A Stay-at-home Dad’s Restaurant In An Alternate World

Chapter 46 - This Is My Father

Chapter 46: This Is My Father

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“The first batch of bags is ready. You will be charged automatically whenever you use them,” the system said.

Then, an iron box appeared beside the oven. It was 15 centimeters long, 15 centimeters wide, and 20 centimeters deep. In it was a neat pile of brownish yellow kraft bags. Mag picked one up. It was coarse and had the words “La Zhi Roujiamo” in the middle of its front.

He turned it over and saw two golden words “Mamy Restaurant” in an arc, below which was the back of a little girl sketched in black.

The drawing was not very detailed, but one could tell at a glance that it was Amy, because the little girl was in a little dress with her short legs and cute pointy ears.

Mag nodded contentedly. “System, the little ears are really not bad.” He turned his head and took a look at Amy who was eating happily at her table.

He wanted to tell her that her pointy ears would not bring shame on her, but envy and admiration.

The lovely back on the bag was just a start. He would fight the unreasonable prejudice with the power of the chowhounds in this world; he wanted to give half-elves hope because they had done nothing wrong.

He believed that sooner or later, this back would be remembered by many people.

Suddenly, Mag felt quite restless and hot. While the Yangzhou fried rice could soothe the muscles like a warm current, this roujiamo was like a super spicy chili in his blood. He felt as if his blood was boiling inside him.

“System, did you drug me out of spite?!” Mag asked as he felt that unknown restlessness, which made him picture something filthy in his mind.

“This is slander. All of the ingredients are of great quality. They are all organic products. Nothing filthy has been added into them!” the system applied solemnly.

Mag didn’t believe it. “What’s happening to me, then? Why is this roujiamo making me so excited?” This restlessness was not very uncomfortable; in fact, he felt rather comfortable after he got used to the faster blood flow, but he was still a little worried about this sudden change.

“You didn’t let me finish before, so it’s not my fault that you don’t know the inherent properties of the ingredients,” answered the system.

Mag lifted an eyebrow. He hadn’t expected that the system would retort like that. He thought for a minute, and said, “The pork is used in the Yangzhou fried rice as well, so it should be good. Don’t tell me the flour is not normal flour. Do you grow wheat in a weird place?”

“The wheat comes from the Frenzy Isle in the depths of the Ghost Islands, which are possessed by demons. In an area where no demons roam, system cultivates a piece of land. The frenzy fog dissipates during the day, so the sunlight there is present for as long as 12 hours every day. At night, the wheat absorbs the frenzy element. That’s the reason why the flour will excite the blood to a certain extent. Humans can use it to make their blood flow more smoothly. The more violent the species, the stronger the effect. There is no negative effect, though.”

Mag nodded. “I see.” Then he felt a little embarrassed when he thought about it. If some girl asked me if I had drugged her after she ate the roujiamo, how would I reply?

“Father, I… I feel a little hot again…” Amy’s voice came from outside.

Mag walked towards her daughter quickly. Since the system said that there was no negative effect, he wasn’t quite worried. He thought for a while as he looked at his Amy, whose cheeks flushed red after two roujiamos. “Amy, try to make a fireball.”

When she felt uncomfortable after eating the Yangzhou fried rice, the fireball had done the trick. He didn’t know the effect of the frenzy element, though.

Amy nodded obediently. “Yes, Father.” She raised her arm and opened her hand slowly. Suddenly, a bluish violet fire appeared above her hand. It was more than a meter tall, and was dancing violently, seemingly very unstable.

Mag fell back unconsciously. The flame was a little violent, bigger, darker, and purpler. After she released the flame, Amy’s red face became normal slowly.

The air surrounding them got hot instantly; the fire was more terrifying than before.

“Come back, fire,” Amy said solemnly as she looked at the seemingly uncontrollable fire. She coiled her hand slowly, and the restless flame was gradually squeezed up as if by an invisible hand, and turned into a dark bluish violet fireball in her little hand.

She may be a genius, Mag thought proudly as he looked at Amy play with the fireball. She closed her hand, and the fireball vanished. It seemed the frenzy element could improve the power of Amy’s fireball, but it remained to be tested.

After he made sure that there was nothing wrong with Amy, Mag tied her hair into two pigtails. She loved this hairstyle, and maybe she wouldn’t change it in a long while.

Mag put the comb back in the drawer and took a look at the time. It was just half past seven. He walked towards the door.

Mag opened the lock, pulled the door open, and froze for a moment when he saw a girl standing outside. She was around twenty, of medium height, a little slim, and in a light gray linen-cotton dress. Around her shoulders was a white silky scarf with a golden lily flower embroidered on it. Her black hair was long and straight, her face was pretty, and her dark eyes were extra bright. She looked artistic and intelligent.

It seemed like she was about to knock at the door when it suddenly opened. Her hand stopped halfway. She looked at Mag and took her hand back, a little embarrassed. “Good morning, does Amy live here?” she asked gently.

Luna was also taken aback when she saw Mag. Who is he? He is clean and neatly dressed. What is he doing here? Did he squat in Amy’s house and open this restaurant? Could it be …? Some troubling thoughts went across her mind.

Sure, Chaos City was run by the Gray Temple, but still many evil things were happening quietly in the dark, which even the Gray Temple could do nothing about.

“Teacher Luna, what brings you here?” Amy said before Mag could speak when she heard Luna’s voice. She ran towards them, slid under his arm, and looked at Luna, her eyes full of pleasant surprise. Then she held Mag’s apron and said proudly, “This is my father. He is really good at cooking.”

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