A Warm Wedding and A New Bride of Young Master Lu

Chapter 1364 - Chapter 1364 He Likes My Type (2)

Chapter 1364 He Likes My Type (2)

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Mina is in the hotel lobby.

She’s looking for the sniffing reporters.

She saw the reporters as they were getting ready to leave.

Mina decisively walked over and pulled the hotel manager, her voice not too loud, not too small: “Inside the landscape booth of the fourth floor restaurant, it’s the niece of He Xuan Group’s General Manager He, right? The one who always likes to share her beauty tips online, Manny Zhang!”

As she spoke, she kept giving the manager a wink, signaling him to nod.

“Well …… ah …… yeah!” The manager responded numbly, full of confusion, “What’s wrong with her?”

“Tsk tsk!” Mina shook her head with a sigh, “This person who came back from studying abroad is different, open, extra open!”

She said this not too loudly and not too quietly, just enough for the reporter to hear.

The reporter made a run for it today, originally wanting to dig up Lu Bo Yan’s news, but ended up pouncing on it.

They thought they were going to return without any success when they heard Manny Zhang’s name again.

Manny Zhang, the niece of Mr. He, still has some fame in the celebrity circle, and is considered a small netizen because she is keen on sharing her dressing experience and beauty tips on social media platforms.

It would be nice to dig up news on this Manny Zhang.

As Mina expected, the reporters returned in droves and headed straight for the fourth floor.

The manager tried to block it, only for Mina to stop the manager instead and say, “Let them go!”

On her way downstairs, she stopped by the fourth floor to wander around and found Manny Zhang pestering the hotel’s male waiter.

A reporter goes up there at this moment, just in time to witness a good show.

The door to the landscaped private room on the fourth floor was open, and a strange sound came from inside.

After Lu Bo Yan and Su Jian An left, the waiter kindly helped Zhang Manni untie the rope, not realizing that he ended up being wrapped around Zhang Manni.

The medicine that Manny Zhang had taken had taken effect on her.

The clothes on her body were torn from her own body, and the man kept pressing himself against the attendant

“Miss, wake up, this is a restaurant!” The waitress was on the verge of tears, constantly begging, “Let go of me, let go of me!”

When the reporter entered the door, all he saw was Manny Zhang who was pestering the waiter, and the waiter with a lifeless face.

Seeing someone come in, the waiter didn’t care who it was and held out his hand for help, “Help me, pull this lady away, she’s crazy!”

When the male reporter saw this, he didn’t dare to go up at all, and in the end, it was a few female reporters who went up and pulled Manny Zhang away.

Manny Zhang just like she has lost her mind, crying and asking the waiter to stay.

The waiter didn’t even dare to return his head, reciting that tomorrow he would go out and read the yellow calendar first, and ran away in a panic.

In the end, it was the hotel manager who called an ambulance and sent Manny Zhang to the hospital.

Reporters took photos, but more amused, talking about “the world is a big place”, and then left the hotel.

The way things were going, it was all within Mina’s plan.

Mina was still satisfied and was contentedly ready to go upstairs, but she received a call from Su Jianan, asking her to pick up Ye Lu at the entrance of the hotel.

Ye Lu helped Lu Bo Yan look at the situation and pacified Su Jianan, “Nothing serious, just drink more water and rest.” After a pause, she looks at Lu Bo Yan and says, “Mr. Lu, I really admire you.”

Triple the dose, if Lu Bo Yan hadn’t restrained himself hard, he wouldn’t have fainted like this.

What Ye Lu was shocked by was that Lu Bo Yan actually really restrained himself in a raw manner.

The person who developed this medicine probably didn’t think there were people like Lu Bo Yan in the world.

“Rest well.” Ye Lu said, “There are still things to do at the hospital, I’ll go back first.”

Su Jianan sends Ye Lu out and learns that Ye Lu came by taxi, and by the way, she asks the driver to send her back to the hospital.

Before arriving at the elevator entrance, Ye Lu gestured for Su Jianan to stop and said, “Alright, no need to send, you go back and take care of Mr. Lu.” She looked at Su Jianan, still couldn’t help but say, “I’m starting to envy you now, you married love, and the one you love is also the right person in your life.”

Su Jianan smiled, and it wasn’t hard to see happiness in her smile.

“I’m serious.” Ye Lu emphasized, “Anyone else would have definitely fallen into Zhang Manni’s trap. In this situation, Mr. Lu was able to restrain himself, mostly because he really loves you.”

Su Jianan wanted to tell Ye Lu that Song Jiqing was actually very good too.

However, she didn’t know what had happened between Song Jiqing and Ye Lu to become what they were today.

She could only smile and encourage Ye Lu, “I’ve always believed that everyone meets their right one, and a girl as good as you certainly will.”

Ye Lu lowered her head and smiled, “Hopefully.” She waved her hand at Su Jianan, “I’ll leave first, bye.”


Su Jianan watched the elevator door close and returned to her room.

Lu Bo Yan was explaining something to Mina, and Mina smiled and said, “Actually, I’ve done it all! And properly! The next days are definitely worse than death for Zhang Manni!”

Su Jianan knew Mina too well, according to her ruthless style, once she hit on Zhang Manni’s idea, Zhang Manni’s end would be miserable.

She looked at Mina, prepared for the mental shock, and asked, “Mina, what did you do?”

