Abe the Wizard

Chapter 1128 - Warm Energy

Chapter 1128: Warm Energy

Abel and the three legendary wizards were frightened by the dragon turtle’s presence. They carefully rode on the ancient submarine and spent a few days returning to the island that they came from. The three legendary wizards were taking the island’s teleportation circle to return to the Wizard Union headquarters. Abel just took a step back and used the teleportation circle to return to the golden castle.

For about a month since they left, he needed to supply some potions for the castle warehouse. But, at the same time, he also wanted to find a quiet place to look through his loot.

After walking out of the large teleportation circle inside the golden castle, a white light appeared before he left the teleportation circle room. Druid Lendo just brought another advanced druid over.

Abel smiled and bowed, “Greetings to you, Druid Lendo!”

Druid Randal was a bit reserved, “Greetings, Master Bennett. What’s this, if I may ask?”

Druid Lendo didn’t think that Abel was welcoming him. They were friends, but Abel did not need to go to him in person.

Abel smiled, “I just came back, and I happened to see you before I left the teleportation circle!”

Druid Lendo smiled and explained, “What a coincidence! I was just bringing my student here to have something to eat. He’s been stuck at rank 17 for 20 years now, and I was just wondering if your recipes can help him with his promotion.”

Abel tried not to be too direct, “It’s not guaranteed to promote your student, but what I can say is that it increases the overall probability.”

Druid Lendo was getting a bit emotional, “You’re a bit too humble, Master Bennett. Wizards, druids and priests have all benefited from your restaurant. There have been 25 promotions in total. Even the master level potions are not as effective as your food. If it weren’t so hard to get a seat, I would’ve just come here as a regular customer!”

Abel smiled and replied, “You could’ve just sent a message to me, Druid Lendo. We can eat together if you want.”

Druid Lendo quickly refused, “No, no! You have many friends, Master Bennett. If you have to make an exception for everyone, what time would you have for yourself? Besides, it’s already been 20 years for my student. A few days more is nothing.”

Abel passed a bottle of synthesized juice to Druid Lendo, “It’s my first time seeing your student, actually. I’ll give this juice away if he wants.”

Druid Lendo knew that it was something good, “Dallas! Say your thanks to Master Bennett!”

Dallas replied with a deep bow, “Thank you for the present, Master Bennett!”

Abel spoke to Druid Lendo and Dallas, “You go and enjoy your meal, Druid Lendo. I’ll be on my way now.”

Watching as Abel teleported out of the teleportation circle room, Druid Lendo and his student got their way to the restaurant. When the two druids took their seats, the ten seats became full. The half-elves started bringing all kinds of dishes over.

Since the golden castle often had many customers, the Judson Family, which was the family that Druid Joseph belonged to, brought another new batch of half-elves. The half-elves would often provide service at the restaurant and the top platform.

Druid Dallas sat beside Druid Lendo. He looked curiously towards the castle in front of him. He couldn’t believe the wealth piled up here. It was no wonder class holders below advanced were forbidden to be here. The amount of gold here would make anyone lose their minds. If he himself weren’t already an advanced class holder, he would’ve also been very tempted to get the gold here.

As a matter of fact, Abel wasn’t worried about having his gold taken over. He only restricted certain class holders from visiting because he didn’t want too many visitors.

What Druid Dallas didn’t understand was why he got a bottle of juice from a potion master. Master Bennett was mainly known for being the dominant producer of all kinds of potions. As long as it was from him, what product was sold would always have its price multiplied from its starting price. Master Bennett was known to have done that to many of his brands, such as promoting potions for class holders and beauty products for female elves. So it just seemed odd that it was a bottle of water spirit juice, although the price did seem to have gone up lately.

Druid Lendo was ordering some food, “What happened, Dallas?”

“Why is it a bottle of juice?” Druid Lendo asked after glancing to see if anyone was eavesdropping on them.

“Hush, you! Who do you think Master Bennett is? You think this is regular juice?” Druid Lendo scorned him, then took out his own juice that was contained inside his crystal bottle, “Just have a sip of this. I was going to let you have some once we’re back, but I’ll give the explanation early.”

Druid Dallas took the crystal bottle and smelled a special fruit. He could tell that this was the water spirit fruit, but the aroma was even better than the regular ones. He gently poured some of it into his mouth, and his soul felt like he was flying in midair. Everything that was piled up over the 20 years became something of an enlightenment, which generated a promotion qi on him.

He loosened his grip and dropped his juice. On the side, Druid Lendo was very quick to catch the bottle.

Someone called out when Druid Lendo was about to put the bottle away, “Druid Lendo, are you willing to offer this bottle?”

