Absolute Great Teacher

Chapter 912 - Merely the Position of an Imperial Preceptor, Who Would Care about It?

Chapter 912: Merely the Position of an Imperial Preceptor, Who Would Care about It?


The entire area was in an uproar.

The great teachers looked at the kneeling Wanyan Mei before turning their gazes that were filled with shock toward Sun Mo. After that, the shock in their eyes changed to envy, hatred, and jealousy.

Were Wanyan Xiongba’s gifts valuable enough?

Extremely so!

But to great teachers, once they accumulated wealth to a certain point, there was no more meaning to it.

In any case, regardless of a few hundred million or a billion, they could live in comfort every day and there wouldn’t be much difference. Hence, when they heard the gifts shouted by the chamberlain earlier, they could still act casual and discuss how to rate the quality of the pearls and gems from their luster.

But when Wanyan Mei knelt and implored Sun Mo to accept her as a personal student, the great teachers on the scene could no longer be calm.

Humans lived for fame or authority. Those who said they didn’t care weren’t qualified enough to obtain anything.

Even Confucius wanted his teachings to spread through the world with his disciples everywhere.

The students that great teachers wanted could generally be classified into two types.

The first type was those overflowing with talent. Even if it was someone poor, the great teachers wouldn’t mind. They would even be willing to take out their own money to help nurture the growth of the genius.

Because once their students were nurtured successfully and became famous throughout the world, it would bring great prestige to those great teachers.

The other type was the descendants of royalty.

One could say that in the future, the world would still belong to them. If someone could become their personal teacher, this meant that he or she would never lack money or status.

What was the highest title of a great teacher?

An imperial preceptor!

To guide the descendants of royalty…and when they ascended to the most valuable chair (throne) under the heavens, they could make use of their teacher’s knowledge to govern their country well, making sure their country prospers and their people at peace, hopefully allowing them to become the number one emperor in a millennium.

This was something every great teacher would thirst for the most.

By guiding a single person to influence the entire country or even the entire world. This was then what the phrase ‘not letting down one’s learning’ meant.

Right now, Wanyan Mei wanted to take Sun Mo as her personal teacher.

Although she might not become the country lord of Jin Country, seeing how much she was doted on by Wanyan Xiongba, her future title would definitely not be low.

Also, there would be several tens of thousands of citizens living in her fief. All of them might be influenced by Sun Mo’s teachings.

Naturally, leaving aside all of these, the glory of being able to become the personal teacher of a Jin Country’s princess would cause the other great teachers to feel so sour like they had a bellyful of lemons.

“Teacher Sun, Princess Wanyan is the most outstanding genius of our Dragon Subduing Academy. She has extraordinary talent in the study of spirit runes. You have truly picked up a treasure.”

“Yes, why are you still hesitating?”

“Congrats, congrats!”

The few vice headmasters immediately helped and spoke up for Wanyan Mei.

“Wanyan, what is your opinion on the study of spirit runes?”

Sun Mo asked.

Seeing that Sun Mo didn’t immediately accept Wanyan Mei or even let her get up, Wanyan Xiongba furrowed his brow.

Honestly speaking, although he had investigated Sun Mo before and knew Sun Mo had ancestor-level standard of expertise in the study of spirit runes, he only agreed to let her take Sun Mo on as a personal teacher because he valued Sun Mo’s peerless saint-tier cultivation arts and wanted to make a bet on Sun Mo’s future that he could become a secondary saint.

If he really became a saint, Wanyan Xiongba would profit immensely.

In any case, he didn’t lack gold, silver, or precious gems. He believed as long as he gave Sun Mo enough face, this matter would be settled.

But he didn’t expect that Sun Mo wasn’t bothered about the title ‘imperial preceptor’ at all.

“My opinion?”

Wanyan Mei fell silent.

She had never considered this question. She only felt that spirit runes were very interesting, and she could suppress other geniuses in this subject. This was why she wanted to research it more deeply.

