A Stay-at-home Dad’s Restaurant In An Alternate World

Chapter 37 - So, Why Can’t I Start Crowdfunding?

Chapter 37: So, Why Can’t I Start Crowdfunding?

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It was already 1:35 pm when Mag showed the last customer out. In fact, one customer wanted another plate, but Mag turned him down politely. His opening hours were over, and he deserved some rest. Besides, he and Amy still hadn’t had a bite.

“Father, we sold 24 plates at noon, and we have made 10 dragon coins and 44 gold coins. We have a lot of coins!” Amy clapped her little hands cheerfully as she looked at Mag, her eyes shining.

“24 plates?” Mag was also a little surprised. To be sure, he cooked for a whole noon, but he hadn’t expected to sell this many.

He was very glad that more customers had come at noon, and they would probably come for dinner. If they recommended this place to others like Mobai had done, perhaps even more would come in the evening.

Mag calculated that if this kept up, he could make 3,000 gold coins in less than ten days. Thus he stopped worrying about getting back to the disabled shape. He breathed a sigh of relief and watched as Amy counted the coins delightedly. “Amy has done a great job today. I’ll go make the rainbow fried rice for you. You must be hungry,” said Mag, smiling.

Amy nodded miserably as she brushed her stomach. “Thank you, Father. Amy’s tummy is flat from hunger,” Amy said with a twist of her mouth.

“It will be ready in no time.” Mag stroked Amy’s head. His heart ached a little as he strode towards the kitchen quickly. After a little while, he came out with the appetizing fried rice.

Amy ran to wash her hands. She dried them off, sat on the chair, and spooned a spoonful of fried rice. “Father has worked for a whole noon. You must be hungrier than Amy, so you have to eat the first bite. Then Amy will eat,” Amy said as she looked up at Mag.

He nodded. “Okay.” Amy’s sincere little face warmed Mag’s heart. He stooped down and ate it with a smile. “Now go ahead and eat. I’ll make another plate.”

Amy nodded meekly. She took the spoon and started eating happily.

After lunch, Mag cleaned the restaurant carefully. He wiped each and every table clean with a wet towel and then a dry one. Not a trace of any oil stain remained. Then he walked up to Amy, who was whispering to the big egg behind the counter, and said a few sweet words to make her sleep. Then he took a nap himself.

Mag and Amy had their dinner before they opened in the evening. Otherwise, they might not be able to eat until after 9 pm, which would be too late.

Mobai was waiting outside the door. Haga and Habeng came shortly after he opened, and a little while later, Conti arrived with his donkey.

Habeng had been very hostile towards Conti at noon, but now he nodded at him and reflected for a while. “I think maybe you really can kill a dragon. I’ve heard the best human knight Mag Alex disdains to fight humans unless in battle. Are you paying your respects this way?” he asked in a low voice.

Conti nodded, smiling. “Yes. He is the man I look up to and my aim. I’ll become a dragon slayer like him some day.” His eyes were shining with enthusiasm.

“Young man, dozens of young knights who came to my shop said the same thing to me. If you really intend to kill dragons instead of being eaten, you’d better hone your skills with your sword and get a proper ride. Mag Alex didn’t kill dragons on a black donkey,” Mobai said with a smile.

Conti shook his head, smiling. “Little Black is my old friend. He has been with me for many years,” he said. “I’ll go to the Town of Two Towers next month. I’ve heard that an evil red dragon is attacking the town again. I’d like to try my luck there…”

Mag listened to them talking about him as he cooked. He felt rather good because his legends were still catching on with others even though he was not a knight anymore.

Technically, it was his predecessor that they were talking about, but their souls and memories were intertwined to some extent, so it was not wrong to say those legends were his.

It was true that his ride was not a donkey, but a griffin, the only purple-striped griffin in the whole Roth Empire.

More customers came for dinner as Mag had expected. Old customers brought new ones. Some passers-by were also attracted by the grand restaurant; they couldn’t help but order as they saw others enjoying the good food.

“Owner, one more plate!”

“Sorry, our opening hours are over. Please come back tomorrow.” Mag showed the last customer out with a smile, turned over the sign, and closed the door. He let out his breath in a long sigh. His opening hours in the evening seemed to be a little too long.

“Father, guess how many plates of rainbow fried rice we have sold tonight?” Amy asked.

Mag pondered for a while, and said, “Er… 40 plates?”

Amy shook her head. She grabbed up a fistful of dragon coins excitedly. “No, 45 plates. We made 20 dragon coins and 70 gold coins today!”

“Then we’ve sold 71 plates of Yangzhou fried rice today. Not bad.” Mag smiled happily. “That is 426 gold coins. Subtract the costs, and we have earned at least 213 gold coins.”

Amy nodded. “Yes.” Then she looked at Mag. “Father, your rainbow fried rice is so good, but why don’t you make other dishes? I’m sure they are good too,” Amy said, her face wondering and expectant.

Mag froze for an instant. Then he understood immediately as he looked at her face. She had probably grown tired of the Yangzhou fried rice.

To be sure, Yangzhou fried rice was good, but it was not very pleasant to eat it three times a day. Amy had to feel the same.

“Maybe after several days.” Mag was also a little upset as he looked at Amy’s face, but he had no choice. The roujiamo could only be unlocked after he completed this mission, and at the current pace, he needed at least six more days.

“I see.” Amy was a little disappointed.

How can I get those 2,500 gold coins quickly? Mag thought as he looked at Amy. It was not a small amount of money. Then his eyes brightened suddenly. “System, can I start a crowdfunding campaign?”

“Please take your mission seriously and complete it the normal way. Make your way towards the God of Cookery steadily!” the system said grimly.

“Please repeat the mission’s objective,” Mag said quietly.

“The host has to buy 3,000 gold coins’ worth of ingredients with cash in 10 days. Completing the mission will unlock the new recipe—la zhi roujiamo; failing it will lead to strength -0.5.”

“So, why can’t I start crowdfunding?” Mag asked.

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