A Warm Wedding and A New Bride of Young Master Lu

Chapter 749 - Xu Youning, I Once Gave You a Chance (1)

Chapter 749 Xu Youning, I Once Gave You a Chance (1)

Xu Youning also knew that it was her only chance to escape.

The chill wind of late autumn blew on Xu Youning’s face, like a sharp knife cutting through her skin. Coupled with the pain on her body, Xu Youning felt terrible.

But she didn’t dare to stop. She could only rush forward regardless of anything, as if there was hope for life in front of her.

Once she stopped and was caught by Mu Sijue, she might not even be able to stay alive, not to mention run away again.

However, would Mu Sijue really come to chase her?

For Mu Sijue, maybe she was not that important? Or maybe Mu Sijue would let her go just like that?

Xu Youning suddenly fell into a vicious circle. She was afraid of being caught by Mu Sijue, but she also didn’t want him to easily let her go.

All the contradictions, frankly speaking, were because of the fact that she subconsciously hoped that she could be with Mu Sijue.

However, she couldn’t be so selfish. She had to go back to avenge her grandmother.

Besides, she could help Mu Sijue and Lu Boyan to the greatest extent if some day Mu Sijue and Kang Ruicheng fought face to face, and she was standing beside Kang Ruicheng…

Xu Youning was in a dilemma when a familiar low roar came from behind. “Xu Youning!”

Without looking back, she knew that it had to be Mu Sijue.

Mu Sijue only called her name, but Xu Youning felt an earth-shattering murderous aura, and she couldn’t help trembling.

As everyone knew, what Mu Sijue couldn’t tolerate the most was deception and betrayal, as well as rebellion.

Her running away like that basically meant that she had almost violated all the taboos of Mu Sijue.

Xu Youning had no doubt that once she was caught by Mu Sijue, he would patiently tear her to pieces bit by bit…

Thinking of this, Xu Youning ran even faster.

However, she was no match for Mu Sijue, whether in terms of speed or leg length.

In less than half a minute, Mu Sijue caught up with Xu Youning.

He grabbed Xu Youning’s wrist hard and pulled her back. He asked with a handsome face that was enraged, “Where are you going?”

He was giving Xu Youning a chance.

Even if Xu Youning found an excuse to fool him, he would readily believe that she didn’t want to run away or go back to Kang Ruicheng.

However, Xu Youning didn’t realize it. She simply thought, “Since I can’t run away, it’s good to make Mu Sijue mad!”

Thinking of this, she looked straight into Mu Sijue’s eyes and asked provocatively, “Can’t you tell? I’m leaving! As for where I’m going—where else do you think I can go except for the Kang family?”

Both Kang Ruicheng and the Kang family were taboos to Mu Sijue, and Xu Youning just mentioned them.

For a moment, there was a storm in Mu Sijue’s dark eyes. It was like the sky of a thunderstorm in July, dark and low, like a silent beast, ready to swallow Xu Youning at any time.

Xu Youning was shocked and had a bad feeling. When she was about to get out of Mu Sijue’s grasp, she felt that he had increased his strength. She had no choice but to fight with Mu Sijue.

Even if she knew that she was no match for him, she had to give it a try.

What if she was lucky enough to make a successful escape?!

As it turns out, there’s no need to bet on luck most of the time.

Because there are not so many lucky coincidences in the world.

Within a few rounds of fighting, Xu Youning was subdued by Mu Sijue in less than half a minute. She was trapped in Mu Sijue’s arms, unable to move even after trying with all her strength.

Mu Sijue stared at Xu Youning gloomily and squeezed out a sentence from between his teeth, “Xu Youning, I gave you a chance.”

As long as Xu Youning did not try to escape, as long as she no longer cared about Kang Ruicheng, he might tell her the truth and treat her well from then on.

However, she took the initiative to tell Shen Yuechuan that he could use her as an exchange and negotiate with Kang Ruicheng.

She seemed to be doing this for Shen Yuechuan’s good, but in fact, she just wanted to take advantage of Shen Yuechuan to return to Kang Ruicheng’s side.

She probably didn’t expect that Shen Yuechuan and Xiao Yunyun would both refuse her “good intentions”.

Mu Sijue thought that Xu Youning would give up, but she even dared to try to escape.

She had pestered him to come to see Xiao Yunyun just to try and escape, didn’t she?

Did she think that he really had infinite tolerance for her?

Xu Youning looked at Mu Sijue and felt a chill spreading from her feet to her back.

This time, she had done wrong, and she was done for…

Mu Sijue dragged Xu Youning out and pushed her into the car. Then he took out the handcuffs and handcuffed her without saying a word.

Xu Youning silently complained in her heart, “Can’t you come up with a new move?”

Before she could finish blabbering inside, Mu Sijue suddenly started the car. She didn’t fasten her seat belt, so she was thrown forward because of the inertia. Although she reacted in time to control her body, she still couldn’t help but hit her head.

Her head had been injured already. So after the hit, she felt as if the sky and earth were spinning. Then, the whole world turned dark.

Everything became blurry, and she couldn’t think anymore. Xu Youning felt so terrible that she wanted to end this pain with death.

Mu Sijue looked at Xu Youning, who was lying on the ground, and said sarcastically, “Stop the show. If you don’t want to die, you’d better fasten your seat belt.”

Xu Youning struggled to regain a trace of reason from the chaos.

Mu Sijue thought she was faking it?

Very well, she didn’t feel sad.

That was really fine. Thus, she didn’t have to make up an excuse to cover it up.

