A Wizard’s Secret

Chapter 722 - Secret of Origin I

Chapter 722: Secret of Origin I

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Swish! Swish!

Two figures were wrapped in a white ray and flung into an unknown space.

“What is this place?”

Veron, who had a tough body, and Merlin, who had resilient Mind Power, had awoken quickly. They had only lost consciousness for a split second.

Although both of them were powerful existences second only to an Honored Legend, they were rendered completely helpless when the white light wrapped around them.

Merlin’s Mind Power seemed to have met an invisible barrier. Even space was being suppressed in a place like this. Veron also could sense the unusual quality of this place.

There was no distinction between day and night in this place. It appeared to be an empty space.


Suddenly, the space around them quivered. A ball of dazzling light gradually ascended into the air.

“Finally, someone is here…”

A faint sigh reverberated in this abnormal space. Merlin stared directly at this dazzling ball of light. The voice came from within the light.

“Who are you?” Merlin asked in a deep voice.

“Aren’t you looking for me?”

The dazzling light gradually coalesced into a tall figure. He wore a layer of black armor, looking like a powerful knight.

“Are you Aruba?”

Merlin’s eyes narrowed a little. Was this person Aruba, the mysterious founder of the secret place, the creator of the Mobota world and was intricately linked to the Glorious Land?

“My real name, even I’ve forgotten it… But when I traverse the infinite Latitude Cosmos, they call me Aruba!”

This armored man was indeed Aruba. Merlin’s breath hitched. He came to the Mobata world just so he could to search for this mysterious Aruba.

“Traverse the infinite Latitude Cosmos? What do you mean?”

Merlin had so many questions he wanted to ask, but he could not help but ask when he heard what Aruba has said in passing.

Aruba glanced at Merlin and waved his hand. The entire space was illuminated, and their surroundings transformed rapidly.

Under Merlin’s and Veron’s startling gaze, a little gazebo appeared. Surrounding this little gazebo was a huge lake, and on the lake floated countless beautiful lotus leaves. A gentle breeze stirred up ripples of water across the calm surface. It was picturesque.

That was not all. A marble table materialized in the gazebo along with a few cups of hot beverage, giving off a tempting aroma. Merlin used his Mind Power to check his surroundings and could not sense any illusion.

“What a realistic illusion!” Merlin mumbled under his breath. It was impossible for him to create such an illusion even with his current Hallucinating spell realm. This was almost like a real-life illusion.

Beside him, Veron was completely dumbstruck. The shock that rattled through his heart rendered him stricken for a long time.

“Do you think this is an illusion?” Aruba asked, amused.

“Huh? So, it’s not an illusion?”

Merlin’s heart skipped a beat. He had seen it with his own eyes just now that these things had appeared bit by bit out of thin air. This was a reversal of natural order.

No one could create something out of nothing, even the ultimate existences. This was because natural order that existed everywhere did not allow such occurrence.

“Of course it’s not an illusion. Perhaps it may seem unbelievable to you, but really, this is not an illusion. I believe you’ve seen me give life to the icy statues. If I can give life, what can’t I do?” Aruba said calmly.

“Yes, if you can give life to a statue, what is conjuring something out of nothing?”

Merlin looked at Aruba in a daze. Meeting Aruba in person was even more disconcerting than ever and had overturned all his previous cognitions.

Aruba lifted the pristine white cup and took a sip. He appeared to be at ease. After a while, he spoke slowly, “This was one of the amazing Latitude Cosmos that I’ve visited. This is called tea n their Latitude. I like this. Why don’t you try it and tell me what you think about it?”

Merlin wrinkled his forehead. In his previous life, tea was not considered an exotic item. He knew that it was a type of beverage favored by people back in the olden days.

However, it was rarely consumed now in this lifetime of his.

“A little bitter.”

Veron had finally regained his composure and tried a sip.

“Yes, a little bitter, but full of flavor.”

Aruba smiled.

Merlin pressed on, “The Latitude Cosmos that you mentioned just now, what do you mean?”

“The Latitude Cosmos is not something you can understand right now. Let me simplify it. You should know about the Void Zone, right? The Latitude Cosmos is like another Void Zone, but with millions of Void Zones. Do you understand that?”

Aruba’s explanation was very straightforward. How could Merlin not understand?

Nevertheless, it was too astounding. The entire Void Zone was already so incredibly vast that neither Merlin nor the three Ultimate Arcane Wizards could discover its boundaries.

