Abe the Wizard

Chapter 377 - Leaf

Chapter 377 Leaf

Abel realized the 21#pul rune he had was different from the dark gold crystal core rune base he had combined.

The energy within the 1#pul rune was even more powerful, but that was too much for Abel right now anyways. He remembered his teacher Wizard Morton had told him that he could only draw a rune beyond 10# after he became an official wizard.

Although Wizard Morton was talking about making rune signs, Abel guessed that making actual runes would be just the same.

The next step was to put the Rune Word’ Leaf together since he had everything he needed: a double socket magic staff, 3#tir rune, and 8#ral rune.

Abel took out the battle magic staff and focused his power of will onto it. All of a sudden, 2 complicated sockets appeared In front of his eyes. The first socket seemed normal, and he already grasped the formula to make it.

However, the second socket seemed almost unreal. Even a fast learner like Abel began to scratch his head. It was beyond any he knew at the time.

At first, he thought about examining the staff before he turned it into a rune word, but now this task seemed daunting after seeing the second socket. Without any fundamental knowledge about it, Abel didn’t even have the confidence to examine it with a ‘Soul Potion’.

Maybe he was a little greedy anyway. While Abel was still thinking, he carefully placed the 3#tir rune on to the first socket. After he secured it, the socket automatically began to seal up.

Then, he placed the 8#ral rune in the second socket. After it merged with the socket, the battle magic staff began to glow dark gold.

This glow surrounded the magic staff. A large amount of energy was then expelled from the 2 runes, and mangled together during the process.

The word ‘tir’ appeared within the dark gold glow, followed by the word ‘ral’. These 2 words merged together, forming a new word. The gold glow got brighter and brighter until Abel couldn’t even open his eyes. But he didn’t want to miss this chance of igniting the rune, so he used his power of will to focus on it instead.

The dark gold glow was then sucked into the word ‘tirral’. This word then began to swirl around the magic staff and merged with it as well. Just like that, this strange scene had ended.

This magic staff looked just like a normal magic staff. It wasn’t glowing and didn’t have an eye catching shine like the dark gold ones. Still, you could immediately feel how powerful it was when you held it in your hand.

Although Abel already knew a thing or 2 about this Leaf rune word. He still connected his power of will on to it to examine its attributes. The word ‘tirral’ appeared on the body of the magic staff under his power of the will. After he focused on it, some stats appeared.


Battle Magic Staff


Double hand damage: 6-14


+3 Fire attribute

+15% increase damage

Increase 5-30 Fire damage

+3 Fire enchantment

+3 Fireball

+3 Inferno flame

+6 Warmth

+3 Fire Bolt

+10 defense

Ice resistance +33%

+mana with every enemy killed

Increase durability 15%

+50% damage to undead

Has a socket

This long string of attributes almost made Abel dizzy. It was too powerful. The magic staff had gathered almost all the low level, beginner, and some intermediate Wizard’s spells in one place. Since wizards had different attributes, these spells could also enchant each other’s strength of each other. Therefore, this magic staff was an immensely powerful weapon for wizards with fire attributes.

Fire enchantment: immediately increase fire damage on weapons.

You could use fire enchantment on your teammates, and you could even change your weapon after you unleashed the spell; they would still retain fire damage increase.

Fire enchantment can also generate an effect on a spear, so they were great to use on archers.

This spell was extremely useful to Abel, considering how many summons he had. It would dramatically increase the fighting power of all of his teammates by giving them more fire damage.

The increase in fire damage from a fire enchantment depended on the level of the person who unleashed the spell. It also had to do with the level of their ‘Warmth’ spell. Each increase in level of a ‘Warmth’ spell could increase the power of the fire enchantment by 9%.

With Abel’s current level 5 ‘Warmth’ and the level 6 ‘Warmth’ spell on the Leaf Magic Staff, on top of the extra 3 levels added by the fire enchantment. Abel’s ‘Warmth’ spell was now level 14, which could give him a mana recovery rate of 186%

“Fire enchantment” could also increase fire damage by 3 points. So, if Abel had his Pelta Lunata on his left, and Jade Tan Do in his right. He would have some powerful poison and fire attacking power, which could increase his immediate attack strength to 04-7 points.

Since these attacks were based on attributes, it could make his summons a lot more powerful. Especially in the Holy Continent: their Fire attacks were a lot more powerful than the Dark World.

Also, the level 6 ‘Inferno flame’ had made his Dar Fire Magic Staff obsolete. ‘Inferno flame’ could be enchanted by ‘Warmth. So, every level of his ‘Warmth’ would add an extra 14% fire damage, giving Abel’s ‘Inferno flame 97-188 points of damage every second.

If the ‘Inferno flame’ was not a sustainable short distance spell, it could become Abel’s main spell. Luckily, the Leaf Magic Staff had also given him a ‘Fireball’ spell

Fireball: generating a fireball, exploding when impacted.

‘Fireball’ spell was a mass attack spell. It could only be grasped by intermediate Wizards, but now Abel could also use it with the Leaf Magic Staff. Although it wouldn’t cover as big of an area as his Charging Bolts, it compensated with its destructive and exploding power.

Since ‘Fireball’ was fast, it had become the number one choice for wizards with fire attributes. Intermediate Wizards also attacked with it.

With the level 3 ‘Fireball’ on the Leaf Magic Staff on top of the 3 levels added by the Fire enchantment, Abel could now unleash a level 6 Fireball with this Magic Staff. Meanwhile, his original level 8 Fire Bolt spell had also been raised to level 14 because of the Leaf Magic Staff. Not only that, but every Fire Bolt could enhance a ‘Fireball’ by 14%, which gave his ‘Fireball’ 81-109 points of damage.

This staff had elevated Abel’s attack power to the level of an intermediate wizard just like that, but at the same time, it was also a bigger toll on his mana.

By now, Abel looked desperate. He wanted to try this Leaf Magic Staff out on someone immediately. He stepped out of the Akara’s Tent, and shoved everything back to his personal storage box.

Bartoli saw Abel with a smiling face holding a magic staff in his hand, so she quickly stepped up and bowed “Master, you are back!”

“Bartoli, keep taking care of the magic circle. I want to go to Black Marsh to try out my new toy!” Abel said with a smile, waving the Leaf Magic Staff around. Suddenly an idea struck him. He reached his hand in his portal bracelet and took out the dark fire magic staff. Afterwards he handed it to Bartoli and said “I made this dark fire magic staff myself. Although it can only enhance ‘Inferno’, this level 6 Inferno can still increase the damage of your ‘Firewall’ by 6 points. Just use it for now. I’ll change it for you when I find a better one!”

“Thank you, Master!” Bartoli took the magic staff with both hands. Although she had seen many magic staffs throughout her life, she could never use one because of the constraints of hell. Now that she had escaped, she could finally have her own magic staff. Only a Wizard with a Magic Staff could be considered as a real Wizard.

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