Li Luo exhaled deeply as he cut off the connection with the fiendish energy he had just utilized.

After dealing with the Other, Li Luo turned towards Qin Yi. The latter was idly staring at him, as though shell-shocked by that crisp and stunning strike. When she finally realized that Li Luo was watching her, she regained her usual sense of calm and said with relief, "Dragon's Head Li Luo, you have yet another outstanding result added to your amazing combat record."

Li Luo shook his head. "Without your assistance in containing it, I could not have done so with a single strike."

Then he quickly took out the Blackwood Feather Fan and activated it, causing two streams of white light to appear around himself to hurriedly bolster his resonant power recovery. This was a dangerous environment, so he had to maintain peak condition at all times.

Just as Qin Yi spoke, her gaze suddenly changed as well. She had felt a disturbance within the blood mist a distance away.

She swiftly rushed forward and stood by Li Luo's side. Lifting her palm, the Boundless Heavy Ocean Pearl floated above them, transforming into a screen of water that protected the duo.

Li Luo frowned. "Could it be that after dealing with the Other's clone body, we attracted the attention of the even mightier true body?"

As the two watched in trepidation, the blood mist rippled and several figures milled out, shooting wary glances at them.

When both sides realized who they were looking at, they felt equally shocked.

These people were not foreign to him. It was Li Lingjing, Lu Qing'er, Li Fengyi, Li Wuyuan, Zong Sha, Zhu Zhu, and their other familiar friends.

"Qing'er, Second Sister, Cousin Lingjing?"

"Li Luo!?"

"Fairy Qin!"

When the two sides met, they seemed a little taken aback. However, they did not approach each other; they remained vigilant instead. It seemed like the other party had already had a taste of the Others' transforming antics.

Lu Qing'er's cautious gaze was focused upon Li Luo as she asked in concern, "Are you alright, Li Luo? We felt strong undulations of energy and rushed over."

"We just encountered an Other that had adopted Cousin Lingjing's appearance. However, we managed to kill it," Li Luo explained.

Li Lingjing's gaze turned frigid upon hearing this. The two sides then probed each other with further questions until they finally confirmed each other's identities. Although the Others could adopt the appearance of their friends, one could discover flaws if they inspected them closely.

This led both parties to heave sighs of relief.

With most of the group gathered, Li Luo's tense body relaxed slightly as he asked, "What happened here?"

"Damn it. We have no idea how an Other appeared. Its strength exceeds the rules of the Spiritual Resonance Cave, reaching the Greater Heavenly Resonance Tier. Only when everyone worked together in a grand battle were we able to force it to retreat. However, it created this blood mist that covers the skies and the ground, scattering the groups. It has repeatedly ambushed us with the aid of its transformation abilities, and the number of casualties were tremendous by the time we were able to regroup once again." Zhu Zhu's expression was steely green.

The rest looked gloomy as it seemed they had suffered greatly as well.

Li Luo glanced around him and realized that the group had shrunk significantly. Only some of the elites from the different powers had managed to survive.

The bright side was that Li Fengyi and Li Jingtao were unharmed.

Li Lingjing hefted the Aquamarine Bamboo Python Staff and fell silent after gazing at Li Luo. "You should never have left the thatched cottage."

With the protective wards of the cottage, the Other would not be able to harm him so long as he remained inside.

"You dumb brat. You could have sat there safely, so why did you run out!?" Li Fengyi angrily shouted as she smacked his shoulder.

They had experienced the sheer terror of the Other, and even with the addition of his Lesser Heavenly Resonance Tier strength, they probably wouldn't be able to tip the scales in their favor.

Li Jingtao also sighed.

Li Luo instead flashed the most radiant smile he was capable of. "Aren't you aware of my personality? How could I sit idly? Saying all of this is useless now. We just have to decide how we can deal with the Other."

Zong Sha from the Heavenly Origin Ancient College smiled bitterly. "Although the Other has Greater Heavenly Resonance Tier strength, I think it's limiting itself. The reason it has continued to entangle itself with us is not because its afraid of our numbers. Instead, I have a feeling it's toying with us. In its eyes, we are just a group of trapped mice, capable of entertaining it."

Zong Sha's blunt words caused the group's expressions to turn ugly. It was clear that they all felt the same way.

"Damn it! How could an Other appear in the Spiritual Resonance Cave? What are the Duke experts outside doing?!" Zhu Zhu berated.

This was a question no one could answer. It was the first time such a strange development had happened.

"Huh. Is the blood mist fading?" Jiang Wanyu suddenly asked.

These words caused the group to feel a sense of surprise. The all-encompassing blood mist was indeed dissipating gradually.

"What is going on?" The group stared at each other with uncertain expressions. The Other had not been injured, but the blood mist was disappearing. This abnormality must have been intentionally caused by it.

However, the group did not have to wonder for too long. They could hear the sound of liquid flowing from afar.

As the sound got louder, the strong stench of blood wafted over as well.

Everyone knew that something was not right, so they hurriedly gathered together, their eyes focused upon the direction of the sound. A few moments later, their eyes shrank. A towering river of blood was rushing towards them from the mist. The blood river curled up into a wave a hundred feet tall, smashing the void apart.

Within the blood river was a single blood lotus, on top of it was a handsome male garbed in white. He was looking at the crowd with a compassionate gaze.

His shiny, bald head was laced with blood-red lines that squirmed like wriggling worms. They gathering atop his head and gradually penetrated his flesh before transforming into two bloody, curved horns that made him resembe a devil. At the tips of the horns were two chalky white eyeballs that swiveled, causing a chill to run down the spines of everyone present.

However, what was most terrifying about the Other was not its appearance. They could distinctly feel that the energy it was emanating was increasing in intensity.

In the short span of a few dozen breaths, it surpassed the Greater Heavenly Resonance Tier.

Directly stepping into the Duke Stage!

When faced with this jaw-dropping pressure, a few of the less resolute individuals fell onto their butts, their expressions in complete despair. This was a Duke Stage Other!

How were they going to stop it?

This was essentially a death sentence!

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