A Wizard’s Secret

Chapter 346 - Leo Explodes II

Chapter 346: Leo Explodes II

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“Cough. Cough. That was dangerous. I was almost done for!”

Amidst dust and smoke, the voice of Wizard Bammou rang out. Amazingly, beside him stood Wizard Leo without a single scratch on his body. He was completely uninjured by the powerful spell released by the two Eight-level Spell Casters – Wizards Morston and Tanin.

Upon seeing an unknown Spell Caster appear in the battlefield and had gotten involved directly in the battle between the Eighth-level Spell Casters, many Spell Casters on the ground had begun to pay attention.

However, the spell which was released was so powerful that no one could see clearly what had happened. Naturally, they also did not know how Wizard Leo had escaped.

Only Wizard Morston and Tanin with their sullen faces knew how Wizard Leo had escaped. It was all because of the unknown Spell Caster who had appeared beside Leo.

Morston narrowed his eyes. He could distinctly sense that the life force on Wizard Bammou belonged to a Seventh-level Spell Caster. However, the spell that he used to save Leo was incredible beyond comprehension. His speed was inconceivably fast – it was not a level that a Seventh-level spell could achieve.

“Pandora Demon Ability, it must be Pandora Demon Ability. Moreover, it’s an extremely strong Wind-type Pandora Demon Ability!”

Wizard Morston’s face darkened. If his opponent was just Leo alone, he was not afraid. After all, Leo was no longer able to escape his doom. Regardless of how powerful Darkness Eye was, it had failed to break through their defensive Pandora Demon Abilities.

Now, on the other hand, with another Seventh-level Spell Caster with Wind-type Pandora Demon Ability, the battle would be vastly different than before. If they were unable to fight back, they could now escape. Moreover, based on the power demonstrated by Wizard Bammou earlier, his speed was inconceivably fast. Even a Ninth-level Spell Caster might have problems stopping Wizard Bammou.

“Who are you?”

Morston asked with a sullen tone. Through the fourth prince’s intelligence, Morston had grasped almost all information about the slightly more powerful Spell Casters under the eighth prince. However, he did not have any impression of this unknown Spell Caster.


Wizard Bammou exhaled a long breath of relief. Seeing that Wizard Leo was unscathed, he chuckled. “Thank heavens you’re safe, Wizard Leo. Otherwise, my master wouldn’t have spared me.”

Wizard Leo’s blood-red vertical eye opened slightly to scan Wizard Bammou, seemingly doubtful of him.

Wizard Bammou hurriedly explained, “Wizard Leo, my master is Wizard Merlin! It’s a long story about how that happened, but maybe we should think about how to deal with those two Eighth-level Spell Casters first?”

Wizard Bammou shifted his gaze toward Wizard Morston and Tanin. Sure enough, the two Eighth-level Spell Casters were coming toward them again, intending to trap both of them together.

Countless thoughts flashed by Wizard Leo’s mind. His Darkness Eye could not only see through any disguise or illusion, but it could also gauge a Spell Caster’s ability.

Wizard Leo saw that Wizard Bammou was a Seventh-level Spell Caster and had even constructed an Eighth-level spell. A Spell Caster of his level would usually be a core wizard in any organization, and yet Bammou was Merlin’s slave.

What was a slave? It was someone who had signed the most unfair slave contract; where his life and death were fully controlled by his master. Regardless of a Fourth, Fifth or Sixth-level Spell Caster, no one would sign a contract like that.

Wizard Leo knew that most probably this was a prize that Merlin had found during his trip to the Kurdmansla Islands. Many strange encounters must have occurred for a powerful wizard like Bammou to agree to become his slave.

Following Wizard Bammou’s gaze, Wizard Leo also saw the approaching Wizards Morston and Tanin. These two Eighth-level Spell Casters with Third-level defensive Pandora Demon Abilities were very powerful. Just a moment ago, they had caused Wizard Leo to be trapped in an extremely dangerous situation.

Even with Wizard Bammou’s help, all they could do was escape near death. Naturally, Morston and Tanin would not give up. Hence, Wizard Bammou and Wizard Leo had only two choices. Either they use Wizard Bammou’s Flash Wind to escape or they engage Wizards Morston and Tanin in another big battle.

Nevertheless, it was not so easy to escape. Even though Wizard Bammou’s Flash Wind was unmistakably faster than Wizard Morston and Tanin, if they continued the pursuit, then they would still have to fight them in the end.

“Wizard Leo, what should we do now? If you want to escape, then we have to prepare now. However, I don’t know if we can outrun these two Eighth-level Spell Casters. Eventually, it’ll boil down to whose Magic Power gets exhausted first! If you want to fight, I can help you control one of them!”

Wizard Bammou said through clenched teeth. Controlling one of these two was already pushing his limits. Before this, Wizard Bammou would not have easily volunteered to fight an Eighth-level Spell Caster.

Right now, however, he no longer had a choice. It would be difficult for Leo to defeat the two Eighth-level Spell Casters, Wizards Morston and Tanin, just by himself.