According to Aruba though, there was also an amazing Latitude Cosmos which contained infinite vast universes that were like the Void Zone.

Despite the clarity of Aruba’s explanation, Merlin still could not wrap his head around the concept.

“And you can traverse the Latitude Cosmos?” Merlin continued to ask.

“Of course. I’ve traversed countless Latitude Cosmos to reach the universe you call Void Zone. It’s quite an interesting place. The Void Zone actually gave birth to quite a large number of ultimate existences. So I decided to loiter here for some time. According to your measurement of time, it should be around hundreds of thousands of years,” Aruba said indifferently.

Merlin gawked. Hundreds of thousands of years. The way Aruba said it sounded like it was inconsequential to him. The Spell Caster civilization had left the Glorious Land and entered the Void Zone around three thousand years ago. Hence, a few hundred thousand years was an inconceivably long time.

“The stone carvings in the secret place were left behind by you?”

Merlin continued to pursue.

“Yes, I left them behind. Back then, I was fascinated by the Void Zone, so I went to a dimension. Unfortunately, that dimension was simply too barren. No life forms had yet to come into existence in the dimension that you now call the Glorious Land. Before coming to the Void Zone, I’ve traveled around several Latitude Cosmos and was quite tired. I had also learned a lot and had some peculiar ideas in my mind, so I wanted to try to make them come true in the Glorious Land.

“After a while, I kick-started the evolution of life in the Glorious Land and the Normies appeared. Nonetheless, the natural order of the Void Zone is really weird. Apparently, wherever intelligent life appears, the gods will be born. I’ve studied about gods for many years. My rudimentary inference is that they are a product of the Void Zone’s natural order. Every Latitude Cosmos’ natural order is strange and unfathomable. They’re really special int heir own way.

“It’s just that, I was hoping for some change. I’ve lived for far too long and I’m very lonely. Throughout my endless travels, I’ve never met anyone who could traverse the Latitude Cosmos freely like me. Therefore, I started a very interesting experiment in the Void Zone. First of all, I used myself as a blueprint. Back then, I’ve overcome the natural order due to various reasons and received boundless power in return. That’s why I can break away from the constraints of natural order and rise above them. I could travel to anywhere I want in the Latitude Cosmos. So, using myself as the blueprint, I trained the people in the Glorious Land to practice some training drills. These training drills were specially designed for their bodies. I hoped that with the strengthening of their physical bodies, they would be able to achieve excellence.

“However, it was a failure. My miracle could not be replicated. The natural order of this world was too constricting. Even after these people cultivated the training drills and become a strong contender, they are unable to break through their own limitations. If we’re to say this in terms of the levels of Spell Casters, this bottleneck would be the level of an Honored Legend. No matter how much they’ve cultivated, they simply could not achieve an existence above an Honored Legend.”

Merlin processed it in his head and understood. He responded calmly, “So, these people were failed creations. You then created a world and sent all of them there. You named it the Mobata world and the people Mobatans, meaning imperfect, incomplete, failure, right?”

Merlin had finally understood the meaning of ‘Mobata’ entirely. It meant that the Mobatans were failed creations.

Aruba smiled and nodded. “Yes, you guessed correctly. The Mobatans are failed creations. They’re flawed and imperfect, so I sent them into the Mobata world, but their world is still attached to the Glorious Land by using its Origin as the communication bridge.”

Standing beside them, Veron’s mind had already gone blank. How could he not understand what Merlin and Aruba were saying? The Mobata world that his people had lived for generations was none other than a failed world.

It seemed that the gravely threatened Mobatans were merely failed creations under Aruba’s hand…

Merlin took a deep breath and closed his eyes. He followed his line of thoughts and said calmly, “The Mobatans were failed creations, but you didn’t get rid of all the training drills. You left some behind.” Merlin spoke emotionlessly.

The relief sculpture Merlin had was probably what the first generation of Mobatans cultivated. Aruba did not erase them though.

“I think that you’re not satisfied with your failure. The Spell Casters’ appearance after that was your doing too. Am I right?”

“That’s right. After my first failure, and after contemplating for a long time, I finally decided not to destroy the natural order of the Void Zone. I’ll instead make use of its natural order. Coincidentally, the Glorious Land was filled with some odd energy sources which you call the Elements. So, I followed the characteristics of these Elements and constructed some Spell Models. With that, the Spell Casters were born.”

Despite already expecting such an answer, actually hearing that the Spell Casters were created by this Aruba before him had rendered Merlin speechless.

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