A Stay-at-home Dad’s Restaurant In An Alternate World

Chapter 966 - Host, You“re Going A Little Overboard

Chapter 966 Host, You“re Going A Little Overboard

The mission was completed without a hitch. Mag couldn’t even feel the intense heat from the fiery pig before it was all over.“Father, are we roasting or boiling this pig to eat?” Amy asked as she looked at the pig that Mag was dragging with anticipation.

“We are going to make red braised pork with this pig. It’s a different cooking method from roasting and boiling. I’ll make it for Amy once we get back to the restaurant,” Mag replied with a smile.

This fiery pig weighed about 150 kg, and its whole body was covered in blood-red fur. It had a pair of sharp white fangs. Its fur was longer than a boar’s, and its body was also slimmer.

The system was indeed very particular. Just to make a red braised pork dish, the main ingredient had to be a 4th-tier magic beast that only lived on Red Dragon Island. If they finished all the fiery pigs on the island, the red dragons would cry.

Of course, Mag wouldn’t feel guilty, as he didn’t like Red Dragon Island at all.

Mag grabbed the pig and climbed back to the middle of the mountain with Amy. As they prepared to leave, they heard a conversation coming from the other side of the mountain.

Mag and Amy sneaked across and poked their heads out to have a look. It was the two red dragons that had caught a fiery pig earlier. They were eating the pig and talking at the same time.

“Have you heard about it? Chown, that idiot, brought his parents to smash a restaurant in Chaos City yesterday, but they lost the fight and got arrested. Nobody knows when they will be released.”

“Hahaha. Chown, that silly boy. It’s not surprising that this happened to him. However, Lord Jenson is a 8th-tier giant dragon, how did he fail to smash a restaurant? He was even arrested. That’s too humiliating, right?”

The two little red dragons were laughing. Their words were full of schadenfreude.

Seems like they’re talking about that family of three red dragons yesterday, Mag thought. The news had indeed travelled fast.

Just as Mag was about to leave with Amy, one little red dragon suddenly said, “If they’re not coming back, do you think the other giant dragons will occupy their cave on the fifth Peak? That is a super big cave dwelling.”

“Most likely not? Lord Jenson should have accumulated a lot of treasures. If the other tribe members occupied it, he would not let it go easily when he came back,” the other red dragon said.

Mag curled his lips before he carried Amy toward Ah Zi.

“Father, are we going back now?” Amy asked.

“No, we are going to a place first before we go home. We are going to earn some money to cover our expenses.” Mag smiled and shook his head. He put Amy onto the griffin’s back, and gently said, “Ah Zi, let’s go to that cave in the middle of the fifth Peak.”

Ah Zi spread his wings and dived downward like an arrow shooting straight at the entrance of the cave in the middle of the fifth Peak.


The sound of hitting a barrier could be heard at the cave’s entrance, but it didn’t affect Ah Zi in any way.

The passageway in the cave was very spacious and wide. Even Ah Zi with his 100 meters long wingspan[1] could walk along it easily.

Luminous pearls that were inlaid on the stone walls shone brightly down on the passageway. There was a resplendent great hall at the end of the passage. Valuable gemstones were left around casually. The refractive radiance from them could easily blind a person.

“Wow! There are so many gemstones.” Amy looked around with bright eyes.

“System, I would like to deposit some stuff with you.” Mag curled his lips slowly. This trip would be totally worthwhile after he kept all these gemstones.

“Host, your behaviour is immoral. This system is a righteous system, and would never collude with you to do such an action that is against morality and the law!” the system said solemnly.

Mag casually picked up a blue gemstone to inspect as he said, “Say it. What’s the storage fee for one cubic meter? I won’t pay more than 500 copper coins.”

“Hmm… 499 copper coins?” the system replied weakly.

“Deal.” Mag put down blue gemstone casually and nodded.

There were even more gemstones in this hall than in the chest which Amy had seized. However, this shouldn’t be all of the collection of two 8th-tier dragons. Mag walked around the hall, and then he pushed away the huge golden chair on a platform. A hidden passage appeared.

Mag and Amy walked into the passage. After they removed a metal door violently, they saw a rather big treasure vault.

There were so many piles of gold and gemstones that Mag felt overwhelmed.

“System, keep them away. Don’t even leave a luminous pearl behind. I’ll give you another 1000 copper coins as the demolition fee.” Mag nodded happily before he carried Amy up and walked out.

“Host, you’re going a little overboard…” the system said quietly.

“Overboard? He has to pay for his sins eventually. I’ll take it that I am collecting payment on behalf of all the restaurant owners whom they had dined and dashed on before,” Mag said righteously.

The purple-striped griffin flew out of the cave, and there were only holes left in the resplendent dwelling. Not a single luminous pearl was left behind, and even the huge golden chair was removed.

“Ever since I received my first treasure from your grandfather when I reached adulthood, my treasures have increased consistently over the past hundreds of years. This kind of fun is beyond words. Treasures are my life, and they’ve become an indispensable part of my life. On Red Dragon Island, my treasures are among the top 10, and they gave me the lofty status in the tribe.” Jenson looked at Chown rather self-conceitedly. “Chown, you will inherit my huge treasure one day.”

“Father, I will do my best!” Chown’s eyes lit up gradually, and he nodded earnestly.

In the Frost Battlefield located in the center of Frost Dragon Island, many frost dragons had gathered around.

Today, on this Frost Battlefield, Elizabeth and Fox would vie to be the new leader of the Frost Dragon tribe.

This was a very important matter to the Frost Dragons, and thus all of them had gathered here.

The post of the tribe leader had been vacant for three years, so electing a new leader was what everyone had hoped for.

However, this duel was rather controversial for the Frost Dragon Tribe. Although Elizabeth was the strongest among the younger generation, her capabilities were still two tiers away from Fox’s.

7th-tier vs 9th-tier. This was not a fair duel.


Douglas appeared on the platform, and his voice reverberated throughout the entire Frost Dragon Island. He spoke to all the dragons in a deep voice, “Today, Elizabeth has challenged Fox to a duel to decide the new tribe leader of the Frost Dragon tribe. Fox has agreed. After the elders voted, they, too, agreed to this duel. The victor of this duel will be the tribe’s leader!”

“Enter the arena, Elizabeth, Fox.”

A Frost Dragon with a 100 meters’ wingspan dived down toward the center of Frost Battlefield. After keeping his wings, Fox stood in the middle of the battlefield.

Meanwhile, dozens of meters away, a pattern of a snowflake lit up. Elizabeth emerged from the void and looked at Fox with an icy expression.

Right at this moment, an elder exclaimed, “Elizabeth has advanced to 8th-tier!”

[1] Yes, that’s in the raws. Not 10.

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