A Wizard’s Secret

Chapter 859 - Understand II

Chapter 859: Understand II

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The Great Light Region and Great Light Honorable Lord were far away from the Spell Caster civilization. According to the two Curved Horn Tribe members, the Spell Caster civilization was located in an extremely remote and uncivilized territory.

“What are you here for?”

Merlin continued to ask. He did not believe that two people with such strength would come to this remote territory for no reason.

“We’re under the command of the Great Light Honorable Lord to search for confinement dimensions left behind by the Vestigial Tribe. According to the coordinates of the dimension, we found that the confinement dimension is in your civilization.”

“The Vestigial Tribe’s confinement dimensions?”

Merlin was shocked and immediately thought of the Atlan Dimension, which was now Glory City! That was the only dimension that was left behind by the Vestigial Tribe.

“Tell me more about the confinement dimension.”

The two Curved Horn Tribe members knew that as someone from a remote territory, Merlin would not know much about general knowledge. However, he possessed the Golden Ray Armor that even the Great Light Honorable Lord did not have and could even use its power which puzzled them. Therefore, they did not delay and said respectfully, “The Vestigial Tribe’s confinement dimensions are actually to imprison Lord Gods and ultimate existences in the Void Zone because it can block the power of the natural order. Yet, it’s only possible to imprison ultimate existences. When the Vestigial Tribe was about to collapse, they placed many treasures and knowledge inheritances into the confinement dimensions. There are many confinement dimensions in the Void Zone and there are a few who accidentally chanced upon some confinement dimensions. From there, their strength rose sharply and they became preeminent existences in the Void Zone.

After speaking, the two then looked at Merlin with a strange gaze. They suspected that Merlin only became this powerful because he had taken control of a confinement dimension.

However, there were both strong and weak confinement dimensions. At least, there were no ultimate weapons in the confinement dimensions controlled by the Great Light Honorable Lord, only a few powerful treasures.

Merlin’s heart shuddered. It turned out that the Atlan Dimension was a confinement dimension created by the Vestigial Tribe dedicated to imprisoning ultimate existences and Lord Gods. That would explain why so many Lord God-level divinities were discovered in the Atlan Dimension.

Moreover, from what the two Curved Horn Tribe members said, there was not only one, but many confinement dimensions. There might be confinement dimensions left behind by the Vestigial Tribe everywhere in the vast Void Zone.

After all, how huge were the Vestigial Tribe’s forces? It was normal to have left behind many confinement dimensions.

“Since the confinement dimensions can imprison ultimate existences and block the power of the natural order, why did your Great Light Honorable Lord dare to enter the dimension and seize these Vestigial Tribe confinement dimensions?”

Merlin thought about the crucial point. The confinement dimensions were able to block the power of the natural order. Once that happened, even ultimate existences would be powerful Lords at best and could be easily killed by void-level warships. Furthermore, there were countless fortress cannons in a confinement dimension, so no matter how many ultimate existences entered, they would not be of much use.

One of the Curved Horn Tribe members smiled wryly and shook his head. “That’s only for ordinary first-grade ultimate existences. Our Seventy-two Light Envoys and all your ultimate existences here are only first-grade ultimate existences. However, our Seventy-two Light Envoys have basically reached the peak of the first-grade.”

“The first-grade is able to mobilize the power of the natural order. The more you mobilize, the stronger you are. However, this method of accumulation is extremely slow, but if you can mobilize the origin of the natural order again, then you can enter the natural order’s origin and plunder the power of the natural order inside. That’ll allow you to greatly improve your control over the power of the natural order and you’ll enter the second-grade faster.”

Merlin nodded and motioned for the two to continue. He already knew why the two Curved Horn Tribe members suddenly acted earlier. Flarite had mobilized the origin of the natural order, but no one was guarding him. It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. They did not even need to think and immediately began to plunder the origin of the natural order.

After all, an ultimate existence could only mobilize the origin of the natural order once. There was little choice but to plunder others. They could also slowly accumulate, but that would take an extremely long time.

The two Curved Horn Tribe members continued. “When you reach the peak of first-grade and can easily use huge amounts of the natural order’s power, ultimate existences would then try to store the power of the natural order inside their bodies. If they’re successful, then they’ll go from the first-grade to second-grade.”

“The confinement dimension can block ultimate existences from sensing the power of the natural order, but that’s only for first-grade ultimate existences who don’t have the power of the natural order in their bodies. When they reach the second-grade, their bodies would have already had large amounts of power and they would be able to use that power wherever they are. The confinement dimension would be of no threat to them at all.”

Merlin’s eyes shined. He had no clue that there were so many differences between ultimate existences like first-grade and second-grade. Augustus, the Titan Giant Chronos, the Avian Monarch and the rest were just first-grade. Furthermore, they were on the bottom rung of the first-grade and could not compare with the two Curved Horn Tribe members.

