Absolute Resonance

Chapter 1024: Li Luo's Proof

Chapter 1024: Li Luo's Proof

"Senior White Ape, please hold on!"

Everyone was stunned when they heard his sudden shout. Their eyes all turned towards Li Luo.

"Stop messing around, Li Luo. If you anger Senior White Ape, we'll all be dead meat!" Qin Ying snorted coldly at him. He suspected that Li Luo was out to create trouble so that Qin Yi would lose this opportunity.

"Besides, Qin Yi has promised to share some of the treasures if she gets any. If we lose out because of you, the others will be really unhappy about it." Qin Ying's words were sly as he tried to use Qin Yi's earlier words to pit the crowd against him.

Whispers broke out amongst the crowd as soon as they heard him. However, none of them came forward to criticize Li Luo. They were still wary of Li Luo after his slaying of Tian Miao and Zhao Yan earlier.

Li Luo did not care about Qin Ying blabbering. His eyes were fixated on the White Ape as his mind turned.

The cottage contained a considerable amount of treasures. He had worked extremely hard to reach this stage, so how could he sit around and watch Qin Yi take the largest share without putting up a fight?

From what he had seen earlier, one needed to have the elder's plaque to ascertain their status before they were allowed into the cottage.

As for the plaque... Li Luo definitely did not have one. and he wasn't sure how Qin Yi had gotten her hands on one. However, the plaque might not be the only way for him to prove his status.

From his experience on the way here, the Acquired Resonance Godly Forging Art and the Acquired Resonance Flame were also ways to prove his status. Although he did not know what kind of people in the Sacred Void Resonance Sect could cultivate the Acquired Resonance Flame, he was sure it was limited to people of reasonably high status.

In that case, he might have the right to enter the cottage if he could prove his identity with that.

He wanted to give it a try.

Hearing Li Luo's shout, the White Ape paused for a moment. His somewhat cloudy eyes looked over as he slowly asked, "Do you have the elder's plaque?"

Qin Yi also stared at Li Luo with slightly twitching eyes behind the White Ape. Could it be that he also had a similar object?

Li Luo replied in a deep voice, "I do not have the elder's plaque, but I have another means to prove my status. Please check it, Senior White Ape."

When he finished speaking, he did not wait for the White Ape to respond. He walked up over to him and stretched his hand out.

The White Ape's cloudy and aged eyes seemed to flash for a moment when he saw Li Luo's actions. He went silent for a while before he slowly stretched out his hand. Before everyone's gazes, he held onto Li Luo's palm.

When Li Luo came into contact with his hand, he felt an extremely cold sensation, like the touch of ice. He could not help but sneeze a few times. However, that was not important right now. He instantly activated the Acquired Resonance Godly Forging Art, and the Acquired Resonance Flame gradually ignited within his body.

The wisps of flame gradually passed from his palm over to the ape's hand. After this, Li Luo saw a hint of surprise appear within the White Ape's eyes.

"There's hope!" Li Luo was pleasantly surprised.

As Li Luo was trying to prove his status with the Acquired Resonance Flame, he did not notice that the mysterious Auric Halo within his body had begun to move as well. Gradually, it trembled a little.

For a moment, a strange sound echoed throughout their surroundings. This sound was not audible to the others, only to Li Luo and the White Ape.

In the next moment, Li Luo saw the White Ape tremble violently. A look of shock flashed across his face as he stared blankly at Li Luo. His breathing seemed to have become much faster. There was a subtle and vague murmur coming from his pointed mouth.

However, it was too vague for Li Luo to make out the words. All he could hear was the word "sacred." Next, the White Ape let go.

"Senior White Ape, may I enter now?" Li Luo asked nervously.

A smile appeared on the expressionless face of the White Ape. He nodded and replied, "Of course."

When the crowd heard this, they began whispering amongst themselves.

Everyone was stunned as they stared at Li Luo. They did not understand how he had been granted the right to enter after a handshake with the White Ape. Clearly, Li Luo had not revealed any sort of identification item.