“Why are alchemy and weaponsmithing the two most popular subjects?” Sun Mo lifted his hands. “Get up first.”

Wanyan Mei shook her head. The matter of taking on a personal teacher had its own rules and etiquette. She wouldn’t be able to get preferential treatment despite being a princess.

Sun Mo didn’t force her either as he continued to explain. “Alchemy pills can cure the ill and earn wealth. They can also help oneself to break through to a higher cultivation realm. All of these are benefits that can be seen directly.

“As for weaponsmithing, one would be able to create stronger weapons to arm themselves and become stronger. As long as top-rated weapons appeared, there would be an instant effect of boosting one’s strength.

“What about spirit runes?”

“From my point of view, although spirit runes can earn money as well, there’s even more to it. It represents the future. It represents an energy that can transform the impossible into the possible. Spirit runes can allow one to soar in the sky, to tunnel through the earth, to make this world a magical world.”

Sun Mo introduced.

“Wow, he can really boast!”

The lips of the great teachers twitched. Alchemy and weaponsmithing were the two most popular subjects that were publicly acknowledged. (It’s fine that you want to boast about spirit runes, but can you not trample on the other two subjects?)

The majority of great teachers wanted to give Wanyan Xiongba some face, hence, they didn’t interrupt. But some high-ranking great teachers didn’t care about this. They directly shouted.

“In that case, can your spirit runes make mountains crumble and rivers flow in reverse? Allowing withered trees to revitalize?”

Sun Mo looked over and smiled. “Naturally, yes.”


Mocking laughter rang out everywhere.

Even Wanyan Xiongba and the few vice headmasters were frowning. Sun Mo’s words were a little too exaggerated.

Wanyan Mei furrowed her brows in contemplation.

“Wanyan. I’m saying all of this not because I want you to be enlightened right now and realize great logic from your contemplation. Rather, I want to give you a direction to let you see this subject clearly.”

Sun Mo looked at this genius before him. “As for taking me on as a personal teacher, let’s scrap that temporarily. But if you have any questions in the study of spirit runes, you can come and ask me any time. I will definitely answer them meticulously and not hide any of my knowledge.”


Upon hearing that Sun Mo rejected Wanyan Mei, the great teachers who had been mocking him took in a breath of cold air. How many people could be so calm in the face of becoming an imperial preceptor?

An Xinhui turned her head sideways slightly and surveyed Sun Mo, feeling that he was very handsome.

“Teacher, are you disliking the fact that I have many teachers?”

Wanyan Mei frowned.

In any world, those in power would naturally have preferential treatment.

Usually speaking, a student would only have a single personal teacher. But to princes and princesses, they didn’t have this restriction.

Great teachers also approved of this. After all, the demand exceeded the supply. It was already not bad if you had the chance to teach a descendant of royalty. Who would care about how many great teachers they had?

Another more pompous reason was that the descendants of royalty needed to learn more knowledge so they would be able to govern the country and their citizens better.

Naturally, they would need more teachers to guide them.

“That has nothing to do with this.”

Sun Mo helped Wanyan Mei to her feet first. “When I accept disciples, I would always say ‘when you guys feel that I no longer have a way to teach you, you all can leave any time. There’s no need to have any burdens psychologically’.

“The relationship between a student and a teacher should be one that allows for mutual improvement and not a fetter.”


After Sun Mo finished speaking, Priceless Advice was activated.

The golden light illuminated an area with a range of over a thousand meters.

The spectators in the surroundings were looking at Sun Mo in a dumbstruck manner because these words were a grave breach of the norms of society. He was absolutely challenging the rule of the great teacher world.

Who wouldn’t hope that their disciples would treat them wholeheartedly with loyalty when they accepted one?

(Yet, you are good, you want your disciples to be ‘free’? Your conscience must have gone to the dogs!)

Wanyan Xiongba’s expression changed. For the first time, he sincerely hoped from the bottom of his heart that his daughter could take Sun Mo on as a personal teacher. Great teachers with such mentalities would surely not have low accomplishments in the future.