Druid Lendo could see that it was Wizard Haywood, “Wizard Haywood! This bottle is a gift Master Bennett gave to my student. Sorry to say, he’s already had a sip, so it’s not really up for sale.”

Before Wizard Haywood could say more, he hid the bottle of juice inside his portal bag.

“Damn it!” Wizard Haywood cursed. He smelled something special about this bottle, but Wizard Lendo was strong on keeping this to his student. Still, he quickly thought that he could contact the lightning clan. Since the lightning clan was already so close with Master Bennett, he could have his good friend ask for a brand new bottle of juice.

Abel didn’t realize that his bottle of juice had just immediately activated the promotion of an advanced druid. That was another one added to his list of clients who’ve succeeded. Also, the bottle of juice in his hands just became the target of many, many people. This is because the water spirit fruits produced in the dark world were already much better than those produced on the continent. Also, since it was synthesized twice already, the effect on one’s spirit would be much better.

Abel didn’t feel much when he was drinking these water spirit fruits. However, since this was the first time that he was consuming this as he was stuck at the bottleneck stage, he realized that the impact that it would have on the soul had just triggered promotion.

He had already entered the training room. After activating the seclusion circle and the defensive circle, he took out a crystal body that was the size of a skull. Given that two mighty sea creatures (stronger than legendary wizards) had fought each other for it before, he thought that it must be something much more than just regular items.

He spoke to the sky, “Can you analyze what this is, research spirit?”

The research spirit responded, “Please wait, Master. We’re waiting for analysis.”

An energy wave scanned across the crystal body. After ten more seconds, the research spirit’s voice came over again.

The research spirit replied, “The database does not contain this kind of item. Master, there is no method to identify this item.”

Abel sighed in disappointment. He was already expecting this sort of outcome. He didn’t think that a top-level treasure of this rarity would have a record, not even in the Wizard Union search engine.

If the research spirit couldn’t help, Abel might have to do it himself. Having thought this through, he switched on the ability of the world stone fragment to the max, both his cognitive abilities and calculating power. He carefully reached his hand over towards the crystal body in his hands. Inside the crystal body, there was a warm energy like the ocean guided into his body. He didn’t notice this before, but he didn’t dodge it. Neither his instincts nor the world stone fragments sent him warnings, which meant that this unfamiliar energy was not going to do any harm to him.

Once the warm energy entered his body, he could feel like a change was taking place. He felt that it was strange because he could clearly sense the energy melting inside of him. Could it be that the two sea creatures were fighting over something useless? That, or that they were fighting for something only meant for sea creatures.

Abel couldn’t really believe it, but he activated his body once more. Nothing changed to his power, agility, stamina, and mental strength. Nothing changed. Very quickly, he went on to cast a “firebolt,” but he realized that the firebolt had a 10% damage buff compared to before. He was very surprised. He was only absorbing the energy inside, and not even all of it, but his fire spell had already increased by this much.

In amazement, he went on to activate “icebolt” and “charge bolt.” It was also a 10% buff for both of them. Still, this was only the training room. He couldn’t activate the more powerful spells, so he immediately went on to activate the “Town Teleportation Scroll” and opened a portal that led him into the dark world.

He took his step and went to the Rogue’s Encampment. He then used the “instantaneous movement” and went to Blood Moor. He found himself a quiet place to be, then activated the fire element “meteor,” “firewall,” “freezing element “blizzard,” “ice sealing balls,” “lightning chain,” and “lightning blizzard.” After going through all of his advanced spells, he made certain of one thing, and that was that all his spells were buffed by 10%.

10% was a big difference in combat. Even 1% was a big difference, as it might just be the crucial difference that would determine whether a defense could be penetrated.

Abel went to take out the crystal body once more. He could feel that his mind was starting to heat up. If he was to absorb everything inside, his energy might just be multiplied by even more. He could use the “firebolts” to kill mad knights by then.

As he thought about how easy his upcoming fights would be, he smiled widely. Again, he inserted his power of the Will into the crystal body and drew out another warm energy. As he prepared to guide it into his body, the energy returned into the crystal body as soon as it made contact with him. He didn’t think that this was supposed to happen, but when he tried again, it failed. Maybe one the maximum amount of time that the warm energy could be absorbed.

Abel couldn’t help but laugh at himself. Maybe he was too greedy. 10% buff on all spells was already as rare as it could get. In fact, he’s never even read about anything like this. Just then, when he looked towards the crystal body in his hands, he could sense that it was sucking mana from the air around him. The warm energy he just expended was recovering at a very slow speed.

He wouldn’t have noticed unless without his divinity in the Rogue’s Encampment. The change was too insignificant. Even regular law-defying wizards would not have noticed with their power of Will. Still, it was a fact that the crystal body was absorbing the mana that was within the environment.

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