A Warm Wedding and A New Bride of Young Master Lu

Chapter 346 - Su Jianan Disappears (2)

Chapter 346 Su Jianan Disappears (2)

Hong Shan promised to go home to help ask about Hong Qing’s news. He left his contact information with Su Jianan before leaving.

The ward was quiet, and Su Jianan remembered the scene from this morning—

Lu Boyan and Han Ruoxi stood side by side, and they could not look better.

After being married to her for a long time, Lu Boyan only went out with her to buy something once.

How long had he been with Han Ruoxi? He had already been so good to Han Ruoxi!

Su Jianan didn’t want to admit that she was jealous, but she had to admit that experienced men… always changed very fast.

She taught a good boyfriend for others…

At five o’clock in the afternoon, Aunt Zhang brought dinner and a container of stewed pigeon soup.

“The soup was stewed by Mr. Su personally.” Aunt Zhang smiled and put the food on the table. “Jianan, finally you have an appetite, eat more. During this time, you’ve lost so much weight.”

Su Jianan touched her face and smiled and ate up the food.

Before going to bed, she silently calculated in her heart. If she still felt as good tomorrow, she would go to the Orchid Gardens to see Tang Yulan.

But things always change, and the next day, Su Jianan suddenly began to vomit. From morning to night, she had not stopped, and even vomited more serious than before.

Dr. Tian had no choice but to give her injection.

On the ninth day after the new year…

The year was almost over, the office workers re-emerged in the city, and City A resumed its usual bustling excitement.

Su Jianan was very optimistic that the situation would be like what had happened a few days before, but this time it was getting more and more serious. She couldn’t even drink a sip of water, and even if she barely drank it, she would vomit it out in half a minute.

She was groggy for most of the day, and sometimes she didn’t even know when Luo Xiaoxi came or left.

When she finished, her stomach was already empty, and the internal organs were like being screwed together, and she was too uncomfortable to even make a sound.

On the 10h day of the New Year, Hong Shan’s wife had an operation. The operation was very successful, and the postoperative care was also in place. Hong Shan went to the 9th floor to report to Su Jianan, but was stopped by Xiao Yunyun.

“Uncle Hong, my cousin just fell asleep.”

“Then I will come again after she wakes up!” His wife had been taken back from the gate of heaven, and Hong Shan was so happy.

Xiao Yunyun said in a dilemma, “Uncle Hong, you don’t have to come over, you can’t see her even if you come again. I will tell my cousin about the success of the operation.”

Hong Shan finally noticed that Xiao Yunyun’s look was a little dignified and asked, “What happened to Miss Su?”

“She is very uncomfortable,” Xiao Yunyun turned and looked at the ward door behind her, “but she can only suffer it by herself and she cannot tell her husband.”

“Why?” Hong Shan asked.

“Because he’s a bad guy!” Xiao Yunyun was angry. “Her husband can’t find out that she is uncomfortable.”

“The person you speak of…” Hong Shan hesitated, “is it Kang Ruicheng?”

“How do you know Kang Ruicheng?” Xiao Yunyun felt strange. Something she didn’t dare to ask Su Jianan, she only knew some key news from Su Yicheng. She only knew that he was not a good person.

“This is a bit complicated to explain,” Hong Shan said. “I am from the same hometown as Hong Qing.”

“My cousin is looking for Hong Qing, so she mentioned Kang Ruicheng to you?” Xiao Yunyun realized it, then begged Hong Shan, “Uncle Hong, no matter if you know where Hong Qing is or not, please help to ask around, after all, you are his fellow countryman. As soon as she finds Hong Qing to take down Kang Ruicheng, my cousin can return to her husband.”

“I must try my best to help.” Hong Shan nodded as if trying to convince himself. “Now, I only hope that Miss Su will get better soon.”

However, in the next few days, Su Jianan did not improve and could not afford to drink or eat. She barely slept because she was uncomfortable, and she was maintained by nutrition needles. She got thinner every day, and her face looked more and more haggard.

After taking injections for half a month, Dr. Tian finally found Su Yicheng.

“Make her give up,” Dr. Tian said. “This way, it hurts her too much. She is still very young, she could still have babies after she has a healthy body. The current situation is too serious, if she keeps vomiting until childbirth, I am afraid that her body will not be able to take it.”

Su Yicheng looked back to the ward with a dignified look. Su Jianan just woke up and called him “brother”. The voice was a bit broken and hoarse.

She was even more haggard than in the past few days. Su Yicheng’s heart felt a dull pain from time to time, and he told her, “Dr. Tian has talked to me.”

“What did you talk about?” Su Jianan was worried.



“Jianan, give up these two children.” Su Yicheng clung to Su Jianan’s hand. “They hurt you too much. When you give birth, you are very likely to be unable to support it. Now they are still small, one surgery can solve everything.”

Su Jianan was stiff in bed, motionless, staring at Su Yicheng incredulously.

She didn’t know how long it took, but she took her hand back, just as if she had seen Su Yicheng for the first time, shaking her head and huddling into bed. “I didn’t hear you clearly.”

“Dr. Tian suggested that you take out your children.” Su Yicheng forced Su Jianan to face it. “You can only get better this way.”

“I won’t agree!” Su Jianan wrapped herself in the quilt, tears already coming out. “Brother, help me change the hospital, I don’t want to stay here anymore.”

“Wherever you go, it’ll be the same.” Su Yicheng sat down on the bedside and put his hands on Su Jianan’s shoulder. “Jianan, this time, just this time, you listen to me, and we will have surgery tomorrow.”