Xu Youning raised her head and looked at Mu Sijue with a smile. “That’s right, you’re the Seventh Brother. There’s nothing that can fool your eyes.”

She pulled over the seat belt and fastened it with one hand, but she couldn’t hold back the sadness and despair that were surging out from her heart.

In this world, there were some people who were smart enough to see through others’ feelings, just because they didn’t care.

If Mu Sijue cared about her, he would find that her condition was abnormal, rather than think that she was pretending.

“It’s for the best. No matter what I do in the future, I will have nothing to worry about anymore.”

Xu Youning slowly closed her eyes and leaned her head against the car door. She seemed to be resting with her eyes closed, but in fact, she was waiting for the pain in her head to ease.

Mu Sijue thought that she would make noise or continue to look for an opportunity to escape.

However, she just quieted down, as if she was at the mercy of others.

Mu Sijue was a little surprised, but he didn’t think any further.

It wasn’t that he wasn’t curious, but his so-called self-esteem made him stop asking.

Xu Youning had always wanted to escape from him. So he had no reason to care about her occasional abnormalities.

Back at the villa, Mu Sijue got out of the car and opened the door of the passenger seat without any gentleness. Xu Youning was handcuffed to the other end of the car door, so she had to jump out of the car and stand firm with a beautiful movement.

She pulled on the handcuffs and looked at Mu Sijue provocatively. “Are you going to keep handcuffing me like this? It will be easy for me to run away.”

Mu Sijue’s face darkened, and then he unlocked the handcuffs. In an instant, he grabbed Xu Youning’s wrist tightly and said, “That will happen in your dreams!”

This time, he wouldn’t let Xu Youning get away from him again.

Mu Sijue took Xu Youning back to the house and went straight to the second floor.

The auntie was preparing lunch, so when she saw Mu Sijue’s angry face and that Xu Youning was held by him, she didn’t dare to say hello to them and just watched them disappear at the stairs on the second floor.

Mu Sijue kicked the door open and pushed Xu Youning hard, then she fell on the bed.

Xu Youning thought that Mu Sijue was going to do something, so she was shocked. Before she came to her senses, she felt a chill on her wrist. Mu Sijue once again handcuffed her hands, and the other end of the handcuffs was fastened to the head of the bed.

She couldn’t help but complain, “Pervert!”

Mu Sijue coldly raised the corner of his mouth, bent down, and whispered in Xu Youning’s ear, “You will have the chance to know what a real pervert is.”

The implication was that the previous moves were just the appetizer.

Xu Youning looked at Mu Sijue, and the more she looked at him, the angrier she became. She opened her mouth and tried to bite him.

Mu Sijue avoided it easily and looked at Xu Youning with profound eyes. “It seems that you want to experience it now?”

Xu Youning was so angry that her head was in pain. As soon as the words “get lost” came to her lips, Mu Sijue’s cell phone rang.

Shen Yuechuan’s name was on the screen. Mu Sijue went outside to pick up the call and heard Shen Yuechuan ask.

“How is it going?”

Mu Sijue said briefly, “I’m back.”

Judging by Mu Sijue’s tone, Shen Yuechuan knew that Xu Youning had not escaped from his control. Shen Yuechuan smiled and said, “Don’t be too harsh. After all, she is a girl.”

“Is there anything else?” From Mu Sijue’s tone, it was obvious that his patience had been exhausted.

Shen Yuechuan said calmly, “No.”

Mu Sijue didn’t say another word and hung up the phone. The next second, his phone started ringing again.

This time, it was Ah Guang, who said that there was an emergency that required him to go outside in person to deal with it.

“Got it.” Mu Sijue’s voice had returned to its usual calm and ruthless state. “I’ll be there right away.”

Before going downstairs, he looked back at the room. After going out, he told the people downstairs to keep an eye on Xu Youning. The captain repeatedly promised him that he would not let Xu Youning run away, and then Mu Sijue left with peace of mind.

Xu Youning heard the sound of Mu Sijue going downstairs. She tried to struggle a few times, but the handcuffs on her hands remained unmoved.

That’s right. It was a pair of handcuffs used by Mu Sijue. How could they easily be gotten rid of by her?

Xu Youning thought in despair that maybe she could only wait for Kang Ruicheng to rescue her.

However, it was hard to say.

As for opportunities… they were always everywhere. As long as she grasped them firmly, there was still a chance for her to escape successfully!

While she was thinking, a knock came on the door.

It couldn’t be Mu Sijue coming back. He would not be so gentlemanly and polite.

“Come in.”

As soon as Xu Youning finished speaking, the auntie came in with lunch. Seeing that Xu Youning’s hands were handcuffed to the head of the bed, she concealed her surprise and said, “Miss Xu, Mr. Mu asked me to bring you lunch.”

Xu Youning pulled the handcuffs angrily and said, “How can I eat now that I’m handcuffed like this?”

The auntie looked embarrassed, but she still explained, “Mr. Mu said that I could help you.”

Xu Youning turned her head, with great reluctance written on her face.

The auntie tried to comfort her. “Miss Xu, even if you’re angry with Mr. Mu, you still have to eat. How can you not eat?”

Xu Youning thought about it and agreed to the idea—if she didn’t eat anything, she might not have the strength to escape when she found an opportunity in the future.

She could take it as an energy reserve for running away!

Now that things had developed like this and that Mu Sijue treated her this way, it was no longer a matter of whether she could return to Kang Ruicheng. She just wanted to prove to Mu Sijue that she wouldn’t be manipulated!

No matter what, she would definitely struggle with Mu Sijue to the end!

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