Absolute Resonance

Chapter 0851: Competing for the Dragon's Head

Chapter 0851: Competing for the Dragon's Head

"What do you think? Are you confident?" the Respected Elder asked Li Luo with a smile after revealing his request.

After pondering for a moment, Li Luo asked, "What's the benefit of obtaining the Tri-Radiance Glass?"

Back in the Xia Kingdom, there was no mention of the Tri-Radiance Glass at all. After all, one was already the cream of the crop in their generation if they managed to reach the Glass Fiend Tier. No one really took notice of how many colors were present in the protective light.

Perhaps the requirements to achieve the Tri-Radiance Glass was too harsh, so it was naturally ignored.

The outer divine continent had less resources than the inner divine continent after all.

For instance, a rare treasure like the Nine Aperture Rock of Gold was probably only seen in the entirety of the Xia Kingdom once every few dozen years.

"Not only can the Tri-Radiance Glass increase your defensive capabilities, it can also improve one's tempering of the physical body. Of course, these are just temporary benefits. The real significance lies in setting an invincible foundation to prepare for the Duke or King Stages in the future," Li Jingzhe slowly explained.

At this point, he paused for a moment before he continued calmly, "When I say the Duke or King Stages... I am referring to Transcendent Dukes and the Heavenly Emperor Stage, of course."

When he finished his sentence, Li Luo and the other two stared at him with eyes wide open.

Li Luo was dumbfounded for a whole moment before he said, "Aren't you thinking too far ahead? Grandpa, such high expectations put me under a lot of pressure from you."

The so-called Transcendent Dukes were Dukes with the power to rival King Stage opponents. Such battle strength could only be achieved by the very best in each generation. As for the Heavenly Emperor... there was no need to explain further.

Li Luo truly had not expected Li Jingzhe to have such high expectations of him.

In response, Li Jingzhe slowly explained, "It's not that my expectations are too high. Rather, you will need to push yourself to the limit at every stage if you have such aspirations for the future. Whether it's the Tri-Radiance Glass or attaining nine pearls in the Heavenly Dipper General Stage... This is all to push your own potential to the limit and setting up an impeccable foundation for the future. Only by doing so can you stand a better chance when you try to break into the stages ordinary people can only dream of. Are you interested now?" He continued to stare at Li Luo.

For a moment, Li Luo was at a loss for words. It would be hypocritical if he had said he was uninterested.

"I got it." Li Luo nodded in the end. He reached out for the purple jade box as he said, "I'll do my best."

Li Jingzhe nodded firmly and replied, "The foundational requirements for the Tri-Radiance Glass are extremely high. You do not have to attain it in one shot. Rather, you can make use of the Nine Aperture Rock of Gold to progress step by step."

Li Luo agreed with his suggestion.

Moving on, Li Jingzhe's tone changed a little as he continued, "In addition, the distribution method for the Nine Marks Sacred Heart Lotus has been decided."

Hearing this, Li Luo took a deep breath and stared intently at Li Jingzhe. He was clearly more nervous now than when he obtained the Nine Aperture Rock of Gold.

After all, this matter was related to Jiang Qing'e's injury.

"I have discussed it with the other Lineage Chiefs for the past two days. The meeting was pretty intense. Like I told you earlier, the Nine Marks Sacred Heart Lotus is an extremely valuable item to Dukes. The Hall Masters all have their own views on this, especially the ones from the Dragon's Blood Lineage."

Li Luo grew even more anxious when he heard about this. It seemed like obtaining the Nine Marks Sacred Heart Lotus was trickier than he had imagined.

"I offered three hundred million skygold to bring it back to the Dragon's Fang Lineage," Li Jingzhe continued calmly.

At this moment, Li Luo took a deep breath. The Nine Marks Sacred Heart Lotus was worth three hundred million?!

Clearly, he realized that he did not know much about the Nine Marks Sacred Heart Lotus at all.

Li Jingzhe took a look at him as he said, "The Nine Marks Sacred Heart Lotus is a top-tier treasure. It's considered one of the most valuable items in the Heavenly Dragon's Five Lineages treasure vault. If a Duke utilized it for cultivation, there is a chance they would overcome the resonant power barrier and breakthrough again. As such, it's a priceless treasure beyond comprehension. Naturally, the price that I have offered requires a premium."

Hearing this, Li Luo broke out in cold sweat. He felt kind of guilty that the Dragon's Fang Lineage had to pay such a high price for his request.

"Did they agree to it?" Li Luo asked carefully.

Li Jingzhe shook his head. He continued, "They didn't agree to it. There was no objection from the other Lineage Chiefs except for Li Tianji. I know what he's plotting. He wants to reserve this treasure for Li Jiluo from the Dragon's Blood Lineage's Gold Blood Hall. That man is Li Qingfeng's father, an eighth-grade Duke. He may be able to break into the ninth-grade with the assistance of the Nine Marks Sacred Heart Lotus."

When he heard the explanation, Li Luo did not know if he should heave a sigh of relief or feel disappointed.

"In the end, it was decided that the Nine Marks Sacred Heart Lotus shall be given to the Dragon's Head of your generation. In other words, this treasure will be given to whoever becomes the Dragon's Head in the Twenty Banners. Hehe, that old man Li Tianji sure thought it through," Li Jingzhe said.

Hearing this, Li Luo was stunned for a few seconds before he slapped his hands together and exclaimed in surprise, "Won't that save us three hundred million skygold?!"

Li Jingtao and Li Fengyi looked at him silently.

If he wasn't their Third Brother, they would have shouted back. This little boy was too crazy—why was he acting like he was already the Dragon's Head?

Obviously, the Lineage Chief of the Dragon's Blood Lineage had planned it in such a way so that Li Qingfeng could obtain the Nine Marks Sacred Heart Lotus.

At this moment, a smile surfaced on Li Jingzhe’s cold and solemn face. He said, "If they had suggested such a distribution method before the Mystical Yellow Dragonbreath Pool battle, I might not have agreed to it."

Undoubtedly, he felt that this method might be an opportunity after witnessing Li Luo's fight a few days prior.

Li Fengyi reminded them from the side, "The Dragon's Head Competition relies on one's individual strength. We are not allowed to use Harmony."

Although Li Luo's performance had been spectacular and he had even escaped from the grasp of Qin Yi, it was all thanks to the state of Harmony closing the gap between his power and that of the other Banner Leaders. If they counted solely on their individual strength, Li Luo would not even be one of the top five Banner Leaders, let alone hold his ground against Qin Yi or Li Qingfeng.

Li Luo smiled and nodded. "I may not be able to do it now, but there's still time, right?"

Once he broke into the Glass Fiend Tier successfully, he estimated that he would be able to squeeze into the top few ranks among the twenty Banner Leaders.

Standing by his side, Li Jingtao also smiled and said, "With Third Brother's talent, he may really just pull it off. If you become the Dragon's Head, the commotion will surely be many times larger than it has been recently.

Li Fengyi agreed with him and said, "After all, everyone knows about all the years Third Brother has wasted in the outer divine continent. Yet he was able to catch up in such a short amount of time. His talent is clearly remarkable.

"The upcoming competition for the Dragon's Head will definitely be the toughest one in the entire history of our bloodline."

"Let's hope your well wishes come true, Eldest Brother and Second Sister," Li Luo said jokingly. He was actually not very interested in the position of the Dragon's Head. After all, he was one who focused on more practical gains. However, if he could obtain the Nine Marks Sacred Heart Lotus by merely becoming the Dragon's Head, he would just have to do it.

Originally, he just wanted to cultivate quietly. Why was he being forced to become the Dragon's Head now?

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