“What about those above the second-grade? What about the Thirty-six Emperors?”

“You know about the Thirty-six Emperors?”

The two Curved Horn Tribe members wore very strange expressions, but they looked at the Golden Ray Armor on Merlin’s body and shook their heads again. The things they saw today were even more bizarre than what they had seen in the past tens of thousands of years.

“Above the second-grade is the third-grade. The third-grade is accumulating the power of the natural order until it can evolve into a space and that space will contain the terrifying power of the natural order. For ultimate existences like that, they could easily destroy entire territories. Even tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of dimensions are nothing. The Great Light Honorable Lord is an ultimate existence belonging to the third-grade. If he wished, he could easily annihilate your entire Spell Caster civilization.”

With a wave of his hand, he could destroy the entire Spell Caster civilization. Augustus, the Avian Monarch and the others standing at the side were shocked. They approached Merlin and were attracted by the two Curved Horn Tribe members’ words.

However, Merlin appeared to be very calm. He knew that there was an annihilation function on the Golden Ray Armor. Therefore, exterminating a civilization that was hundreds and thousands of dimensions was easy. Thus, he was not surprised.

The two Curved Horn Tribe members continued. “The fourth-grade is terrifying. That’s the legendary Emperor Lord. In the endless dimensions, the existence of Emperor Lords are extremely rare. Even our Great Light Honorable Lord has never seen a great Emperor Lord before. However, it’s rumored that the space transformed by the natural order in a fourth-grade Emperor Lord ‘s body has already formed a small natural order origin and is echoing with the origin of the natural order in the entire Void Zone. It has endless power. In a sense, the Emperor Lord represents the power of the natural order in the Void Zone!”

“As for the thirty-six emperors, they’re already legendary existences. They’re the highest existences among Emperor Lords. Perhaps there are some differences in breeding the origin of the natural order. We’re not very clear on the specifics. After all, we’ve never seen a great Emperor Lord, much less the oldest Thirty-six Emperors!”

The two Curved Horn Tribe members spoke about everything they knew and answered everything they could answer with a very respectful attitude.

Merlin also knew that they were shocked by the Golden Ray Armor on his body. After all, this was the strongest power of the Vestigial Tribe and was rumored to rival the thirty-six emperors. How could they not be shocked?

Still, Merlin had a deep understanding of the differentiation between ultimate existences and was very clear that he could only master a small part of the Golden Ray Armor’s power. The control program the Vestigial Tribe left behind could not replace the role of Golden Ray Warriors, so he could not make use of the most powerful force.

“Where is your Great Light Region?” Merlin suddenly asked.

“This is the dimension map of our Great Light Region. In fact, our Great Light Region is famous throughout the Void Zone. As long as you leave this remote territory, you’ll learn about our Great Light Region just by asking some questions.”

The two Curved Horn Tribe members spoke casually but Merlin knew that it was impossible; it was too far. Just by relying on an ultimate existence’s power of the natural order to travel, it would take tens of thousands of years to leave this territory, let alone the faraway Great Light Region.

They would be able to cross the Void Zone’s boundless distance only with the Aurora Warship or other speed-type treasures similar to it.

Merlin took the dimension map and gave it a quick glance before keeping it in his dimension ring.

“Well, it’s time to deal with you two. I’m very satisfied with what you did, so I’ll give you a chance to sign a slave contract!”

“What? A slave contract?”

The two Curved Horn Tribe members’ faces changed greatly. They were mighty first-grade ultimate existences and part of the Seventy-two Light Envoys of the Great Light Region.

“Why? Are you unwilling?”

Merlin’s body glistened with golden light. In fact, he planned to kill the two men at first but they knew many things and were also very powerful. It would be a great benefit if they could stay.

After a long time, the two Curved Horn Tribe members shook their heads, smiled wryly and said, “We’ve already signed a slave contract with the Great Light Honorable Lord. Therefore, we can’t sign a slave contract with anyone else.”

Merlin frowned. He knew that slave contracts could only be signed one at a time. It was impossible to sign two at once.

“Then die!”

Merlin’s body glowed gold and his eyes were full of coldness. He did not have any pity for them. Letting them go would surely attract people from the Great Light Region.

Killing these two people would at most attract the attention of the Great Light Honorable Lord. However, it would take some time for him to find the Spell Caster civilization and that amount of time would be enough for Merlin to make arrangements.

Besides, Merlin was not afraid of the Great Light Honorable Lord!

“No, if you kill us, the Honorable Lord will destroy your entire civilization…”

“Bang bang.”

Merlin’s gravitational field immediately shackled them as the power of the Golden Ray Armor broke out. It directly disintegrated the power of the natural order and instantaneously killed the two Curved Horn Tribe members.

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