An Xinhui applauded softly.

(As expected of my fiance, the level of his thoughts is simply too high.)

Although some people were unhappy with Sun Mo’s words, how would they dare to refute it? Priceless Advice had already been activated. This meant that these words were from the bottom of his heart.

“Really stupid.”

The great teachers could only curse silently.

“Relax, I will teach you something. You can comprehend and probe this by yourself first!”

As Sun Mo spoke, a white glow enveloped his right hand and he punched out toward Wanyan Mei’s forehead.


His fist stopped but the white glow was blasted into Wanyan Mei’s mind.

Soul Imprint!


Wanyan Mei instantly saw countless multi-colored scenes. There were tall buildings reaching through the clouds, iron boxes speeding at rapid speed on the roads…

The words Sun Mo spoke to Wanyan Mei were also things he was recently thinking about.

After becoming an ancestor, Sun Mo was standing at the foremost area of this field. As for what was the direction next, it would have to depend on his own probing.

Luckily, Sun Mo had the vision and knowledge from another world.

From his point of view, spirit runes were just tools. Through different arrangements of their structure, they could be grouped into different diagrams and use spirit qi to achieve certain effects.

Since fireballs and lightning could be summoned, spirit runes could naturally be used to allow withered trees to be revitalized, allow one to naturally fly through the sky and tunnel through the earth, shift mountains and overturn seas…

Sun Mo already had a research direction. However, to verify his theory, he decided to design a ‘spirit rune’…

Yes, he didn’t want to depend on the spirit runes design template provided by the system. He wanted to fully depend on his intelligence to complete one.

Wanyan Mei stood frozen at her location. She was unable to extricate herself as she was deeply immersed in the knowledge of spirit runes that Sun Mo had sent over.

“As for these gifts, I have to implore Country Lord Wanyan to take them back.”

After Sun Mo finished speaking, he clasped his hands and left.

An Xinhui and Xianyu Wei immediately followed him.

“Great Teacher Sun, please wait. Please wait!”

Wanyan Xiongba called out twice, but Sun Mo didn’t bother with him.

“Even if you just teach Wanyan Mei the study of spirit rune, a single subject, you will also be an imperial preceptor. Wouldn’t you find it a pity to give it up just like this?”

An Xinhui asked.

“Xinhui, the day I become a Saint, the barbarians will feel regret because Wanyan Mei wasn’t able to take me on as her master. They wouldn’t say it was my loss because I didn’t become an imperial preceptor.”

Sun Mo smiled.

An Xinhui started. After that, she revealed a gentle smile and couldn’t help but take two steps forward, wanting to be nearer to Sun Mo.

As for Xianyu Wei, her eyes were twinkling like stars as she stared at Sun Mo with worship.

Her teacher’s words were truly too tyrannical.

Merely a position as an imperial preceptor, who would care for it?

(Oh right, an imperial preceptor? I’m already one!)

Sun Mo smiled in a self-mocking manner. The little sunny egg was the princess of Great Tang.

“This Sun Mo is too rude.”

“Yeah, he is too arrogant and must not be put in important positions.”

“Country Lord Wanyan, you don’t have to put this to heart. He’s after all someone from the Central Plains. It’s understandable that he looks down on us.”

The few vice headmasters consoled Wanyan Xiongba and started to curse Sun Mo.

Actually, in their hearts, they also didn’t want someone from the Central Plains like Sun Mo to become an imperial preceptor. If not, where would their faces be placed?

“Country Lord, it’s good that Her Highness didn’t take Sun Mo on as her teacher. This fellow actually said that spirit runes could cause mountains to crumble and rivers to reverse their flows, allowing spring to come upon withered trees, letting them regain vitality. What a braggart…”

However, this vice headmaster, who loathed Sun Mo a lot, suddenly saw peach blossom petals drifting over by a gust of cold wind just when he wanted to say more bad stuff about Sun Mo.

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