Su Jianan buried her head in the quilt and burst into tears.

Su Yicheng gently hugged her and patted her back. “It’s not your fault, don’t blame yourself.”

Su Jianan was crying too violently and she could barely breathe.

If it was not her fault, then whose was it?

Lu Boyan didn’t know anything, and Su Yicheng just forced her to undergo surgery for her own good…

It was her who should be blamed.

“Don’t cry,” Su Yicheng released Su Jianan, took two pieces of tissue and wiped the tears from her face, “I will stay with you tonight. Go to sleep.”

Su Jianan shook her head. “Brother, go back.”


Su Jianan’s hand touched her lower abdomen. “Tonight, I want to be alone.”

Su Yicheng considered it for a moment then promised Su Jianan, “I will go after you fall asleep.”

Su Jianan nodded and lay down on the bed. It didn’t take long for her breathing to become even and long.

Su Yicheng tucked her in and quietly accompanied her for a while before he got up and left.

After half an hour, it was already 11 o’clock at night.

Su Jianan opened her eyes and sat up, resisting the physical discomfort, and pulled the needle out of her hand and changed her clothes.

The vomiting for several days had made her very weak. After doing all this, her physical strength was already half gone, but she had to leave before Aunt Zhang came.

Putting her phone and wallet into the bag and covering her mouth with a scarf, she lowered her head and walked out of the ward, just like a family member who came to visit the sick, and went downstairs.

Out of the hospital, the cold wind in the middle of the night blew on her unrelentingly. Su Jianan was so cold that her teeth were trembling. And along with her insufficient physical strength, she had to rest on a tree by the roadside.

After waiting for a few minutes, an empty taxi drove over. Su Jianan reached out and stopped it. When the door was opened, the smell inside the car caused her discomfort, so she started to vomit on the side of the road before she got in the car.

“Hey, are you not feeling well?” The taxi driver rushed out of the car and closed the door and pointed to the hospital gate next to him. “Hey, there is the hospital. Go in and have it checked out, don’t walk around if you don’t feel comfortable.”

After that, the taxi went away.

Su Jianan couldn’t say anything, she just felt colder. She held her coat and went up by the tree on the side of the road to try to stop another car.

Countless vehicles drove past her, there were either private cars or taxis carrying a passenger. After standing in the cold wind for a few minutes, she was not only tired, even her head was dizzy.

She couldn’t wait any longer, the hospital people would come out to find her if they found that she was missing.

Su Jianan supported herself to go to the next intersection and finally stopped an empty car. When she got in the car, she opened the window and made the driver very confused. “What a cold day, Miss. Do you like the cold wind?”

Su Jianan told him an address. “Sir, please drive faster, I am not very comfortable.”

After arriving at the place, the man stopped the car. “127 yuan.”

Su Jianan gave him 200. “Keep the change, thank you…”

Before she finished, there was a sudden surge in her stomach. She suddenly squatted on the ground, but she could not vomit anything up and just felt uncomfortable.

“You look very bad.” The man helped Su Jianan. “There is a hospital nearby. If you are not comfortable, I can take you there, free of charge!”

“Thank you,” Su Jianan smiled, “I’m good.”

She turned and pressed the doorbell, and the man did not say anything, and just drove away.

At this time, it was already past one o’clock in the morning.

Su Jianan pressed it for a long time, but no one answered the doorbell. Then Su Yicheng, who was dozens of kilometers away, suddenly woke up.

After Luo Xiaoxi came back, his sleep basically returned to normal. After falling asleep, he usually could sleep until the morning, but he didn’t know why that tonight he felt very upset.

Su Yicheng took the mobile phone and wanted to make a phone call to the hospital to ask about Su Jianan. Before he even dialed, Xiao Yunyun’s call came in.

“Cousin, she is gone!” Xiao Yunyun’s voice was flustered. “I have been looking in the hospital with a few colleagues. We haven’t found her, and we can’t get in contact with her through her cell phone.”

Su Yicheng suddenly threw off the quilt and got out of bed to change clothes.

He should have thought of it—Su Jianan could not promise to do surgery so easily.

She did not agree at all, she just wanted to ask him to leave. Then she left the hospital in the middle of the night.

After he changed clothes, Su Yicheng called Luo Xiaoxi while walking outside. “Is Jianan at your place?”

Luo Xiaoxi was sleeping, so she was angry when she was suddenly awakened by the phone, but listening to what Su Yicheng said, she thought, “Jianan disappeared?”

The sleepiness suddenly went away, and Luo Xiaoxi took off the quilt and sat up. “I am at home, Jianan has not contacted me, what happened to her?”

Su Yicheng told her what happened at night.

“She still dares to run out at night with such a physical condition!” Luo Xiaoxi was mad and had changed clothes quickly. “Go check at her previous apartment. She has the key to my apartment. I am coming now.”

As a result, Su Jianan was not found in these two places, and Su Yicheng and Luo Xiaoxi met on Changqing Road.

Both of them were anxious, and Luo Xiaoxi cursed and tried to call Su Jianan’s phone. Unexpectedly, it went through.

Su Yicheng took the mobile phone. “Jianan, where have you been?”

“I… I am very good anyway,” Su Jianan said. “Someone is taking care of me, so you don’t have to look for me. Go back to rest.”

“Jianan, we can discuss the surgery. I will pick you up to go back to the hospital.” Su Yicheng was simply worried. “Tell me, where are you?”

“I don’t want to go back to that hospital again,” Su Jianan said. “Anyway, I am very good here. Don’t worry about me. I will go home in a few days.”

After that, Su Jianan hung up the phone.

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