“Ahem!” Mina said lightly, “It’s like this, when I went downstairs just now, I found that Manny Zhang was pestering the hotel’s waiter. But the hotel attendant was of high quality, resisting death and begging Zhang Manni to let him go. Then I told the waiter that I would find someone to save him. I went to the hotel manager said this matter, the reporter happened to hear, went to shoot Zhang Manni ……”

If she didn’t know Mina’s style too well, Su Jianan almost had to believe that Mina really just wanted to help the hotel attendant.

In fact, Mina really wanted to help, and with a few fingers she could have helped the waitress escape Manny Zhang’s clutches.

She was clearly trying to make a big deal out of it and help Manny Zhang make headlines.

However, making headlines was supposed to be Manny Zhang’s original intention.

Lu Bo Yan was quite satisfied with Mina’s actions and had nothing more to order Mina to do, so he said, “You can go and rest.”

Mina left with a look that said, “I’ve got a lot to live up to”.

Su Jianan was more or less uneasy: “Is it okay for Mina to do this?”

“No problem.” Lu Bo Yan had already recovered, his voice cold, “Just what I wanted.”


Su Jianan was suddenly speechless.

But …… Lu Bo Yan and Mina were originally on the same path.

Not long after, Shen Yuechuan called and asked how things were handled, Su Jianan sighed in relief and said, “It’s all taken care of.”

“That’s good.” Shen Yuechuan was not too assured and then asked, “Nothing happened, right?”

“Don’t worry, Bo Yan and I are fine.” Su Jianan pauses, “However, Zhang Manni might be out of luck.”

“That’s also Zhang Manni’s own fault.” Shen Yuechuan didn’t sympathize with Zhang Manni in the slightest, “It’s good that you guys are fine, let’s do this first, I’m going to get busy.”

Su Jianan hung up the phone and realized that Lu Buyan had already gotten up and was walking towards the bathroom.

Puzzled, she asked, “Are you going to take a shower?” Hesitating still, or then asking, “Would you …… be okay with that?”

Lu Bo Yan turned back and looked at Su Jian An with a seeming smile, “If I say I can’t, will you come in and help me?”

“…… “Su Jianan was speechless for a moment, “All can play a hooligan, it means you can!” After saying that, she directly pushed Lu Bo Yan into the bathroom.

Su Jianan and Lu Boyan both have special bathrobes at the hotel, she called the hotel to send them over, and the bathrobes are embroidered with the initials of her and Lu Boyan’s names on the chest.

She knocked on the bathroom door and handed the bathrobe in to Lu Bo Yan.

I didn’t realize that she was actually putting herself in the way of the tiger.

Lu Bo Yan did not take the bathrobe, but clutched her arm and pulled her into the bathroom, his eyes burning as he looked at her, his breath obviously much rougher than usual.

Su Jianan looked at Lu Bo Yan differently, “You ……”

Lu Bo Yan lowered his head, his warm breath spilling onto Su Jian An’s face, “Wife ……”

Su Jianan blinked and looked timidly at Lu Bo Yan: “Didn’t you hold back?”

The temperature in Lu Bo Yan’s gaze became even hotter as he looked at Su Jian An, his voice husky: “I can’t help it when I see you.”

He took the robe and put it on a side shelf.

Su Jianan stiffly maintained the position of holding the bathrobe, and by the time she reacted, Lu Bo Yan had already contained her lips, his breath ironing on the tip of her nose.

She froze for a moment and responded to Lu Bo Yan.

Zhang Manni used three times the dose on Lu Bo Yan, but Lu Bo Yan didn’t even touch Zhang Manni.

Ye Lu says it’s because Lu Bo Yan loves her.

Yeah, what’s that if not love?

Su Jianan must be lying when she said she wasn’t moved.

However, her response to Lu Bo Yan was not because she was touched, but because …… she also loved Lu Bo Yan.

Lu Bo Yan had just taken a shower, the bathroom floor was a little slippery, Lu Bo Yan didn’t stay too long before he hugged Su Jianan and went out.

Two people, from the bathroom doorway, to the bed.

Lu Bo Yan has obviously been in love, pressed Su Jianan underneath her body and held her face, “Wife, I want you …….”

Su Jianan closed her eyes and took the initiative to kiss Lu Bo Yan.

This is certainly the best answer.

The fire that Lu Bo Yan had restrained for a few hours completely erupted at this moment.

No longer needing to restrain himself, he kissed her bit by bit, his movements urgent, yet gentle.

Even in this situation, he was still worried about hurting Su Jianan.

Su Jianan gathered her courage and made a bold decision when Lu Bo Yan was not paying attention, she rolled over on her back and reversed the bottom.

Lu Bo Yan was surprised for a moment and looked at Su Jianan, “Are you sure? You can still back out now.”

Su Jian’an had to work up the courage to do this, how could she possibly back out?

With a red face, she sat down and took the initiative to combine with Lu Bo Yan ……

All that emptiness was fulfilled in this moment.

For the first time, it ended in Su Jianan’s slightly raw movements.

Not waiting for Su Jianan to catch her breath, Lu Boyan pressed Su Jianan again and kissed her eyes, “You’re still not skillful enough, I’ll personally give you a demonstration.”

Before Su Jianan could react, Lu Boyan had already set off a whole new wave.

She hugged Lu Bo Yan, willing to be drowned by this wave ……

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