“Escape? If I escape this time, then I won’t have another chance to become a Seventh-level Spell Caster…”

Wizard Leo raised his head and looked up in the sky. Within the two empty eye sockets, there seemed to be a hint of a glowing black light which was extremely strange-looking.

He had been stuck at the Sixth-level for too long. Cultivating Darkness Eye was not a smooth-sailing journey, and Wizard Leo had paid a huge price!

One of the costs rendered his chances of becoming a Seventh-level Spell Caster to near impossible. It had become almost like an unattainable fantasy to him. This time, the Tear of God in the eighth prince’s hand renewed his hopes of becoming a Seventh-level Spell Caster again. If he missed this opportunity, he was afraid that it would be difficult to come by again.


Wizard Morston attacked again. It was the same menacing flames. The raging flames burned with unrivaled viciousness.

Wizard Bammou gritted his teeth firmly. Strong flames began appearing on his body. His flames appeared to be even more intimidating as the tiny spaces in between the flames were burned into distortion.

Wizard Morston’s flames was an Eighth-level spell. They were constructed using Morston’s own understanding of flames. Starting from Seventh-level onward, there were no clear distinctions of levels for spells. It all depended on the Spell Caster himself and the depth of his understanding toward the spells he derived.

For example, a Spell Caster with a deeper understanding of flames would be able to derive more powerful Fire-type spells.

“Hiss hiss hiss.”

Wizard Morston’s flames and Wizard Bammou’s flames were intertwined with each other, engaged in a fierce competition. Both spells were Eighth-level spells. These flames was also the only Eighth-level spell constructed by Wizard Bammou.

Soon, Wizard Morston’s expression flickered. Looking at the competition between the two Eighth-level flame spells, it was obvious that Wizard Bammou’s flames were superior. They had obviously suppressed Morston’s flames.

“How is this possible?”

Wizard Morston was shocked to the core. His understanding of flames was the best among all his other spells. Yet his Eighth-level spell was weaker than Wizard Bammou’s flames.

The two flames were still intertwined, but Wizard Bammou’s flames would quickly suppress and devour Wizard Morston’s, then transform into bigger and more vicious flames. Ironically, from Wizard Bammou’s flames, Wizard Morston could see a kind of fascination which greatly deepened his understanding of fire. It was much better than what he could achieve just by researching in the dark on his own.

Thus, it was not surprising that some powerful Spell Casters continuously challenged other same-level Wizards. They were trying to gain a deeper understanding of spells through their battles in order to construct more powerful spells.

While Wizard Morston was astonished by the flames, Wizard Bammou was quite indifferent to it. He had absolute confidence in his Eighth-level Fire-type spell.

When he was imprisoned in the Flame Prison on the Ship of Nikola, Wizard Bammou had suffered the mother of all suffering. The flames in the Flame Prison contained some Maxim powers.

It was precisely during his suffering in this horrible Flame Prison, however, that Wizard Bammou’s understanding of flames grew leaps and bounds. With that understanding, he was able to construct a brand-new Eighth-level flame spell.

Moreover, it was with the help of this brand-new Eighth-level flame spell that Wizard Bammou managed to hang on for hundreds of years in the Flame Prison. It was then that Merlin managed to pass the three levels, obtain the Flame Maxim, seize the Ship of Nikola, and release him from the Flame Prison.

Therefore, Wizard Bammou had absolute confidence in Fire-type spells. It was also proven that with this Eighth-level spell, Wizard Bammou was able to counter the power of another Eighth-level spell.

Of course, an Eighth-level Wizard would not be so easily defeated, nor would he only have one Eighth-level spell. Once his Fire-type spell was almost completely suppressed by Wizard Bammou, streams of water elements began to fluctuate on Wizard Morston’s body.

Morston and Tanin had both constructed Water-type spells. Therefore, when Wizard Bammou’s flames encountered their Water-type spells, especially fused with Pandora Demon Ability, it was rendered useless. It could no longer pose a threat to Wizard Morston.

“Damn it! Wizard Leo, their Pandora Demon Abilities have been fused into their spells. It’s too strong, we can barely cause them any harm. Let’s use my Flash Wind to escape temporarily!”

In his heart, Wizard Bammou wanted to gauge his powers. He was actually curious to find out if he could compete against an Eighth-level Wizard. Nevertheless, this time, Morston and Tanin were both extremely powerful. With the inclusion of Pandora Demon Abilities, Wizard Bammou could not gain an upper hand.

The order that Merlin gave him was to ensure Wizard Leo’s safety. Therefore, he thought about retreating. By using Flash Wind, Morston and Tanin would not be able to defeat them at least for a moment.


Wizard Bammou turned his head but found that Wizard Leo was no longer there. Wizard Leo did not have the slightest intention to retreat. Instead, he was charging headfirst at Wizard Morston.

Wizard Leo’s expression was undeniably firm, especially the blood-red vertical eye in his forehead. It was stretched open to the limit, that even the faint glimmer of light deep inside could almost be seen…

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