Perhaps Li Luo had proven his right to enter by some other means?

"Hey, Li Luo is really unfathomable." Zhu Zhu smiled. She seemed to have seen Li Luo pulling off unexpected things time and time again ever since they met.

As for Zhao Shenjiang, Zhao Jingyu, Mu Yao, and those with a grudge against Li Luo, their faces were extremely gloomy. It was not good news to them that Li Luo had gained the right to enter the cottage.

Similarly, a strange light passed through Qin Yi's clear eyes. "Li Luo managed to obtain the right to enter as well? What exactly did he show the White Ape?"

Curiosity bloomed deep in her heart.

Li Luo was naturally elated now that the White Ape had acknowledged him. Without a doubt, the thatched cottage was the biggest treasure trove in the Spiritual Resonance Cave. He couldn't just sit back and watch Qin Yi take everything. Either way, he had made up his mind earlier. If he really couldn't get in, he would just stay outside and wait for Qin Yi to come back out. Then... he would have to be the villain for once. The two sides had been enemies all this while anyway. There was really no need for him to show any mercy here.

He hurriedly walked up and stood behind the White Ape too.

Qin Yi glanced over and said with a light smile, "Dragon's Head Li Luo, you sure are resourceful. You have truly managed to latch on to this fateful opportunity. It is no wonder you've managed to attain the success you have today."

Li Luo replied with a smile of his own, "It's nothing compared to the lengths you've taken to prepare for this, Fairy Qin. You seem to have known about this cottage way beforehand. I wonder, how did you manage to obtain that plaque?"

"If you are willing to share how you were able to convince Senior White Ape to let you in, I'll be more than happy to exchange information with you," Qin Yi said with a subtle smile.

Li Luo pondered over it for a second. "If I were to say that Senior White Ape let me in because he thinks I am handsome and elegant, would you believe me?"

"It seems you are unwilling to share your sources, Dragon's Head Li Luo," Qin Yi replied.

Li Luo laughed without saying anything else. The value of each person's information was clearly not equivalent. He would not lose his head just because of her beauty and share his personal secrets.

Besides, he was not really interested in Qin Yi's side of things. It was no longer important to him now that he had managed to get the right to enter the cottage. Next, he had to ensure that Qin Yi did not hoard all of the treasures for herself.

As the two of them continued to spar verbally, the White Ape gradually closed the wooden door.

The crowd outside felt a sense of helpless reluctance about the situation as they watched the door close. Impatient individuals like Zhu Zhu even summoned up their resonant power, clearly thinking of a way to force their way in.

However, Zhu Zhu stayed cool in the end. The treasures were wonderful, but her life was even more important.

It was best for her to wait quietly on the outside for now. She could think of a new plan when Li Luo and Qin Yi emerged.

The other forces also had the same thought. As such, everyone retreated a short distance and waited outside the cottage.

But no one noticed a scarlet stream flowing silently across the distant plains.

It was scarlet-red like fresh blood, emitting a vile, pungent smell.

If one looked down from above, they would notice that the blood-red stream was growing larger at an extremely fast pace, faintly turning into a massive river of blood that spread in all directions and swept across the plains.

Atop the flowing river of blood was a figure. It was a handsome young man wearing a white monk's robe. His face seemed to exude compassion, but it was juxtaposed against his smooth head, which was engraved with blood-red lines. The lines were moving slowly, squirming like worms of blood.

He glanced down at the river of blood. There were many corpses with twisted faces floating in the red liquid. Judging from their clothes, the corpses were the other explorers who had entered the Spiritual Resonance Cave.

A faint smile surfaced on the handsome young man's face.

"As expected, the restriction of the Spiritual Resonance Cave has been diminished after I held a blood ritual with the people who were baptized by the Golden Dew Platform... It seems like this time I'll be able to enjoy my meal and achieve my state of Grand Perfection successfully."

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